Is Scott’s New Addict Gravel The Most Aero Gravel Bike Yet?

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Scott Bikes has had an Addict Gravel bike for a few years, which it developed on the back of the cyclocross bike of the same name. Now, however, the new Scott Addict Gravel launches with a sleek new look and a slippery aerodynamic profile that looks more inspired by modern aero road bikes.

It’s only the chunkier tyres that suggest this isn’t a road bike

It comes with an increased reach, longer fork rake, lower bottom bracket and shorter stem to make for a more agile and stable bike off-road. The dropped seatstays add aero credibility and the concealed cables that fit around the steerer tube via the stem means that the whole bike’s look is very sleek. Despite all that, the tyre clearance has been increased to 45mm for modern, more comfortable tyre profiles.

There will be carbon and alloy versions, and a Contessa range too. The full carbon Addict Gravel Tuned frame weights 930g and the fork 395g – not far off road race bikes.

Next, though, let’s have the launch video!

The aero-style bar and stem arrangement is particularly impressive looking when the one piece bar/stem arrangement is taken into account. There’s virtually no sign of those pesky cables. And in addition, a further benefit is that handlebar bags are free be strapped on without worry of fouling cables.

The new Addict Gravel comes with smart mounts for gear and accessories make the Addict Gravel ready for serious adventure rides. You will find a mounting option for bolt-on top-tube bags and accessories. There is also an extra mount on the down tube for an additional bottle cage or toolbox. Two different bottle cage positions, for better access when riding with a frame bag. Fender mounts are another new feature. 

The all-new Addict Gravel product range will be for sale starting in September/October. Check out the Scott website for more details of the whole range.

Scott Sports Website

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    I know that gravel is a broad church but every time I see an aggressive geo, aero gravel bike, I wonder if it misses the point just a bit.

    I don’t know, there was someone asking on the forum the other day for a bike that would be used mainly on the road but with a second set of wheels could be taken off-road. This would be ideal. But I think mountain bikers want to do more than canal tow paths and disused railways with their gravel bikes and i think that’s where these bikes don’t hit the mark for mountain bikers. Id be scared of breaking it on my rides.
    It would also work for me on my summer hols in the pyraneese again if I took the aero wheels off my road bike with this and my mountain bike it would cover all bases , although i doubt the gears would work for me.

    I’m the other way round to stainypants – to me, a gravel bike is for speedy comfort on tracks and road. The big floaty tyres make me happier on/off kerbs and I love the smooth feel.
    I switch to a hardtail once it starts to resemble mountain biking. As you rightly say, it’s blurry where the line is drawn for different people.

    Im with mtbfix on this, the terms aero and gravel don’t really mix in my mind. Its really more a road bike that takes slighly bigger tyres.

    1:10. That’s the look of a man thinking he should have brought a mountain bike on this quite gnarly mountain bike ride instead of an aero road bike

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