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  • dandax1990

    There’s a lot of threads all over the forums etc about how some LBS’s are struggling due to online retailers and people doing their own maintenance etc so I thought it would be a good idea to have somewhere to praise your LBS.

    Not sure if there already is this sort of thing here?

    So anyway…

    Firth Cycles in Queensbury, Bradford.

    Brilliant staff and always helpful and competitive prices! I do most of my own work but if there’s ever a job I can’t do myself (wheels/headset) this is the place I’d go. Barry (owner) is a top bloke and knows what he is doing that’s for sure.

    Premier Icon aazlad

    Not strictly my LBS but local to where I work…

    Bicycle Doctor in Rusholme, Manchester.

    Currently rebuilding a set of wheels for me. Fantastic service and thoroughly nice chaps. I would much rather give my cash to these guys than to CRC, Wiggle, etc. Just a shame the parts stock is a bit limited (as it is with most LBSs).

    Bike Scene, Guisborough. It’s like Santa’s grotto with very knowlegable (albeit, large) elves. I always get a good price too!


    Chelmer cycles, MTB side, 🙂 proper miserable old bugger he is..


    Would have expected a few more posts to be honest…

    Two for me
    Bike Tart
    Herbert’s Cycles

    Both have great staff, mechanics are top and nothing is too much trouble.
    And they do great coffee


    Not got one anymore place I bought my last bike from is gone and not found anyone else I trust yet. Any recommendations for the Newport/Cardiff area? Mostly for spannering rather than parts.


    Where about’s are they, Captain Pugwash?


    Got some fantastic local bike shops

    Cadence Sport Barton Under Needwood

    Rand Ride Cannock

    Lloyds Cycles Swadlincote

    and when up in Scotland- Walkers Cycling Kilmaurs
    All of them really friendly and helpful.

    Big Dave

    My local bike shop is Cycles Scuderia in Bideford. They are road focussed but top blokes and seem to be able to fix anything.


    Keep them coming guys, doesn’t hurt to help your LBS!


    Nirvana cycles, westcott,Rowan the mechanic knows his stuff, Simon one of the owners is northern,once you get to know him,he’s a top bloke, it took me 15 years though!!!


    Switchback Cycles near Woking, seem to have an uncanny knack of stocking just what I didn’t think I wanted, and a top mechanic to boot

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    Keswick Mountain Bikes. Andy is a top guy and always have a good crack with Darren.

    Stonehenge Cycles, Salisbury

    Lovely, lovely people. A family run shop which really feels like it. Always some great banter, but tempered with perfect advice and superb stock. They stock stuff you need and enough stuff you want,too!

    Oh, and they have a Ginge. And a Scoobs. 😉


    The bicycle doctor Porth I’ve been using since I took up Mtb a few years ago. Good friendly reliable service.
    Just found this nice video of their race team from a few years back

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Rotec cycles just outside Reading,brilliant service!

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    Nothing at all to complain about with my local bike shops.

    Hargroves Cycles and Solent Cycles

    Buying less online than I have for a while as the service and advice is worth a premium and I want to support them so they are there in the long term.

    Premier Icon youngrob

    i-cycles in Innerleithen for me.


    My not so local LBS
    Escape route Pitlochry
    Great coffee , staff that know their onions and
    cake too !!!

    Plus outdoor clothes as a bonus

    Workshop rates are well priced and they do what you ask
    Worth the diesel to get there


    Revel Outdoors in Bury St Edmunds.

    They’ve got lots of stuff I don’t need, but so desperately want.


    Solent Cycles

    Premier Icon Bregante

    Very much a roadie shop but Eddie McGrath cycles in Urmston are top chaps.


    My lbs is Bache Brothers Cycles and is where I got my Solaris from. Great shop and great service.


    If i’m at home, Swinnerton Cycles Cannock chase and Twowheelsonly, Tamworth have been helpful or more than one occasion. I’ve yet to find anywhere at down here in Newport/Cardiff but Done Skene looks promising.

    Bike Chain Ricci, Redruth is my Cornish sortofLBS. Superb staff, Mechanics can fix anything, good stock and occasionally Sam’s kind 😆


    Cycleworks Leatherhead. Good coffee, comfy sofas and a big TV to watch cycling on.

    Premier Icon lunge

    As risk of starting the great Stourbridge bike shop debate…
    Race Co Cycles, Stourbridge. A good shop run by a good guy who does have the odd habit of winding people up.
    Two Wheels, Stourbridge. A treasure trove, great mechanics and very knowledgeable staff. My go to shop even though I’ve probably spent more at Race Co.
    John Atkins, Leamington. Top shop, lots of bike porn and very helpful staff, they sorted out a warranty issue I had with minimal fuss. I like them.

    I should really pop into Bache Brothers though, not been there for a long time.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My lbs closed. Was ace though.


    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Sprung (launceston Tassie)
    Coming up to a big 4 day race this weekend, opened early and late to accommodate all the servicing requests (despite trying to pack at the same time to do official race support) price matching, great deals, friday night beers. Just held an info/nerve settling session for anyone heading off racing this weekend after work. Can’t ask for much more.

    dandax1990 – Member
    Where about’s are they, Captain Pugwash?

    Barham just outside Canterbury and Whitstable.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    The boys at Cycle Centre in Congleton are top drawer. They know their stuff, have sensible prices and good kit – it’s nice to see them so busy of late. Oh; they seem to like biscuits too.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Coombes Cycles, Hereford.


    gringojimi – Member
    Revel Outdoors in Bury St Edmunds.

    They’ve got lots of stuff I don’t need, but so desperately want.

    Only been in there a couple of times so far but impressions were very good


    Also, All Terrain Cycles in Shipley.

    Not used them for maintenance but heard good things about that side of the place.

    Nice stock of parts, clothing and bikes etc.

    Rebound Suspension, Horwich. Repairs and service, dead good and worth a visit.

    CrossTrax in Leeds.

    Always helpful, great mechanics and great value.

    Dropped my bike in late one Saturday afternoon with no notice and they shortened my hoses and bled my brakes within the hour then only wanted a tenner.

    Even if something was cheaper online I’d pay more just for their service.


    Eastside bikes, Edinburgh. Awesome wee shop.


    yet to find an lbs that I’d recommend 🙁


    Ciclopolis, Romo – near Bilbao.

    Always do a good job on the servicing, decent prices. Their bargain bucket keeps me going in gloves and socks. Nice lads, always keen to point and poke at bits they’ve never seen before. Always have stock of stuff you want straightaway like pads, tubes, cables etc. And 3€ for some sealant and to mount your tubeless tyres within 5 minutes of going into the shop is pretty damn good.

    Premier Icon colin9

    Falmouth Cycles. Always helpful, good variety (seem a bit less tied to specific brands of bike than the other two local shops), and they’ve done me some good deals.

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