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  • Replacement turbo cost on 2007 Honda CRV…
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    Google Mr MUscle Oven cleaner VNT turbo clean briskoda
    Basically for £2.99 you alledgedly can fix seized or sticky vanes . You spray the oven cleaner into the EGR take off pipe via a length of flexi fish tank bubbler pipe you can pick up Pets are annoying .
    Manually work the actuator and after an hour your turbo is fixed.

    There is another method that costs even less. You find a long deserted road and accelerate from idle through to 4000 rpm and lift off and roll out to idle and repeat. Not full chat but maybe 3/4 throttle. This moves the vanes repeatedly through full cycle of closed to open to closed again. 3rd gear is best , on a very quiet A road.

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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