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  • PSA – STOLEN from Bristol: Lapierre Zesty 914 and Cotic Soul
  • Hey all.

    Second time round for stolen bikes for me. Bastards, on their third attempt, finally ripped through the garage roof and went straight in with bolt croppers and took both my MTBs. They left my road bike and my wife’s hybrid, so it was clearly a targeted theft.

    Lapierre Zesty 914 2013 in Medium

    – Fox Float 32 140mm 15mm QR Kashima front suspension forks
    – Full Shimano XTR groupset (gears, chainset, pedals, brake levers, – gear shifters, and so on)
    – Shimano Saint brake calipers
    – Easton Haven 15mm/10mm Carbon wheelset
    – Easton Havoc carbon handlebars
    – Thomson Stem
    – Thomson Seatpost
    – Brown Charge Spoon saddle
    – Continental Rubber Queen front tyre
    – Maxxis Crossmark rear tyre

    Cotic Soul Mk1 in Large

    -Fox F120 Float 15mm QR suspension forks, grey crown, white lowers (very unique)
    – XTR gears, XTR Chainset, SLX Shifters, XTR brake calipers, Saint brake levers, XTR pedals
    – Easton Haven aluminium black handlebars
    – Easton EA70 wheelset, 15mm front.
    – Continental Rubber Queen front tyre
    – Maxxis Advantage rear tyre

    Anyone who see or finds anything please get in contact with da fazz, or me @ neil . bolton @ gmail . com



    Hope the 5-0 do the business, good luck with your insurers.


    Such lovely bikes 🙁

    Really feel for you!


    Ouch. THIRD attempt? They were really determined to get them werent they.

    Premier Icon GavinB

    Bugger. Sorry to hear about that Neil. 🙁

    +1 Sorry to hear this. What do you have to do nowadays to stop your property getting nicked?? Unreal. Theiving scrotes.


    What part of Bristol? I will keep an eye out.

    I’ll keep an eye out, Posted them on Uni cycling club for you.


    Will keep an eye out.

    For it to be a PSA, wouldn’t you need to tell us how to contact the fence?


    Really gutted for you, that’s a pisch thing to happen. Hope the police catch them and you get them back.

    Thanks all – its Sea Mills they went from – buggers went straight in with bolt croppers through the roof and left the two road bikes (both nice).

    Daytime theft too.

    M&S once again being amazing, already been given a very good offer (I insured the Zesty declared).

    Just not sure if I want to buy another, and if I do, do I buy another nice one?


    Yes get another nice bike. Don’t let low life scum ruin your hobby!


    Bad luck – will keep an eye out round BS6 and 8.

    Premier Icon GavinB

    If you do get some new ones, please take a lot of extra care on security, as it’s a well known ploy for bike thieves to return to places they’ve robbed to look for the replacement bikes.

    Is there any place inside the house they could go, for instance?


    Neil, I’m just the other side of the Trym from you, Thanks for the heads up.. Mine were taken about 18 months ago they came back the next night to get my road bike so keep vigilant,. I feel your pain.


    I know what you are going through Neil, had two of mine nicked just before Xmas.

    Post the pics on this thread:

    I keep bumping it to the top every couple of days

    Premier Icon binners

    Really sorry to hear that. I think most of us have experienced that horrible sinking feeling of realising your bike(s) are gone. I know I have.

    What amazes me, is that all these quite distinctive, individual bikes keep going missing…. where do they go?


    Broken and sold for parts on ebay. Frames scraped. That’s what I think with no real evidence.

    Premier Icon wallop

    That sucks. I’ve seen you around on that Soul. 🙁


    Sh1te. Sorry to hear that.

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