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  • costello

    nice road bike,2 cars for me and anthea,small cotage in north wales and the rest to cancer research/macmillan


    Guns. Just guns.

    Maybe one of these in my garden.


    and the rest to cancer research/macmillan

    if you’re giving it away, can I have some?
    The Pork Pie Charity Fund is always looking for donors.

    Guns. Just guns.

    not a bad idea as they will likely appreciate in value and you don’t pay capital gains tax on guns

    Premier Icon NJA

    Two Pints and some crisps – you never win more than a tenner.


    depends on how much – but lets assume we are talking £100 million + euromillions win –

    Really nice family home near where I live now (North Kent)
    Flat overlooking the Thames, near tower bridge – for nights out in London
    Cars – starting with an Audi RS6, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Discovery 4.
    Little place in the Alps for summer biking and winter snow.
    motor home for festivals/events

    I’d then quietly give a fair bit to various charities, including the one run by the doctor who is presently treating my little brother’s incurable cancer – because without him, everything above won’t be as good.

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    As Freeagent for the big Euro win. Just enough to the children that they need to carry on and make something of themselves in the region of 250k each.
    I reckon I can manage on £20 million and the local hospices get the rest. (Family has a loyalty card with Ipswich hospice or so it seems).


    Huge tracts of land. Then I’d carve trails and berms and jumps and rocks and climbs and bombholes all over the bits of land on every scale from BMX to Humvee. Then I’d surround the land with signs saying ‘no trespassing’, rip down the fences, and walk away.


    A house in a nice part of Bristol
    A country pile with some land in Wales (and employ some people to make trails)
    A couple of fast cars
    An assistant to deal with (i.e. reject) all the begging letters I will invariably get

    Alpine retreat (Meribel)
    Singer 911 or Eagle E type Speedster
    Ariel Atom
    Unlimited access to the Nurburgring
    Audi RS 6 daily driver
    Weekday residence in Primrose Hill
    Weekend/Family pad /country residence in rural Dorset
    Pay off brothers and girlfriends mortgages
    Buy myself a workshop with a wood turning lathe
    Increase bikes to N + 11.

    That`d do for starters.


    I’d buy STW, maybe even a subscription….

    I’d buy STW, maybe even a subscription….

    I don’t think he meant the Euromillions.


    One of these for some trail building…


    Nice house, decent car and a laser-guarded building for my bikes.

    A nice singlespeed
    A nice full-susser
    A decent road
    A Cotic soul

    A place somewhere nice to ride them.

    Oh, and I would own Matt Hunter for personal tuition (though he can get rid of that stoopid beard) 😛

    Premier Icon Ming the Merciless


    Jeep SRTv8
    bikes, lots of bikes
    House like Tony Stark’s in the first Iron Man
    Maybe a summer at Whistler and a house there as well.


    I always thought rather than buy a great big shiny car it’d be nice to have someone drive me about when I want to go somewhere so I could sit in the back and play video games or read the paper or read a good book, that’d be mint.


    I’d buy Odell brewery, lots of highland bulls, some land in Moab and host the biggest, baddest, Bikes. Beer and BBQ festival EVER.


    apparently a pension would be a good idea.

    Premier Icon martymac

    nice house
    nice car (several)
    umpteen nice bikes
    2nd house in canada
    sort family/friends out with cash
    probably give a load (read 10s of millions) to cancer research/macmillans
    this is assuming a massive euromillions win.


    nice bit of land somewhere close to where I live now to build a big bungalow on.
    Jaguar XF Sportbrake
    Villa on a small Greek island
    Then put a sizeable amount into a high interest account to keep me going and give the remainder away to charity


    I’d buy Greece. All of it.


    A gun, a sharp suit, and a licence to fart in politicians faces.


    It’s only done 300km because that when it started to rain and it broke down 🙂

    Another one who’d be bidding for STW too,purely to ensure that Smut was removed from the adverts but was compulsory in the threads


    If won the lottery I would build a silly stupid engine, gearbox inside something akin to a touring car. (but still with the ratty exterior)

    This is my brother-in-law’s car – it looks a heap but it has a Chevy V8 in it and sounds like it wants to eat you when it is started up 🙂

    Ohh, and this is his too…

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I don’t think I’d change my bikes. I would however buy a track bike and possibly a folder, not sure if I’d really need one mind 🙂 Also possibly a DH bike and BMX, those would be in doubt though.


    Already picked my des res when I win Eurosquillions…


    +1 AB no reservations!

    I’d have a massive blimp though & tour the world eating in various back-street eateries after a day on the trails, jumps or sea etc

    Oh the ford from Mad Max II

    Oh and a lot of scrumpy jack

    and Goering’s celler!


    If I won BIG I’d like to follow Will.I.Ams example.


    Time – everything else is just stuff

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Have none of you read the “who buys chelsea tractors” thread. Everyone will hate you.

    My ex-boss landed $30M (after tax) on a company sale and bought….. a Golf 😀


    Nice house in SoCal
    Nice chalet in the Alps =
    An RS6
    Sort retirement for the parents


    Lots of rs6s there!
    I’d have to buy a farm in the Yorkshire dales and keep pigs, ride bikes mess round with land rovers and drink beer in the warmer months, I’m lucky enough to have all the bikes and cars I want, So I’d spend the rest taking or sending my friends and family on fab hols with a first port of call being a month in the Rockies snowboarding.


    How much is an Apache helicopter these days?


    Nice house in Whistler or Vancouver.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Andyrm, £40million. Euromillions for that…


    Some place in Mallorca

    A bike shop which was next to my cake shop with my personal whore house above them both.

    Training coaches who just happened to be fit, firm and female.

    Another business franchise 80-100 miles away and then another equi distant so I would have a 3 day loop with accommodation and recreational needs taken care of.

    Premier Icon lunge

    A first class flight to New Zealand for me and the OH.
    A house overlooking Lake Wakatipu.
    A chalet in the alps, Meribel or Courchaval I think.
    A selection of cars.
    A Patek Philippe 5970.
    A brewery.

    And then give a whole lot to charity and to friends and family.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Education for the kids,
    Clear mortgage
    New car
    Moots road bike super record EPS,
    House some where sunny!
    And three MTBs, one with dry tyres, one intermediate., one wet!! 😆


    You win the lottery, what do you buy?

    Depends on the amount surely?

    Over £6 million is properly life changing, and a lot of things I’d buy then (e.g. Mk.Vb Spitfire) wouldn’t be realistic with less money.

    But yeah, nicely fitted out workshop/machine shop/garage would be up at the top of the list. Indoor shooting range too (for those windy days).


    buy land around the edge of Munich with the view to it increasing in value.
    buy a mountain in the Bavarian Alps and start carving some trails.
    build a house on my mountain. house must have a small woodwork shop.
    buy a roof terrace flat in Munich.
    a small cottage (akin to what you see on Midsommer Murders) somewhere in England.
    a large house in Vinschgau that i would run as a business. make into a bike hotel and employ locals.
    a large hydroponic set up in the Bavarian house.
    a “big” bike. i’d keep the DB Alpine as it is… it’s pretty much perfect.
    a Caterham 7.
    a VW transporter with bike rack.

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