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  • ndthornton

    My new bike build bobs a lot when climbing which I expected. I’ve just bought a brand new 2012 RP23 with a firm compression tune and I cant tell the difference between off and on – even on level 3! I’m still pogoing like before.

    I have another bike with a 2010 RP23 and the difference is obvious – its also only a medium tune. Am I missing something??

    Also the pro pedal switch seems a lot more positive on my other bike and it noticeably sits up in its travel when pro pedal is engaged.

    Anyone else had this issue?


    Sounds like it needs a service… Mine did that, pro-pedal switch was pretty floppy, sent it off for service and nitrogen re-fill and came back great.


    Service! Its brand new
    So it sounds like a fault then?
    Damn – I bought it from one of those German bike shops 🙁


    Brand new and at least a year old, sounds like the nitrogen got off the shelf first


    If it’s new then get in touch with Loco, Jtech, mojo etc and see if they’ll just do a tune, check pressures etc without the cost of a service which it doesn’t need.

    Clicky I posted recently about the same problem with an RP2, although not an RP23, the symptoms are the same.

    Like yours, mine was new ‘old stock’ from 2012. There may be something in that.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    I’m in the same gang. Mine is on its way to Loco.
    Wonder if some rejects found their way onto the market?
    Is this something we should raise with Fox?



    how much are Loco charging?
    Have you been in touch with the shop you bought it from?

    This all very pants

    Good idea to contact Fox – although from past experience with fox defects (i.e the 36 pinch bolt saga) – the slopey shoulder, It must be your fault, feign ignorance stance is what I’m expecting.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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