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  • Shredded my tyre at Penmachno (again).
  • Kip
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    So I’m looking for an alternative to the Spesh Ground Control 2.1 that I usually run on (and is now full of tyre plugs including one annoyingly right at the rim that leaks just a tiny bit).

    I don’t weigh a lot but I’m also a bit rubbish unweighting the back wheel over rocks, so tend to run tubeless on the rear at 17-20psi. Much over 20psi and I get pinged all over the shop! Finding the fine line at Penmachno today resulted in the extra tyre plug being required!

    I’ve got a tubed Purgatory 2.3 on the front that I love but want something a little faster rolling on the back.

    Usual trails are flinty and rooty at Haldon and as I usually ride up I’d like something that doesn’t use up all my energy getting it to roll over the tarmac climb. However, I’d like a tyre I can use when I come back this way again, plus be good for other rocky trails.

    Bike is a Santa Cruz 5010 with boost spacing on the rear so should take a 2.3.

    Local advice much appreciated (other than get better at riding!).

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    Difficult one really. Fast rolling and tough I’d be looking at a slaughter grid if you like spesh tyres – likely won’t slow you down well, especially on welsh terrain. Or similar from Schwalbe.

    Maxxis Dissector is another option, exo plus or double down but I’ve found them not quite as fast rolling as I’d like. DD is maxx grip compound though.

    I found a 27.5 high roller 2 in double down casing recently for £26 and used it as a stop gap on the mullet (rear obvs). It’s stayed on as the only thing it’s not perfect at is having loads of grip on steep, loose climbs. Doesn’t feel overly draggy. That was 2.3 also. Bit old school but it works well.

    Edit: bit more now but there you go:

    Inserts may help but if it’s flint/stone knicks you are getting in the sidewall, they won’t help that.

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    WTB trail boss tough/fast

    Once youve got over the hell of mounting them tubeless, they are indeed pretty tough

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    How heavy are you?

    I’m 10 stone/63kg and 30psi in a 2.3 rear and still get pinches on occasion. At sub 20 the tyre must be squirming all over the place as soon as you push it into a corner! I run more than that in a 2.5 front on my big bike!

    Spesh Slaughter rolls fast and grips suprisingly well, but the sidewall/bead is fragile – I had no end of pinches along the bead. WTB Trailboss Tough/fast is fastish, bombproof, but quite heavy and noticeably harsher thanks to the stiff sidewall. Currently using a Schwalbe Rock Razor which isn’t as fast as the Slaughter, but I haven’t flatted it yet.

    Another option would be a tyre insert like a Rimpact.

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    1.Learn to ride more sympathetically.

    2. Have different tyres for different terrain.

    3. Accept that your totality of requirements (lightweight, fast running, low pressure) are going to result in punctures until Option 1…

    4. Increase tyre pressure a bit more. I’m 75kg and run about 25-28psi on the back of a reasonably fast tyre – A Continental X-King and it’s on the back of an Enduro which I crash repeatedly through and over rocks and roots (as I am a clumsy fool) and don’t suffer punctures like you.

    5. Accept that Spesh tyres almost uniquely amongst their range of aftermarket spares and parts, are some of the most, IMO/E predictably poor performing tyres available, so change your brand.

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    5. Accept that Spesh tyres almost uniquely amongst their range of aftermarket spares and parts, are some of the most, IMO/E predictably poor performing tyres available, so change your brand.

    I did this. Spesh tyres are very fragile.

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    if you are pinching the tyre you need either more pressure or a tougher casing.

    30psi and a tough casing in the rear on my bikes.

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    I’m not going to evangalise about inserts because I’ve owned one brand for a grand total of 3 days/1 ride.

    But your description seems like the ideal candidate for some sort of insert to stop pinch flats.

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    Inserts seem to work for me. The 2.4 Exo Rekon / Vittoria insert I use survived Ard Rock and uplift days at Antur Stiniog. Before I started using an insert I’d pinch flatted numerous tubeless tyres including dual ply ones.

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    Cheers all. @JonEdwards and @VanHalen I weigh 51kg (absolute top whack 55kg with full water and pack) hence being able to get away with lower pressures and not have it squirm about. I raised the back tyre to 22psi and nearly got bounced off the trail yesterday but it was the lower pressure that screwed the tyre initially last time I was up here! I also run a Huck Norris in the back which is awesome and has stopped the majority of issues.
    I suspect it’s a mix of me being unsympathetic in my riding plus the flimsy Spesh tyres, although the last cut wasn’t sidewall.
    I was a bit hacked off the tyre sealant didn’t seal the miniscule puncture in the sidewall though, so will be looking at other options for that too.
    Quite happy to move from Spesh and will check out the recommendations.

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    I’m using a Pirelli Scorpion XC on the rear of my Hello Dave and it has put up with plenty of abuse without failing. Tougher, bigger and quicker than the Hans Dampf it replaced.

    Ended up buying it when I killed my Hans Dampf when away on a course and pretty much buying the only decently priced tyre in the shop. I’d buy another.

    Edit:- I also use Rimpact inserts, which are great. Regular on the front and the tougher one on the rear.

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    Haldon is my local too, and I’m another who slogs up steep tarmac to get there. I get enough tyre damage here to want tougher tyres generally than you run (probably because I weigh getting on for 50% more than you!) so it’s hard to recommend but I have used some of the above on local and Welsh trails. The Haldon flint can be very sharp so we see a lot of cuts as well as pinches. Most recently my Slaughter Grid lasted about 3 rides before I got nasty pinch flats in it twice, running an insert, although the damage was all done at Bike Park Wales. Mind you, not pushing it. Weaker carcass than an EXO I’d say, but at your weight you might be fine with it. Other semi slicks are tougher and still fast although I have had my issues with them (see here). Currently have an Enduro carcass Kenda Helldiver which seems good but it’s early days. The trail carcass version of the same feels much tougher than the Specialized just from feeling the sidewall.

    A Maxxis EXO would probably do you well. My Dissector EXO 2.6 was decent, although I did pinch flat it and I think from your frame of reference you’d see it as slow, but it was tough enough to live a full life. Stuff like Minions (except the SS) are slower than you refer to although for Haldon off piste they’re very popular. Rekon is fast but weaker (IMO all EXO are not the same carcass thickness), albeit tougher than a Slaughter I’d say and much tougher than what you just punctured.

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    I raised the back tyre to 22psi and nearly got bounced off the trail yesterday

    Your suspension and tyres work together, so if you’re raising the pressure in your tyre you need to change the suspension settings – or maybe it’s the settings that aren’t right in the first place?

    And a Maxxis Minion SS.

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    Another Devon native here, I occasionally also pedal up to Haldon and ride other SW spots and south wales doing big enduro loops, I went from Magic Mary Super Gravity on the rear and Magic Mary Snakeskim on the front to Big Betty Super Trail Rear and Magic Mary Super Trail front and can not fault the tyres. The Big Betty rolls well, brakes well and I have had no issues with the casing and I dont pick nice lines through rough or rocky stuff, I just got straight!

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    And a Maxxis Minion SS.

    Of all the semi fast rears, I really dislike the Minion SS, it goes up square – those outside knobs don’t help here, and it has this really bad habit in a slide of: No grip…No grip…All the grip! nasty. While the Conti X-king is hardly the grippiest thing ever (it’s very round) at least it’s consistent

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    Some of you lot run seriously high pressures! I’m on 25psi in the back and 23psi in the front on Conti RaceKing Protection TLR and CrossKing Protection TLR obviously set up tubeless on a 29er, sometimes going lower if it’s a bit wetter and I’m no lightweight at 78kg.

    As for a fast rear tyre if you liek teh Spesh range go for a FastTrak with the GRID casing in 2.35

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