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  • Walna Scar Road WTF???
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    I’ve not been up there for about a year on a bike. Did it on Thursday. What a bloody mess they’ve made of it?
    The Coniston side from the top down to the begining of the level section where Goats Water Beck crosses is just a grade 1 cock up. If anything it is far more dangerous than it was before they intervened with large sections of exposed muddy slope replacing a defined rocky track.

    Anyone know the official explanation?

    Ran out of funds to tarmac it apparently.


    What and no one blaming motobikes?that makes a change.



    More here too. I spoke to the council about it when they were half way through it. TBH it was more like a runway when I was up there in the summer. From what you’ve said it now sounds like it’s washing away…. just give it time and will be as rough as it ever was 😉 .

    Talking of ruining trails… who the **** has put f-in sand all over the f-in Three Shires Trail in Macclesfield. You could here it being sucked up into my bearings. Motorbikers I think trying to smooth out the transition from natural rock to natural rock 👿 !

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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