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  • Radio-controlled car for 6 year old – suggestions?
  • Premier Icon chiefgrooveguru
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    Little Miss Guru has requested one for Xmas. I suspect some kind of monster truck that’ll drive around our garden is better than something fast where I’d have to supervise her on our road.

    Obviously not some kind of complicated expensive thing, she’s only 6 and easily amused!

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Had a similar request a while back. Still very pleased with my choice.

    Premier Icon DrP
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    Some sort of scale crawler will fit her..
    Can vary from £60ish, to hundreds and hundreds…
    Nice and sturdy, but also sloooow and stable!!


    Premier Icon aazlad
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    We were in exactly the same position…our 6 year old was asking for a better remote control car after having a ‘toy’ one that buzzes around the kitchen but is a bit rubbish.

    This arrived last week and I had a little play while giving the batteries a pre-xmas charge. The quality appears to be pretty good, it’s 4 Wheel drive, its pretty slow and it comes with two battery packs.

    Premier Icon milko9000
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    I got that one ^ for my 6-yr-old lad just last week as well.

    Premier Icon VanHalen
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    alex – this is the opportunity to invest in something totally inappropriate for her but totally appropriate for razzing over the jumps at the dis-used MUGA off ladies mile or the skatepark.

    you really want this ‘as a project you and her can achieve together’ she will ‘grow into it’ in teh mean time you can ‘help her enjoy it’ through ‘quality daddy daughter time’

    not that i would do this – ahem

    Premier Icon nofx
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    The ftx outlaw is a good one. If you get the brushed one, it’ll top out at about 20mph. Tough truck. I’ve had one a couple of years, I’ve only broken a rear drive shaft & a body post. Our little un drives it too, he’s 7.

    Premier Icon hazmo
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    Last year minimo (6yrs old) got a lego rc tracked racer. Great fun building and great for driving about the house.

    Premier Icon johndoh
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    What you need is one of these…

    Unfortunately they are a bit pricy.

    Premier Icon medlow
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    I got my 6yr old a Ripmax Dingo..
    It’s flipping fast and outdoor only.. For £70 it’s excellent and parts are easily available.

    Premier Icon gavtheoldskater
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    ok, i asked the very same a long time ago, maybe my boy was a bit older but nontheless…

    tamiya mad bull, google it.

    really fun to make on boxing day, let the lad loose on painting and decorating the shell, seriously quick and super fun to drive, wheelspinning donuts like a crazy thing, do buy spare batteries though.

    Premier Icon shuhockey
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    So two BSD storm prime RC cars turned up for Christmas. Surviving well with the curbs and crashes. So what do I need to upgrade first? We also have traxxas bandit, so id like to get them up to a similar level. On the storms I’ve noticed the steering is quite slow and when the battery gets low you have to lift off the power before they steer, so would a new steering thing sorry this? Then batteries? Fast charger? Ta

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