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  • What have you bought following recommendations on here?
  • Premier Icon footflaps
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    Shark cordless hoover – excellent.

    Bose QC35 headphones – also excellent.

    Boot dryer thing – bit plastic tat quality wise but works very well.

    Quite a few books from the various war / aeroplane book threads – Chickenhawk was one.

    Worx Hydroshot – also excellent.

    Gransfors splitting adze – also good.

    Years and years ago, On one 456 frame (or was it an Inbred) – arrived pre-rusted from the factory, rode OK I suppose, didn’t keep it long.

    Probably some other stuff…

    Premier Icon richmtb
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    an On One Scandal and very good it is too.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    Also executive paper clips – after CFH’s recommendation…

    Polyurethene patio sealant (Stoner’s recommendation) – didn’t do anything at all, just as dirty the next year.

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Not much. I have a bizarre ability to make my own decisions.

    Lads! We’ve got a deviant!

    Premier Icon timmys
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    Skoda Octavia

    Skoda Octy (vrs)

    Make me no. 3, and I’m going to assume petrol VRS, otherwise or you didn’t followed the STW recommendation.

    Bose QC35 headphones

    Nope – STW would have rightly told you to buy the Sony WH-1000XM3’s (or whatever the model was that year)

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Worx Hydroshot


    It is bloody good.

    Premier Icon johnx2
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    I seem to be a recommender more than a buyer, though been sold some good route recommendations. But some lights (good) and some Aussie grit kit in their going bust sale (not very good).

    Premier Icon wait4me
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    A lot of stuff. But nothing clothing wise, that’s a bit of a black hole in the forum.

    Best thing has to be the Ooni Koda. I can forgive all crimes against fashion for that recommendation.

    Premier Icon MrSmith
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    Oscillating multi tool.

    best thing ever for DIY.

    Premier Icon white101
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    Erbauer cordless drill

    Another Worx Hydroshot

    A few books

    A dropper post

    A subscription (that was back in 2003 though)

    Numerous sets of tyres

    Premier Icon yetidave
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    A Swift
    nearly bought an inbred, but realised that the XL was far too short
    The Norwegian wood cutting book, then bought the same for my dad
    a wood stove (shh, dont tell anyone now its not in vogue)
    A kit to self build an LED light

    Premier Icon razorrazoo
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    Definitely influenced quite a few purchasing decisions, those I can recall:

    Cheapo Shoedryer (seems to do the job so far)

    Worx Hydroshot – great

    DT Swiss wheels – both MTB and Road, both sets doing well

    Dell Laptop – well actually offered this secondhand when asking for recommendations – still going strong

    Lenovo Chromebooks for the kids – still going strong

    Genesis Zero Road Bike – got recommended one as an entry level carbon bike, served me well until I upgraded to my Tarmac SL6

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    Worx Hydroshot

    Oscillating multi tool

    I need to hand in my STW badge, I don’t know what either of those things even are. They both sound like something I’d buy using STW’s Lovehoney referral code.

    Premier Icon tthew
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    Worx Hydroshot is a battery powered jet wash. Forgot about that one, bought second hand off a member

    Oscillating multi tool is a like a big dremel, but instead of being fully rotary the bit moves back and forth like a saw.

    Premier Icon tjagain
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    Pretty much every bit of bike kit I have and my new Shand!

    Premier Icon BillMC
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    Maverick FS
    Genesis Ht
    Carbon road bike
    Coffee machine(s)

    Premier Icon Saccades
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    Novelty shark head bottle opener
    Halfords professional tools and tool chests
    Hope pro2 & pro4 hubs
    Twentyfour12 entry ticket
    Schwalbe fat Alberts
    Conti vert pros

    Premier Icon jodafett
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    In the last 18 months I’ve spent a lot (for me) of money on bike related stuff and it’s all the fault of each and every one of you on this forum.

    Premier Icon Daffy
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    A singlespeed (2005)
    A 29er (2007)
    A Hardcore hardtail (2008)
    A Titanium hardtail (2009)
    A Road bike (2010)
    A Singlespeed road bike (2010)
    A Gravel bike (2012)
    A Fat bike (2014)

    And a Gaggia Classic in 2012…

    Premier Icon leegee
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    Fundsmith (probably the best thing I ever bought)
    Suzuki Swift Sport and then a 2nd one.
    Ibis Ripmo
    Manitou Mattoc
    Anker solar charger and powerbank
    Worx hydroshot
    Dakine 5 Laps hip pack
    De Walt chainsaw

    Premier Icon steve-g
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    Kernel table beer from the what low alcohol beer thread.

    Those £20 walking trousers from last black Friday.

    Loads of amazon fire tablets, and before that tesco hudls.

    I own an anker soundcore which I thought I chose myself until seeing so many others on here mentioning it.

    An ooni pizza oven

    A mazda mx5

    Premier Icon w00dster
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    Mini Cooper S from one of the many what small car for spirited driving…’s now sat dead as a dodo waiting for a mobile mechanic to come and look at it….
    Tudor BB58 watch….which will probably end up sold to fund the many mini repairs i can foresee.
    Cheap Sage coffee Maker….it’s Ok. Cleaning function no longer works. Apart from that, meh.
    VW T6 – Not quite in keeping with the topic but purchased mainly because everyone on here slates them so I got one anyway….

    I’m sure there will be plenty of bike related ones that I can’t remember.

    Premier Icon gordimhor
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    Nicotine Valium Vicodin Marijuana Ecstasy and Alcohol..c c c cause It was a great single

    Premier Icon Ambrose
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    Amongst other things a Makita drill driver that I used to mount my recently delivered garage alarm. I used yellow rawl plugs for this.

    Premier Icon Northwind
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    Tons of stuff but most especially

    Full Member

    An STW Subscription.

    I don’t think I’d still sub to the mag if not for the forum

    Premier Icon OwenP
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    I’ve scanned this thread for reference to a Diet Plan…so far, nothing!

    Mini Cooper S from one of the many what small car for spirited driving…’s now sat dead as a dodo waiting for a mobile mechanic to come and look at it….

    now then, we all know what we are getting into with those…says the guy who’s plastic thermostat just exploded all over his transmission 😄

    Premier Icon pocpoc
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    Took delivery yesterday of some TCA running shorts that someone recommended on here a while back. Had them bookmarked and decided that in order to motive my fat arse it to getting back running I needed to buy something to inspire me (or make me feel guilty). First try on is positive, very comfortable. Covid isolation ends tonight so they should get a run (waddle) out over the weekend.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    Halfords professional tools and tool chests

    Good point, I probably bought my Halfords tool chests based on review on here….

    Premier Icon spacehopper
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    off the top of my head..

    John Ryan Mattress – horrible!
    Columbia Omni Heat boots – excellent
    Worx Hydroshot – excellent
    BasqueMTB holiday – Amazing!

    and no doubt countless bike bits..

    i always add singletrackworld to the text when doing research before buying a product.. theres nearly always a review / advice!

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    I probably bought my Halfords tool chests based on review on here

    Me too.

    I’ve scanned this thread for reference to a Diet Plan…so far, nothing!

    Haha, did anyone suggest a Mint Sauce keyring yet either?

    Premier Icon vmgscot
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    Decathlon trews
    Surround sound amp
    Orbea Rise

    Premier Icon feed
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    So much stuff, biking and non-biking based on recommendations and PSAs from here, pretty much all from the forum but the odd item based on magazine reviews :

    Outstanding items have been

    > Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket: the holy grail of lightweight, packable waterproof jackets
    > Vaude AM Moab Mid Stx flat pedal waterproof winter boots: Excellent
    > Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex flat pedal waterproof shoes\boots: Also Excellent (so far)
    > Shark upright corded Vacuum cleaner: Never had an upright Vacuum cleaner before, had never even heard of the Shark brand. Every time I use this I can’t get over how good it is.
    > Sony WH-1000 XM2 noise cancelling headphones: Turn off the outside world
    > VIRO-SOL Citrus degreaser : Drive chain comes up like new after every spin, also my go to cleaner for the oven hob, extractor fan unit, shower doors, wooden floor
    > Delongi Caffe Corso bean to cup machine : Makes a lovely coffee and one hell of a racket (can be used in conjunction with above noise cancelling head phones 🙂 )

    I’d always do additional research before a purchase but can’t think of anything I’ve bought based on a recommendation on the forum that didn’t live up to the endorsement.

    Premier Icon sotonkona
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    A Volvo branded Thule Proride – was an absolute steal at just over £70 and looks better than the Thule version in a nice gunmetal colour!

    Premier Icon MrSalmon
    Free Member

    A Topeak Hexus X multi tool. Haven’t used it yet but it looks pretty good!

    Premier Icon blokeuptheroad
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    Ones that come to mind initially, but there are loads more:

    Home MESH system

    On One Scandal

    Google Nest Audio system

    Fox Proframe helmet

    Mobi bike wash

    Shark vacuum cleaner

    Loads of books, films, music

    Posh cheese on toast ‘recipes’

    A gucci tin opener!

    Premier Icon Cougar
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    A gucci tin opener!

    Useless. Never in my life have I ever seen any Gucci tins.

    Premier Icon mtbqwerty
    Free Member

    On One Scandal
    Alpkit Qark
    Karrimor Carbon Walking Poles

    All great tbf

    Premier Icon mattyfez
    Free Member

    Only thing i can recall are some Sony MDR-EX650AP In-ear Headphones.

    Superb for the money, think I paid about £35 for them from a sony shop, they seem to retail anywhere between £40-£60 these days, wouldn’t realy be too shabby at that price either.

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    Gore bike jacket,
    Salter toastie/pannini/waffle maker

    Premier Icon mattbee
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    “Mini Cooper S from one of the many what small car for spirited driving…’s now sat dead as a dodo waiting for a mobile mechanic to come and look at it….

    now then, we all know what we are getting into with those…says the guy who’s plastic thermostat just exploded all over his transmission 😄”

    I was one of the people recommending an R53 & mine currently sits awaiting investigation of complete loss of brake vacuum pressure that’s happened whilst it sat in the garage..!

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