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  • Jason

    274 rides
    389 hours
    91,704m climbing

    A mix of mtb, road and turbo. Fairly pleased with those numbers as it has been a busy year at work, and I have had four weeks away with no opportunity to get on a bike. Also slowed down a bit in December due to some sort of lingering bug. Three days left to add to those numbers…


    This year has been my worst effort for years. I did buy a house that needed a lot of work earlier in the year so sorting that out pretty much wiped out May & June, and I’ve only ridden once so far this month due to a bug I can’t shift.

    I’ll try and squeeze one more proper ride in if I can but got a feeling these stats wont get added to ☹

    Pretty much all MTB

    58 rides
    90h 44m
    584 miles
    81,026 ft

    Premier Icon s1m0n

    Rides 397
    Hours 415h 31 mins
    Distance 9,958km
    Elevation 79,438

    Road and gravel. Mostly commuting but plenty of fun rides as well and alpine road rides. Most commutes are extended and not just door to door.

    About to get up and head out on gravel bike which should put me over my 10,000 km target.


    Biking 3200km 38000m climbed. 128rided

    Running 700km and 8500m climbed 101 runs.

    Nearly 50:50 time split there.

    Not nearly as much as I had planned when I got back to the UK but then jnr turned up so can’t be mad Haha

    Premier Icon nickc

    Wow some of you are doing huge mileages/kilometerages, Chapeau!

    MIne are more prosaic, all MTB

    128 rides, 168 hours, 2,196kms, and 46,600m height gain. (there’s some uplift in there…)


    All Mtb
    122 rides
    147 hours
    2,282 km distance
    42,949 Elev gain
    And lots of fun

    Premier Icon claudie

    126 rides
    216 hrs
    3165 miles
    47,139m elevation

    Mix of MTB and road and a little bit of rollers ( which i still find scary and exhausting )

    Good year for me as i have also done hiking, swimming and running for the first time in years

    Really impressed with some of the numbers some of you have achieved as im retired and have loads of time to play

    Premier Icon fathomer

    Here’s mine, though I’m riding tomorrow and hopefully Tuesday. All outdoors, mixture of road and mtb. I’d set myself a goal of 200k meter climbing for no real reason, it was nice to get there on Christmas morning 🙂

    Distance: 11,198.5 km
    Time: 590h 45m
    Elev Gain: 202,304 m
    Rides: 415


    Distance – 4,811.6 mi
    Time – 370h 7m
    Elev Gain – 354,800 ft
    Rides – 232

    Split over a combination of mtb, road and some turbo. Will rise slightly tomorrow as off to FoD!
    Made a target at the start of the year to hit 5000 miles but nearing the end of September I realised this meant a weekly average of 114 miles from then on, managed it until mid December when norovirus plus Christmas commitments hit and it became impossible to fit in the miles, oh well next year!


    I don’t bother recording commutes and riding to/from trail head, only the MTB climb and descent
    120 rides
    53 hours
    682 km
    28,739 m

      I went for quality over quantity this year and I’ve had some great rides but still put in some good numbers #thoseaintrookienumbers

      Rides: 228
      Time: 373h 39m
      Distance: 8,068 km / 5,013 miles
      Elev Gain: 60,088 m / 197,139 feet

      Mainly commuting and road rides, some gravel style MTB rides. Zero turbo cos like that ain’t riding is it.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Looks like no rides till the 1st so…
    146 rides
    2,907 km
    Climbing cant be trusted as I do a fair bit of shuttling (49k apparently)
    All on the mountain bike, outdoors, no commuting.

    Premier Icon sunday wobbler

    Rides 459
    Time 533
    Distance 8309
    Elevation 270042

    Down a bit on the last two years but that’s mainly due to more MTB and not as many long road rides. No overseas cycling trip this year either and as I live in the mountainous East Anglia elevation is not as high as I’d like.

    Enjoyed my riding this year and that’s the important thing in my eyes.

    Premier Icon djflexure

    Distance 2,998.7 mi
    Time 204h 9m
    Elev Gain 121,253 ft
    Rides 150

    Will complete final ride today or tomorrow to reach 3K (or I might not). Started to get fit agin this year after a couple off the bike and enjoyed it.

    Mixture of MTB, commuting on canals, road rides and Zwift. Trainer miles should count for more than outdoor miles; no rest, no coasting 🙂

    Premier Icon tlr

    10,000km exactly (yes, really)
    414 hours
    157 rides


    Rides 118
    Distance 2,404.3 mi
    Time 175hrs 3m
    Elev Gain 134,678 ft

    Not huge compared to some , but more than last year and about what id planned for so happy with it 🙂

    Mister P

    Rides 273
    Time 309h 45m
    Distance 5200 miles (8320km)
    Elevation Gain 222923ft (67947m)

    I still have 3 commutes to go, that’s another 60 miles to add to the totals.

    Just worked out that’s an average speed of 16.8 miles an hour over the year. Quite pleased with that as I was on a gravel bike for a couple of months and my single speed road bike for the last 8 weeks.

    Premier Icon Shred

    Distance 7,264.2 km
    Time 374h 42m
    Elev Gain 120,018 m
    Rides 164

    Not as much mileage as hoped, was looking for 8,000km, but more mtb this year reduced that.
    And a crash this morning on my last ride of the year has me sitting here with a very sore and stiff hip, and very sore ribs.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Distance = 2,375.8km
    Time = 235h 45m
    Elev Gain = 82,658 m
    Rides = 105

    Well down on previous years, but I have stopped working for myself at home and joined the rat race.

    Also literally only about four road rides in there, rest is MTB. And I’ve been going to the gym two or three times a week all year. And taken up running.

    Is that enough excuses yet?


    Happily, I’m actually riding technical stuff faster and more confidently on the MTBs, thanks to the gym work.

    1982 miles

    156 rides


    225000ft elev gain (deducted the 4000ft of a BPW day!)

    Lame December due to weather, manbola and lots of work kept me under 2000 miles but on the whole, best years mileage for ages.

    old donald

    6000.4 miles completed – ticked off the final 35 today to reach my target – no namby pamby indoor miles – lots of commuting in very wet conditions in the last 4 months in grandest West Yorkshire – though today I swear I saw dust – was on the canal towpath mind – but you have to take the positives after the last 4 months of rain



    4133 miles
    347,615 ft
    112 rides

    More rides than last year but missed my target by about 100 miles, which points to doing more MTB than 2018. However, most of my miles have been ‘mixed’ on a gravel or road bike (no commuting). Had a lot of fun, though, in France, Italy, Tasmania and California so generally satisfied. I’d like to do more more bikepacking and overnight tours next year and not let work kill entire months of my life.

    Premier Icon tall_martin

    Distance 1,8635 miles
    Rides 140
    Height gain 236,614 ft

    No long road rides over 50miles this year but a week and a bit in whistler certainly bumped up the height gain 😀

    Not sure what next year holds as we have just had a son 😀

    My stats are:

    Rides – 122
    Mileage – 4,820 miles – 7,757Km
    Climbing – 390,000ft – 118,000m

    My worst years riding since 2015, however I spent a lot of time this year caring for my Father who sadly passed away in May & then I was knocked off my bike when a car hit me on a roundabout in November & it’s taken time to recover.

    I am hoping that 2020 will be a better year for me & my riding.


    On the fat bike until May, then the new gravel bike this month:
    Distance 2,741.4 km
    Time 135h 7m
    Elev Gain 20,282 m
    Rides 55

    I’ve nearly spent a similar amount of time immersed this year too:
    Distance 375,838 m
    Time 110h 41m
    Swims 78

    Premier Icon duncancallum

    Was aiming for 2000miles. Could of hit it but this last week’s been a bit shit.

    I’d say 70percent is mtb so

    Ave week rides 3
    Av time 5hrs 20
    Distance 53

    So rides 177
    1950 miles
    And 184k feet of climb.

    Next year 3k and 300k is the goal


    Lots of commuting (CX or road, v occasionally MTB), some tandem road rides, a bit of MTB
    I’ve still got a ride home (10.8km or 6.45 miles, 280m or 922ft elevation) but so far:
    Distance 5,149.4 km (3,199.7 mi) (2,219km excluding commutes)
    Time 326h 40m (146h 25m excluding commutes)
    Elev Gain 89,196 m (292,638 ft) (34,128m excluding commutes)
    Rides 350

    that means 2930 km and 55,068m elevation in 180 hours just while commuting. Quite pleased with that, not sure why some folks feel that commuting isn’t proper riding


    Hit my target of 2500 miles with a day to spare, with a very pleasant 25 mile jaunt with good company on a lovely sunny day.

    All MTB (with a few uplifts in the mix)

    Miles: 2523.9
    Rides: 204
    Hours: 271

    Happy with that 🙂

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Down on 2018 by a couple of hundred km, but I had a slow start in January for some lazy reason.

    90% or more MTB I reckon.

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