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  • palmer77

    I was aiming for 8,000Km but ran out of time…

    Rides: 125; Time: 307h 6m; Distance: 6,009Km; Elev Gain: 130,374m

    Premier Icon hardtailonly

    Rides: 437
    Time: 383 hrs 9 mins
    Distance: 8076km
    Elevation gain: 99,194m

    Not a bad year. Majority of that will have been commuting and gravel rides, with a smattering of MTB and a little bit of road-riding.

    I try to keep this kind of stuff hidden from Mrs HTO … Just think of all the jobs/DIY I could have been doing instead 😳

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Rides: 213
    Time: 209h
    Distance: 6261km
    Elevation: 44331m

    This is from Strava which I only started using in March.

    Not a bad year, but nothing on you guys above.


    Distance 7,977.9 km
    Time 543h 48m
    Elev Gain 137,359 m
    Rides 186

    About half and half between road and MTB.


    All MTB…

    174 hours
    125 rides

    Let me bring these averages right down;
    Rides: 3
    Time: 2hrs
    Distance: 36km
    Elevation gain: 141m

    Least amount of cycling I’ve done in 10yrs, moved area a couple years ago with not great from the door riding and after a rubbish very short ride in February, fell out of love with bikes/riding.

    Replaced with some running and other bits and pieces. However, the bug is creeping back, with a “new to me” bike purchased just prior to Christmas and plans to get back out firmly back in my head, rides are going to be slow for sure and I shall imbrace the bimble.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    Rides 265
    Time 236h 36m
    Distance 3,336.3 mi
    Elev Gain 173,363 ft

    Premier Icon skink2020

    Thank you Sparky.


    A little snow, some dust, then lots and lots of mud.

    Rides 647
    Time 352hrs 8mins
    Dist 5139.9 miles
    Elev Gain 402,077 feet

    ~276 of those rides are commutes and a vast majority of the remainder are turbo rides, just five 60+ mile outdoor rides all year, it really wasn’t the 2019 I thought I was going to have when things were going so well indoors from Nov 2018 to end of Feb 2019… But at least things are back on an upward slope again, if I can kick myself out of the four walls!


    98 rides

    163 hrs

    1,874 mls

    142,874 ft ascent

    I don’t log my general riding to the shops ect mileage, so that’s me actually going out for a ride. Milage about 50/50 mtb road.

    Why are people kidding themselves using kilometres ? Unless of course you actually live and ride on the continent.

    3800km 126 rides, 22000m of climbing
    Mostly commuting with an hour or sotb blast at the weekend

    Premier Icon ajantom

    96 rides
    214h 12m
    1985 miles/3195 km
    221,863 ft/67,623 m

    Will meet my 2000 mile target🤘
    90% off-road, though the last 250 or so have been on my fixed gear road bike, as I got pissed off with the mud in December.

    Distance 1,174.4 mi
    Time 180h 31m
    Elev Gain 135,371 ft
    Rides 84

    ~95% MTB, a few days of bikepacking in there and one road ride with a friendo.

    Premier Icon mutley

    99% MTB with a few Lakeland walks

    71 rides

    110 hrs


    @36,000m ascent

    Premier Icon cheers_drive

    61 rides, nearly all gravel
    1300 miles
    My worst for 11 years but that’s what 2 young kids and a unsympathetic wife does.
    The effect it’s had on my physical and mental health has not been good. My new year’s resolution as a co-owner of a bike related company is to ride more during traditional work hours.


    Why are people kidding themselves using kilometres ? Unless of course you actually live and ride on the continent.

    I do actually live in Spain 🙂


    Only done about half the usual mileage this year, having lost my mojo somewhat. Really hoping I can get back into the swing of it next year:
    Rides 336
    Time 355 hours
    Distance 3 357 miles

    Premier Icon Twodogs

    Rides: 152
    Time: 313 hrs
    Distance: 4752km
    Elevation gain: 55,479m

    All MTB or turbo, with a TransRockies in the middle. My second biggest year


     do actually live in Spain 🙂

    Your allowed 😉

    Premier Icon Del

    Because cyclists count in km, you monster.
    4,200km. Garmin doesn’t give me the climbing easily, but for every 35km I do, I do about 1000m. You do the sums if you want.


    Why are people kidding themselves using kilometres ? Unless of course you actually live and ride on the continent.

    Rule 24… THAT is why…

    YourYou’re allowed

    As is everyone else, nay encouraged!

    Premier Icon w00dster

    181 rides. 196 hours. 3375 miles and 140k elevation gain.
    Mix of mtb and road with some zwifting from November.
    Worst year for me. Normally about 8000 miles a year. Aiming to get back on it from this Sunday when I return to the UK.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    To date but still 4 days to go, all outdoors. Indoor miles not allowed/included


    Distance: 2238.5 miles
    Time: 207 hours
    Elevation: 204,780 ft
    Rides: 200

    Mostly mountain biking with commutes once or twice a week thrown in.

    Set a target of 200 hours in the saddle after couple of years of the little ‘uns running the show, so happy with that.

    Broke my elevation gain record 4 times during the year too.


    just short of 5000 miles this year. mostly commutes and touring.

    Premier Icon ampthill

    I think it’s 2,760km, mixture of on and off road. I was hoping for more. Maybe next year. I also Swam 42km and kayaked 70km

    Why use km for out door activities?. You those little blue squares on the map. Well they aren’t a mile across are they

    That doesn’t mean I care what you use. But that’s how my brain works


    About half the pre kids totals, but, lots less illness and feeling rubbish this year, so I see it as the start of the long road back to fitness

    111k ft ascent
    130 rides

    I also started swimming this year so quite pleased with the totals

    45 swims

    Shame I can’t see rowing machine totals. I do a weights session weekly and yoga 3 or 4 times which I rarely did in previous years.

    I will be squeezing a 23 mile ride in before the end of the year to round it to 2k


    Why are people kidding themselves using kilometres ?

    Because I live in the 21st century not the 17th.

    Less sarcastically because maps are metric (and as noted above OS gridlines are at 1km spacing and have been since their introduction). I grew up on a farm and things have been metric in that industry for over fifty years. My schooling (1960s & 1970s) was in metric.

    Most importantly it winds up The Daily Hate and similar.


    Distance 1,494.6 mi
    Time 133h 39m
    Elev Gain 93,822 ft
    Rides 79

    not a bad year looking at the previous 3 or 4. Quite pleased with the amount of climbing considering 99% of my rides are round the Berkshire/Hampshire/Wiltshire borders. My rides to work and back don’t get recorded and neither does PT training and yoga. I’ve also got a nip over 100miles running clocked up so yeh a good year over all, despite closing my activities on Dec20th with what feels like cracked ribs after colliding with some railings!!

    Premier Icon nixie

    3798 miles, 220,000ft climbing over 431 rides this year though there is a fair percentage of that on zwift. Add to that a rather lame 148 miles running.

    Happy with the increasing bike time but not happy with the huge drop in running this year. Target for next year to try and do 100 miles a week cycling and 15 running.

    Off to switch Strava to km as IRL cycling distance is the only think measure in imperial.


    Distance 7,138.2 km
    Time 290h 0m
    Elev Gain 80,527 m
    Rides 213

    Think that’s my biggest ever year. Mostly road.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    It’s mileage, not kilometreage! 🙂

    Couple of days to go (nice forecast, too), but as of today.

    155 rides
    3,783 miles
    433,375 feet of climbing
    All on the mountain bike, outdoors! No commuting.

    Happy with it, thought I was going to break 4,000 miles this year, but the unremitting slop since September has done for that. Main target was the equivalent of 10 miles and 1000 feet every day during the year.

    Premier Icon timbog160

    1,083 miles 96,978 feet. My target for the year was 2,000 miles but with 4 months completely off the bike due to injury and then a slow recovery I’m happy enough. 2,000 in 2020 though!


    197 rides, 296 hrs, 4478 miles, 370580 ft of climbing.

    Had targeted 5000 miles at start of year but 6 weeks out with a broken wrist ensured that didn’t happen.

    Premier Icon dpfr

    So far

    145 rides
    5652 km
    119877 m ascent

    Probably one more ride to squeeze in, to get me over 120000 m of climbing for the year

    About 60% MTB this year, a big step up from last year, but total distance significantly down

    Premier Icon lunge

    On the bike it’s pretty much all on the road and most of it commuting.
    Distance, 1,846.5 mi
    Time,m129h 31m
    Elev Gain, 103,661 ft
    Rides, 147

    Distance, 1,315.2 mi
    Time, 181h 33m
    Elev Gain, 58,704 ft
    Runs, 319

    Still maybe 20 miles to add to the running over the next few days too.

    Compared to last year I’ve added 50% more running and lost maybe 1k of cycling. I suspect next year will follow a similar theme, more running and less cycling.

    Premier Icon howarthp

    Rides: 305
    Time: 465hrs
    Distance: 10800km
    Elev Gain: 84615m

    Mostly road and a little gravel

    Premier Icon Sir HC

    Rides: 275
    Time: 500hrs
    Distance: 3671miles
    Elev Gain: 486,394ft

    3 trips to scotland (2 uplift days)
    Long weekend uplifting in Italy
    9 days in France, 1 day pedal up at Metebief, 8 days in Morzine


    Rides 406
    Time 375 hrs
    Distance 10038 km
    Elevation 74 900 m

    First year I’ve gone over the 10k km although it’s mostly on road and includes some zwift over the winter so some would say it doesn’t count. I’m pleased though!

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