Off road RC car recommendations, if you please!

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  • Off road RC car recommendations, if you please!
  • Following on from the borked out of the box thread, the replacement New Bright Growler arrived from John Lewis today. Sad to say, this one also had the steering wired up wrong, so turning the controller left turns the car to the right. As on previous thread, no way to correct this on either controller or car, so it’s going back.

    So, your suggestions please for the following;
    Off road
    Fast and fun, not a race vehicle
    Child proof!
    USB or other easy charging set up
    Ready built, ready to go
    Anywhere between £40 and £80ish. Would go above if it really hit the spots!

    The Boy is one present down, and I need to solve this! Thanks in advance!

    For example, is this any good?

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    As per normal, it all comes down to price.

    Lipo’s are a game changer, not just from a speed perspective but also run time. My recent FTX Kanyon came with Nicad but is easily converted to Lipo – the biggest difference is run time in that I now get bored before it goes flat as oppose to 15 mins on nicad.

    Some of the smaller scale FTX models would be my first choice in that price category, you won’t get Lipo but it’ll be half decent and comes ready to run. If you’re happy to spend a bit more, go 1/8 scale then you can easily convert to Lipo at a later date.

    Obviously if you have money to burn then Traxxas are awesome and pretty much unbreakable – they also have decent spares availability when you do smash it.

    Have a look on and search using the price filter.

    Be warned though – it’s massively addictive. I’ve now got a number of cars including a Losi 5t and a 10s Lipo truggy which is pretty much undriveable.

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    This is decent for the money, comes with a charger and spares will be plentiful

    Thanks. Looks OK. Anything more pick up truck like might be better, will keep looking.

    Any brands to look at/avoid?

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    I’d personally avoid anything from department stores! The reason being when it breaks it’ll be a nightmare to get parts for – can’t see JL or the like holding spares for something like your original purchase.

    Have a look on the model sport forums – there’s some idiots on there but it’ll give you an idea about what’s good and what isn’t. The one I linked to is the first one in your price range I found – there will be plenty of others on there.


    Forums are a scary thing. Look at this place, for example. “I want a bike for canal tow paths” is met with “You need a gravel monstercross road plus with slack geo and a 1x with full hydro” or whatever. The layman will understand none of it. That’s where I am with these things! Hence just after something simple! Would prefer to listen here, where people will treat me like the total ignorant* that I am.

    Again, good advice, thank you.

    *About this topic. Only!

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    FTX Outback Mini could do it… They’re about 9/10ths good and 1/10th unreliable though, the combined ESC/receiver tends to explode.


    If you could push the budget a little then the FTX Seige would probably be a good bet, looks like it can be bought for around £90 at the moment, spares appear to be cheap and plentiful, you also have the option of upgrading the electrics if needs be in the future.


    2 of my nephews have got Maverick r/c cars. I think that they are pretty well built, seem robust and perform well. I think one of them is the Strada, which seems to come in around £130.

    But, they do one called the iON DT & MT – the difference just seems to be the body shell. They are £80, but say they come with a low capacity battery & trickle charger. A more suitable battery & charger (which are an option on the Modelsport website up the price to £105…


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    Agreed, especially when they throw in some acronyms just to confused things further.

    Think of it in bike terms. If you stick with brands like Specialized or Trek, you know what you’re getting regardless of cost. Similar with RC cars. It happens on the more expensive ones too, I spent a fortune on a 1/5 scale Annsman which was fast as hell with a 8s lipo. Then i hit a wall with it and it’s stayed in a box ever since because I can’t get parts for it.

    Go for a cheap and simple FTX or something from Hobbyking (although quality is variable from HK), and you’ll be golden


    Have a look on hobbyking. Argos etc ones are crap. If they break you can’t get parts either. Eurocarparts are doing some cheap. Associated rc28/mt28 are great fun indoors,but not great outdoors. Bangood do some reasonable copies . Also have a look at the for sale section on msuk.

    A little update.

    Got one of these in the end,

    It’s ace. Just what I was after. Run time seems good so far, enough for The Boy to get bored, but bought another set of batteries as well. He’s slowly getting to grips with it, as it’s faster than his old one, and the controller is a bit less intuitive than the two stick format. (When he’s not looking, I’ve had a go as well. It’s great. Fast and drifty on tarmac, and ripping off road). So far, so recommended.


    Is the design of that FTX Siege licesned from Team Associated or just a blatant rip off? Looks almost identical to the chassis and suspension of my old RC10 B2 from the mid 90’s.


    That looks fun!

    Keep meaning to charge up my Neo Fighter & give it a bit of a braaaaaap!


    Lipos and a decent charger (that can quick charge and store charge) will cost way in excess of the OP budget even before buying a car. Then there’s the safety issue – you can’t piss about with them – you need a fireproof case, safe place to charge etc.

    Basically don’t treat them lightly – they can be very dangerous.

    And yes, I have a Traxxas Land Rover Rick Crawler – great fun and hours of drive time on a charge. 🙂

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    Massive want

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    Esavage? Very strong! No need for lipo.


    Nice buy.

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    I can recommend the ECX Torment if anyone is looking to get a short course truck on a budget.

    This is good money for one:

    I bought mine second hand and love it. Been through a couple of front bumpers due to my enthusiastic/ambitious driving style.

    It sends 15-20ft jumps with ease. Controller is adjustable for throttle and steering response so my 4yo nephew can have a go without writing it off too.

    All parts are upgradable and it takes all 1/10 bodies.


    Ohh FFS how do I embed YouTube now?

    I’ve got one of these and it’s great fun

    Even with the 2 cell lipo it’s mental – I’ve yet to try a 3 cell lipo!

    Ohh FFS how do I embed YouTube now?

    Just copy and paste the link.

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