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  • Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    I can’t imagine wearing any of my cycling kit for more than one ride. It gets washed every time.

    It’s not rocket science: buy more clothes and do more washing!


    Halo sports wash is currently 2.99 in our local Sainsburys. It’s not a perfect solution if your kit is as bad as you suggest, but it will improve matters.

    Buy 2 new sets of kit (preferably merino), bin the current lot, and wash it more often.

    Does anyone here use Halo regularly on merino kit? The instructions do say it shouldn’t be used on silk or wool…


    I sometimes leave my kit for a few rides. Partly as it shits up my washing machine but also all my kit lives in the boot.

    I dont smell though. I could wear a top a few times, socks etc- I’ve proven this a few times by ramming a shoe into the sis in laws nose and daring her to whiff! I think I have the ‘sweet gene’ though. (Yes it exists but its mainly a far east thing).

    Premier Icon andybrad

    on a similar note i often find my riding shoes stink even after ive washed them. They seem to smell of stale water (i end up doing a lot of walking through mud) and i wash them in a bucket after each ride. Any ideas on keeping them fresh-er?

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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