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  • Olly

    LOL at the biggles.

    Premier Icon Pook

    The graffiti on the bridge over the m25 near Rickmansworth that simply reads "PEAS"


    Hey Pook, didnt that used to say "Give peas a chance?"


    A few years ago in Side Farm campsite, there was an enormous amount of graffitti in the bogs about Ozzie girls taking it up the wrong 'un etc, and very neatly in the middle someone had written 'I've seen the new £2 coin, have you?'

    Just made me chuckle. As did my 14 month old daughter just appearing at my side as I type this with her older brother's Fireman Sam helmet on her head 🙂


    goths in high summer,still sporting the ankle length leather jacket,and poss black hat and trying to act like there not hot.
    just ditch the jacket and get some "black" shorts!


    sign in gents at motorway services (Trowell?) that says "Additional Urinals Are Available" – who needs more than one?


    Two people ?


    This made me laugh…..

    hee hee!


    2 things from work over the last few years – number 1 being on a suuper windy day the roof of the new sports hall residing in a neighbouring garden!

    2nd being on the first day back after a holiday looking out onto the field to see a massive cock and balls, complete with obligatory 3 lines of jizz coming from the japseye!

    Premier Icon Flash

    I like these in Manchester

    Remember speaking to the builders (we were on a session)of the apartments where the Hacienda was in Manchester. They told us that if you bought one your address was going to be 1,2 etc Acid House!

    Never found out if it was true or if they were just taking the p1ss!

    Premier Icon binners

    While we're on signs in Manchester. This is down the road from me

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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