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  • You win the lottery, what do you buy?
  • willard

    Ah, the stuff of dreams…

    If I got a normal UK lottery win, I’d pay off the house, sink a load into my pension, then start thinking about spending some quality time with my wife somewhere warmer and drier for a couple of months. After that, who knows.

    If it was a stonking big Euromillions rollover, we’re talking about all the above, plus a 911 GT3RS and a serious chance of a normal looking tramp freighter armed to the gunwales and carrying a couple of dozen bad asses armed to the teeth wandering around Somalia looking vulnerable. Privateer I think they call it.

    Oh, all that after I’d sobered up.

    Premier Icon Caher

    There is a nice forest on the Cork/Kerry border that could be developed as a new Swinley by the sea. House also there.

    Then a house in Ibiza.


    Perhaps I’m unique in this, but I have no desire to have flash cars or to acquire stuff.

    The experiences I have enjoyed most in life were from a time when what little I had led to opportunities money could never buy.

    Contentment for me comes from engaging with the seasons in projects and rides that embrace them.

    Simple pleasures for a simple soul.

    b r

    Never work again, except on my own house (when I choose).
    Live where we do already (Scottish Borders with buildings and land).
    LR Disco and a Jag XJ

    Get back in a Cleaner and Gardener


    Winter in Barbados 🙂

    And I might even buy a road bike 😯

    A vast swathe of Wiltshire
    A little pied a terre in SW3
    A nice place in Serre Che
    An Aston V600 Le Mans
    A Range Rover
    A Disco 4
    A nicely tweaked XK120DHC
    A nicely tweaked Bentley Type R Continental (Mulliner, natch)
    A nice new (old!) pair of William Evans guns
    Erm. That’ll do for now.

    slowmart, I salute you.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Flashy, this for when you win the lottery, not just a ‘stuff I own’ thread.


    First thing I’d do, is call my bank managers (and ask them to bring their managers with them for a special announcement, hinting at bad news so they’d better be prepared,) I’d probably invite my local Tory MP to the meeting as well.

    Then I’d set to with one of those automatic paintball guns, after I’d made them sweat thinking it was real and i was about to lose the plot with them.

    And as I left the room I’d chuck in one of those monster paintball grenade things, video the whole thing and put it on you tube..

    Then I’d buy a **** off big yacht and er **** off, probably stooge around the Caribbean in the winter and the Med in summer, oh and I’d make sure it had sat internet, from which I’d come on here to torment y’all from time to time..

    I’d keep the change.


    Over £6 million is properly life changing,

    100k would be life changing for me!

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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