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  • Why is no one showing any interest in my bike…?
  • jaymoid

    Chill Winston.

    Spidey left the thread on page 1, I think he got the message.


    Not rare at all, just look up every Molgrips car thread ever!

    FTFY 🙂


    Ad says “has a spec to die for”, not wrong there, I’ve come over all suicidal after looking at it!


    You asked why it’s not selling and people have told you. There’s no point arguing with them?

    i did this very same thing a few years ago…bike then had cost me well over 2.5k and i put it up for sale for 750 and got no takers….eventually had to cut my osses and sold it for 425 on ebay…
    if you ask for advice, accept what people are saying about why it isnt selling…you know how much it cost you and i accept your are trying to recoup as much of that initial outlay as possible but you have also look at it from the buyers perspective of do i like that and if so how much would i be willing to buy it for…there seems to be a big discrepancy between yours and the potential buyers expectations..


    I think he got the message.

    I really don’t think he did… the message may have been repeated lots, but he clearly didn’t take any notice of it.


    I must ask my mate how much this one cost the other month, built by a human not the Mister Men.

    Before the OP came along I had a saying…’you never see a bad Curtis’


    Listing RRP isn’t going to help either, it may make you look greedy as many people rarely pay anywhere near this, so may think you’re selling it at the price you paid.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    This has probably already been said, but:

    Forks are wrong for a skinny steel frame.
    double crankset on a SS is just daft
    Tyres are dirty.
    Bar-ends. Really?

    With the layback post, short forks, bar-ends and presumably narrow straight bars, it looks straight out of the ’90s, therefore it looks 20 years old even if it isn’t.

    No good saying the spec is to die for if its not listed.
    Match the stem and seatpost colour for continuity and put some more photos up which maybe don’t highlight the shape of those forks.

    Or, split it and sell the components separately, you’ll get more money in total.


    …it’s getting plenty of interest now. Good luck with the sale!


    Have just shown the pics to a work colleague..his response invilved lots of laughter and expletives and was basically along the lines of “it looks the bastard offspring of Stephen hawking and peewee herman, following a heavy night on pcp”…I think it would be fair to say he is a roadie, but even so….split it for the love of the baby jesus or at least sell it with a complimentary paper bag for the head of the poor schmoo riding it to hide their shame

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    This or a brand new Salsa El Mar? Hmm.


    I reckon you could sell the fork and chainset and with the proceeds buy a proper singlespeed chainset and something like a set of Exotic Carbon forks. The spec would be lowered, but it would be a better bike.
    That chainset might as well be a pantographed Eddy Merckx Campagnolo Super record chainset, lovely but who buys one for a singlespeed.

    Premier Icon rickon

    Spidey left the thread on page 1, I think he got the message.

    Well, appears the message was:

    “The reason why it didn’t sell is you need to leave it to age another 3 months, and sell it for another £150.”

    Apart from everything everyone else has said, the only thing I have to add…

    I tried selling my complete £4k carbon S-Works Enduro for £950 on here and got no interest.

    I took it down and did something else with it.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Pass the eye bleach…

    Before the OP came along I had a saying…’you never see a bad Curtis’

    Mine looked beautiful in raw steel, just rode like a brick. 😥

    20100822_2210 by NeilCain, on Flickr

    I tried selling my complete £4k carbon S-Works Enduro for £950 on here and got no interest.

    What size?

    What size?


    Not for sale now though – whacked some Vengeance forks on it, a new shock, stem and bars and it rides like a new bike, way better than it was before.

    Ha! Probably a good job I didn’t see it – I would have been tempted… 🙂

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Now advertised as parts for even more money.

    I’m sure that Frame was one of the crc chesp ones?

    Premier Icon rickon

    Holy cow!

    Those prices would be steep if it was brand new in a sale from CRC.

    £250 for a set of used K force cranks?!

    I’d reckon £100, if and only if the rings are in good nic, I.e. the chains have had less than 1 stretch ratio.

    £250 for XTR *race* brakes

    More like £180

    £500 for a used steel frame?

    I am out.

    Premier Icon T666DOM

    And the used carbon forks for £190? The last pair of NEW full carbon rigid forks cost me £60 delivered.


    Nobody want to buy your used parts for double what they are worth.


    Premier Icon weeksy

    Lads, its Christmas! Show some spirit.


    Can’t sell my bike either, afraid to ask for advice:)

    Premier Icon superstu

    Massively overpriced.
    As mentioned before liat it on eBay and you’d get a true value.


    Its been on eBay twice now at £1200 then relisted at £1300 with no takers.

    For me its a poor choice of components all put together on one bike so the end result is less than the sum of its components, plus he’s asking to much.

    I’d say the OP has twin options either split it and put it all on eBay separately with no reserve and hope people bid well on each item or,
    Rebuild it with more better suited components and try again at a more realistic price.

    As I said on page 2, mine was built with slightly inferior but much better suited parts and I got no interest at £500. Glad it didn’t as I decided to keep and its one of the best bikes I’ve ever owned…

    Massively overpriced (still). Worth half of what he’s asking if he’s lucky…

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Haven’t read the whole thread, but did anyone mention that it might be a bit overpriced?

    Just a thought…

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I love the approach of putting up the price every time it fails to sell. “Must have just put people off with the low price, they probably thought there must be something wrong with it…” I’ve had my Herb DH for sale for about 6 months now, I’m in no rush to sell so I’ve kept the price high-ish but reasonable-ish, someone’ll buy it… But if I’d followed this approach, it’d cost a million quid by now.

    Because it’s hideous. And not worth the money.
    Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… Not what you expect someone to pay for it.
    As said it’s very mismatched. And as parts you really are taking the piddle a little… But, you will disagree, because “it cost you £x, so it’s worth £xx”.


    Nobody want to buy your used parts for double what they are worth.

    Because it’s hideous. And not worth the money.


    Sell it on Pinkbike. That way you’ll get your asking price plus and paintball gun, an RC car and some old PS3 games… it’s even better than you could have ever hoped for… well you will until the kiddies stop messing you around and pull out 😉

    Or put it on Gumtree and a Nigerian businessman will accidentally send you a cheque for £1,000,000 and ask for a refund of £999,999…

    Shows what a bunch of taunts you folk are at times, it has NOT been used, so do not tell me what’s is NEW and what is not ta!

    Chap asking, seems to me you would hate it along with others if anyone dare say anything on your for sale threads which we’ve all had to endure Time and time again.

    Utterly pointless this forum most of time, I come on here to get away from stuff, not to be met with bull shine from strangers who don’t ride enough but love to come on here instead 🙄

    Why isn’t there a **** smiley on the smiley list :mrgreen:


    To the OP, you just need to look here for your smileys………


    a few people are taking the mick a bit, but you are ignoring the fact that you asked why your bike isnt selling, and it seems to be that EVERYONE thinks that you have MASSIVELY overpriced it. you want top money for something that isnt new.
    and seeing as you complain about the users on here and then go onto the thread about “which fs should i get” and then have no positive input i dont think backs up your complaint about the way you think you have been treated on here


    For new pricing, you need to be a shop with a returns/warranty service.
    New unused parts are worth 75% of what you paid, RRP is meaningless.
    Anything used but great condition is worth 50% of “what you paid”
    Anything used and a bit worn is worth 30%.

    Add it all up and see what it comes to.


    Has it sold yet? I am guessing no but some people have offered below asking price offers? If so read into that what you like as you seem incapable of actually listening to some constructive feedback.

    I recall you did start this debate by asking everyone why your bike hasn’t sold and yet rather than listening to people you are rebuking them when they offer reasons as to why.

    Good luck in your quest to sell but a bit overpriced


    Shows what a bunch of taunts you folk are at times, it has NOT been used, so do not tell me what’s is NEW and what is not ta!

    Are the parts still in their packaging? NO
    Are the parts spotless and unmarked by tools? NO
    Has the built up bike been ridden? NO YES

    It’s NOT new, it’s used whatever way you look at it.
    You might want to ask them to cut your meds since you’ve only ridden it once since coming out of ICU……


    strangers who don’t ride enough

    A bit rich from a guy who’s had a bike for 3 months without riding it…


    Is this still for sale?


    Why areyou selling it? SS that are pricey tend to look nice and light. Plus I still remember the CRC clear out.

    Can you produce a receipt?


    It seems to me that you’ve taken the time and spent the money putting together a bike that YOU want. That’s great and it’s produced a very personal bike.

    This iusnfine if you keep it but if you have a change of heart you end up with something that appeals less to the majority.

    You are therefore faced with having to recoup less than you want/need.

    Quoting rrp is pointless as the first thing a classifieds buyer will do is compare your not quite new and unwarrantied parts with the mail order outlets.

    If you want to sell you’ll need to set your prices based on the mail order competition and not what you may have paid.

    Some good pictures of the parts with full descriptions will also help as at the end of the day you’re selling something and need to entice people in.

    It’s not new.. It’s all on a bike that you built. There for making them used. Not new… It’s really not hard logic to understand what everyone has told you surely?

    Your “RRP / This is worth” crap is a waste of time.
    That bike is only worth what someone will part cash with.
    For instance, to me, that bike is worth no more than £100. That’s me personally. But that is because, I don’t like it (visually) and I don’t really want another SS… So that’s all I would pay for it. Someone else might like the look, and want a SS so might say they would give you £500.
    See what I’m getting at?

    I think it is overpriced.

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    I like Curtis as a brand and the bikes it produces, but for me those forks and Bar ends are plain wrong. Those forks look like they should be on a road bike and bar ends look like they belong in last century. Those tyres make it look used and old.

    In terms of pricing – I’d look around and see what the cheapest I could get the parts for currently and base it on about 60-75% of that.

    Good luck selling it. Personally I’d keep the bike and sell something else – perhaps you kids or car – if you need to raise some capital. The market dictates the price not the seller.


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