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  • RaceFace SixC cranks-another one bites the dust
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    I’d stick it on the Classifieds/ eBay mate. Someone somewhere is bound to want it.

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    My Next SLs died yesterday in the same way and I’m tempted to try this repair. @kneebiscuit have you got any idea why the second repair didn’t work? Also, someone mentioned the looser the better earlier in the thread – is it worth riding it a bit more (pootling around town maybe) to loosen it up more to allow more space for the epoxy?

    Personally I think the best way to repair it would be to drill out the pedal threads and insert a top hat shaped insert with new pedal threads in them from the rear, with a large washer on the pedal axle. Effectively a chainring bolt for the pedals that would clamp either side of the arm. Unfortunately that would involve a friendly machinist and I don’t know any.

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    If you epoxy the inserts try warming cranks first and using a hair dryer to warm the epoxy to get it to flow into the gaps more easily… its what people do on snowboard repairs… was gonna do it myself on some FSA cranks but windwaves lifetime warranty was a proper one… new cranks bb and rings too!

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    I was tempted to fix mine- after all I ended up with 2 broken sets, thanks Raceface. But then I realised that even if the repair is perfect, all the unfailed bonds are still waiting to fail. And then I stuck ’em on a set of scales and realised they’re barely any lighter than my ancient XTRs. So the only real drawback of going back to fantastically reliable metal cranks is losing the ability to fit a tiny ring, so I did that.

    (35g difference incidentally between a 32T Sixc with Raceface ring, and a 32T M970 with Raceface ring and steel bolts, a little less if you go ti. Doesn’t look as nice, but will work for decades and uses a proper 24mm BB)

    It’s just not worth the hassle of another messed up ride. Mine managed to mess with a race I’d been looking forward to for 6 months and then cause a massive stress and annoying unplanned expense in the middle of a bike holiday, sod that.

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    @munrobiker- No idea why the second repair failed, I suspect there was not enough contact between the epoxy and the insert, but its all in the bin now so who knows. I don’t think my prep was ever great either-if someone with more patience than me had a crack at it they’d arguably do a much better and long lasting job. I was about 100kg too, and fairly indelicate/useless in my riding style, so that probably had something to do with it too.

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    If anyone is in need of a Left Hand RaceFace Next R Crank (175) then I have one. Or alternatively if someone has a Right Hand Crank that they would like to offload then I am interested. As you have possibly guessed I have damaged my cranks 🙂

    smashed the pedal into a rock at high speed – probably would have killed any crank to be fair – thought I had broken my toes at the time!

    Not looking for big money (or to pay big money) – Its clear from this thread that the cranks are not up to much but better than having it sat there idle 🙂

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