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  • Why is no one showing any interest in my bike…?
  • bellefied

    nice frame and some nice parts, but its too much for a ss especially when it looks so odd – especially the double ring on a ss and those forks just look wrong.

    You’ll probably get at least £1k selling the frame, brakes, wheels, forks and chainset, but not as a whole

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    I am in the market for a rigid singlespeed atm, and was looking at your bike yesterday. At £600 I’d be seriously considering it, although I’d be replacing the forks and cranks right away.


    I don’t think the fact that it’s a singlespeed per se which makes it too expensive, I reckon I’d easily get £1k for my rigid ss which has an RRP of less than that claimed for the Curtis.

    It’s more the fact that it’s a build seemingly built to get the highest RRP for the lowest price which just doesn’t look right. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone made an offer then bought it to split though.

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    As well as the above the market for 19″ frames with rigid forks and 26″ wheels is very limited now.


    I see that bike and think it would need another 500 quid min spending on it to sort out the mix match

    I would split it.


    That fork looks plain wrong. Skinny steel tubed frame needs similar fork.
    I suspect the chainset was bought cos the carbon matched the forks, and was on big discount at CRC, but it doesn’t belong on this bike.
    You’d need to change the forks, chainset and match up the bars, stem and seatpost to finish the bike off.

    If its any help, I tried to sell my Curtis S1 not long after I’d built it – all decent stuff and didn’t get a sniff at £500.

    Its vastly overpriced – it looks more like a you’ve gone through the reduced stuff on CRC (you did pay £200 for it from CRC when they were knocking them out cheap didn’t you? I did) and bolted it all together. If you do split though, as I mentioned on one of your for sale ads, I’ll take one of the Surly tensioners (because you don’t need to run two of them).


    Dogs dinner, split it move on.

    Close thread please

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    Frame that was available at £200 not that long ago, cheap finishing kit, random kit choices (double on a single speed & XTR brakes on their own a bit for no real benefit compared to XT/SLX), self confessed odds and sods tyres, etc.

    I reckon your £300 over a quick sale price.


    (thread hijack) “Why is no one showing any interest in my bike…?” I could say the same about my Spark 40 -currently available for view at Crosstrax, Leeds. (/thread hijack)


    It just looks a but odd sorry. Fork better suited to an internal headset and chain set is just wrong
    As above just split it down. Ss never seem to fetch good money


    Overpriced. Put it on eBay to find it’s true value, 99p start and no reserve. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Some nice bits that don’t look too good together. Split.


    I actually really quite like it, It may be a little expensive but if I had the money Id be very, very tempted!!

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    Sorry to say this chap but it just does not hang together as a package. It has a double on it but the outer ring is redundant and nothing else matches in the spec.

    There are nice of the shelf single speed bikes new at less than a grand. Cannondale have rigid as 29r for £600 all matched parts, well reviewed and a warranty.

    A £1000 parts bin special is not attractive in comparison. A parts bin special is what you build for your own weird tastes (eg my 69r) or to manage your costs.

    I would say time to split.


    I have 2 Curtis frames, thank god I didn’t mush mash the build like that though, the fork is about the most wrong thing on it.
    Be ok on a carbon swoopy tubed number, but not on a slim tubed steel framework, brakes ok, bars a bit narrow, grips wrong colour, seatpost and stem could at least be a similar colour, realistic price for it would be £750 -£850 tops, it just looks a bit…..unloved, sorry.

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    Are you still looking for more pearls of wisdom/dissing?

    Advert is pretty poor. A link to another ad, why not just repost? No offers sounds a bit rubbish, would you really not take £999?

    Bike looks a bit of a mess. Random collection of parts, huge stack of headset spacers, bar ends!

    £1000 is a lot for a rigid single speed. You might consider it well specced but you can get a decent, new, geared, full sus for similar money

    ur bike is shit. the wheels are too small, it’s got one gear and no suspension, yet you want a grand for it?! ?I could buy a car with four wheels, suspension and 5 gears for less than that

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    I’m with that lot. It looks like a bargain bin special. Frame, brakes and headset are the only good bits.

    Split it and move on.


    It’s good that you’ve sought feedback, which you’ll hopefully take on board.

    Being kind, I would say it’s a rather eccentric, discombobulated build. If I were being less generous I’d say it was a grotesquery on the eye, obviously built using items from the clearance category @ CRC.

    We know that you’re not devoid of taste given the recent Intense Spider acquisition.

    Break down and flog the parts separately.


    Why is no one showing any interest in my bike…?

    Because you’re asking for £1,000 for a second hand bike with no gears and no suspension.
    I can get a brand new bike with gears and suspension for less than £1,000.
    Unfortuantely, what you paid for it has little bearing on its worth.

    Split it. You’ll sell most of the parts that way and probably get close to your asking price.

    As almost everyone has mentioned, it looks like a crc discounts job.

    Not that I have anything against bikes made like that, as one of two of mine would show.

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    They’re all wrong, it’s the bar ends.


    well a lot of people on here could knock something together like that in a few hours rooting in their sheds so won’t get too excited – being around only 3weeks won’t help either unless you’ve switched usernames
    – though its not a lifted pic of a Giant so that’s good and as above that double sucks

    You asked why it’s not selling and people have told you. There’s no point arguing with them?

    + plenty.

    pretty accurate comments from other posters which youve chosen to ignore because your real intention was to astroturf your advert?

    It looks like a parts-bin special, if it had been built no-expense-spared as a pride-and-joy all the bits would match in colour/brand. Linking ads in ads is lazy (the only thing worse is not learning how to post a picture and telling viewers to email you).

    No offers = no interest. A lot of us have viewed it and thought its overpriced, but why would we waste our time posting on the ad thread or emailing you if you wont entertain offers?

    I am with the masses, split it and sell as parts. Niche bikes attract enthusiasts with their own particular vision of the “ideal” build, but gawd knows no one could consider yours to be that, so why would I pay for a collection of random parts youve had lying around the garage/shed that you cant be bothered to list on ebay and thought would add value to your frame? Your more likely to sell the frame to someone whos already got a full build and fancies upgrading the frame only (I replaced a 456 frame, bought as a cheap toe-in-the-hardtail-water, with a Dialled Alpine for instance).

    And quoting theoretical full rrp values just insults our intelligence.

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    Paid £1700 for my Norco Sight 3.. Didn’t ride it.. Circumstances changed. Thought I would try and get most of the investment back and advertised for 1500 and then 1300.. Eventually 1000 and went to best bid of 900 on eBay. Chalked that one up for “experience”.

    It’s worth what someone will pay for it and no more.. Time to suck it up (or split)

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    Does seem odd that after all the comments on this thread the OP is now trying to sell it for a £100 more than they were 3 months ago?

    I’d be quite interested in the frame but I can’t see there being any way to reach a reasonable price based on the overall asking price – the frame must make up 2/3rds of it and that’s at least twice what I’d want to pay.


    I’ve just had a look at it – what on earth is it ?

    It’s more than niche. STW only reaches a small audience and of them who is likely to even want a large, singlespeed, with weird rigid forks and 2 chain rings ???

    Rogan Josh


    A 2×1 singlespeed.


    Nice colour

    Jeez, do people really match the stem and seat post colour?

    (says he with the rasta zip ties!?)

    EDIT: just looked at the ad and it comes across a bit “can’t be arsed”. Maybe some more detail and photos. People want to see the info not go chasing you down for it.


    As a full on beardy SS nichewore singlespeeder…That looks grim! steel frame, carbon forks…no no no no must be matched steel! big clumpy orthopedic shoe pedals…REALLY? looks like a my first single speed, built from donor parts and stuff that was living at the back of the workshop. Spilt and let folks choose what bits they like as there will be a lot more interest. For Comparison you could get a jeff jones diamond frame with truss fork and fat front second hand for that sort of money.

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    Does seem odd that after all the comments on this thread the OP is now trying to sell it for a £100 more than they were 3 months ago?

    you know what, ww ? I suspect you’re not sure that OP was really a plea for advice at all 😐
    you nasty old cynic


    The frame may be fancy, but the paint job and logo make it look like a Charge

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    I’m with Tazzy on the frame/forks combo, chunky carbon looks v weird with the skinny steel.


    Step 1 of selling a complete bike: Take lots of good photos from different angles, with a good camera.

    You’re asking someone to shell out £1000 of their hard earned British pounds – invest a bit more time in your advert ffs.

    That’s a very odd looking thing.

    What a wondrous and rare thing. A thread where everyone is in pretty much in agreement with everyone else. Except the OP.

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    Mostly Balanced – Member

    What a wondrous and rare thing. A thread where everyone is in pretty much in agreement with everyone else. Except the OP.

    Not rare at all, just look up every Molgrips car thread ever!

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    Seriously OP

    Split it and move on.

    I’ve never understood why anyone tries to sell complete bikes on here

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    *scuttles off to wikipedia to create the “Molgrips car paradox” entry*


    Forks look weird. Bar ends are a personal thing, take them off. Get a matching seatpost. Too many spacers. Remove that big ring, looks stupid. Clean the tyres. Change the pedals for something that matches (massive flats on a ss?) or just take them off.

    Or… sell the frame, forks and brakes and stick the rest in the bits box.

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    If all else fails, try eBay!

    :edit: …eh, oh, you have 😐

    Split it

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    Whether it was or not it looks like a parts bin bike, very quirky limited appeal and if people don’t like it they won’t buy it, arguing with them won’t change that.

    Unless the big ring is integral to the cranks (ala shimano circa ’98) spend two quid on some short chainring bolts and dump the big ring, will make your bike look better straight away. If you want to maximise your profitssssss you need to split it.


    I’ve never understood why anyone tries to sell complete bikes on here

    I think because they purchase bits on offer and then think in building it they are adding value and want to sell the complete bike on for more than they paid for it. Quoting RRPs to backup what a complete ‘bargin’ the bike is.

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