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  • Jenko

    Alf Jones Cycles – Gresford, Wrexham
    Plush Hill Cycles – Church Stretton, Shropshire

    Both offer good, friendly advice and deliver great customer service. Nuff said.


    Cadence in Bath have been fantastic for me locally. The standard of the average LBS couldn’t exist in any other industry but Cadence have gone way above my expectations (even for a good shop πŸ˜€ )

    What biscuits/ similar are most appreciated by way of saying thank you to your LBS? πŸ˜€

    tops 5

    Another vote for Thatto Cycles – regularly go the extra mile!


    wiggles – Member

    Not got one anymore place I bought my last bike from is gone and not found anyone else I trust yet. Any recommendations for the Newport/Cardiff area? Mostly for spannering rather than parts.

    Sunsetcycles on Woodville road are superb or across the road at Cyclopedia.
    Two of the very best in the S.Wales area.

    instant hit

    Richards Bikes in Exeter, family business. Friendly; deals to be had; bike always sorted. Can stop for a chat and just “touch”.
    Not a great deal of stock but its a small business.
    Bike Shed in Exeter, is also good, and lots of stock.


    Garage Bikes in Morley (Leeds) – they do a fantastic job of fixing all the things I’m too inept to manage on my own (so most everything) – top people, dead friendly, the coffee’s always on, and there’s usually a friendly dog mooching about the place somewhere. What more could you ask for?


    Two Wheels Stourbridge/Amblecote (reminds me, my hub should be ready now) is my go to LBS

    18 Bikes my not so LBS but top chaps


    +1 for Firths Cycles.

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Mountain Trax, near Wokingham, Berkshire.

    Do all my builds and servicing, completely trust their advice. They look after me well. πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Bertie Maffoons in Marlborough.

    Were there any justice they’d be able to retire by now, but then I’d be b******* πŸ™‚


    cycletechnology in wakefield

    never too busy for me,called in several times whilst out on a ride,and they’ve dropped what they’re doing to repair mine/put new part on,and just told me to drop the money in whenever.

    they are however,causing me problems with mrs C,he keeps offering me a demo on a bike in the sale,and im very tempted

    Premier Icon StuE

    +1 for Ride on,great set of guys.

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Geoff Smiths, Bolton, mainly a roadie shop but can get speedy supplies for most standard stuff.


    StuE – nice shirt in your profile pic…i have one of those too πŸ˜€


    Biketreks – Ambleside. Alright it’s not my “local” (3/4hr drive for me) but I always pop in for a brew off Keith whenever I’m in the area. Nothing is to much trouble for them.

    Premier Icon shredder

    Holy Spokes Horsforth good guys and service.
    Moonglu in Ripon for all things Nicolai and wheel builds.
    Also Garage Bikes Morley.

    Another shout out for holy spokes in Horsforth, top lads and a couple of the best mechanics that I know. If they can’t fix it it probably wants binning!


    Nice to see some love for my LBS.

    Decent idea for the website to have an A-Z of LBS’s maybe?

    Could possibly help get more customers etc.


    Peddlers in Redcar.

    Always helpful, Greg the owner is great and a proper decent LBS

    Premier Icon mick_r

    Yet another vote for Ride On in Rossendale. Very well equipped workshop, and don’t take the piss too much when I bring some new homemade frame contraption for head tube reaming πŸ™‚


    Dave Hinde cycles in Northwich!

    I’ll get my coat.


    Summit Cycles in Aberystwyth for me. Friendly and knowledgeable, and they don’t try to sell me stuff with flowers on πŸ˜€


    Cotswold cycles in moreton are great imho

    Langsett Cycles in Sheffield get thumbs up from me.


    Middle-aged shout out to the guys at Chain Reaction Cycles. Tonnes of stock, always helpful, keen prices and only 10 mins drive from my front door. I used them for mail order stuff recently as i was feeling festively lazy and it took 4 days to arrive πŸ˜†


    Cycledealia in Hitchin; knowledgable, always helpful, great value.

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    Another shout for Firths in Queensbury.
    Keeping it real!


    Plus 1 for firth cycles from me too.

    A true repair shop. Highly recommended

    I’ve used a few in Scotland recently….bike remedy in Stoney were good and friendly…my fave so far is Leslie bikes in Glenrothes….very efficient with really good chat


    Didn’t think there would be so many people in the Bradford and surrounding areas!

    Premier Icon simonjj

    Noah’s bikes near Stroud for me, only a minute down the road so spend far too much time and money there but excellent sales , service and banter.


    Head for the hills in dorking. Nice guys that own it and I’ve always had great service.

    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    At opposite ends of the country:

    Monsterbike in Inverness. Hope Mark is still going cos he’s a top class friendly chap.

    Melksham Cycle Centre is now my LBS and consistently give great service for my servicing needs πŸ™‚


    Graham Foot at Slam69 is the only place to go in Gloucester.

    He provides amazing advice, puts the right (not the most expensive) bits on, and has repaired my bike over and over.


    Pro-Am Cycles in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire. Keith Anderson, the owner, is a top bloke, knows his bikes, and always give you an honest (but humourous) appraisal of what is needed.

    He’s also a pretty fair amateur racer for his shop team, and is cooking up his own brand of bikes- which look fantastic.

    Also knows much, much more than anyway I know about garden plants, on account of his background.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    ..another vote for Garage Bikes in Morley.

    The prices are very reasonable and Al’s knowledge/passion for bikes is impressive.

    I witnessed him wrangle with a particularly troublesome front mech on my old s-works stumpy for over half an hour, and refused to accept anything other than the flat rate charge for a front mech adjustment at the end of it. This was on a particularly busy Saturday morning as well.

    He also really looks after regulars on the product front. When I bought some Endura 3/4s he ended up beating CRC prices without me even asking.

    Top man.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    Plymouth Cycle Scene. Not my LBS just phoned on the off chance.

    Phoned Matt on Friday enquiring about a EBB tool. He phoned me back twice when he said he would, posted it the same day for no extra charge. Turned up on Saturday. Exactly like you would hope it to be, be very rarely does it happen like that.

    Thanks chaps.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Cyclingo in South Hobart if you ever head down this way.
    You can rent a Santa Cruz Heckler to hit Mt Wellington & Clingo is the best mechanic in town. He’s also a very handy rider.
    If you’re in town on a wednesday night, we ride at 6pm year round.


    Bike Plus in South Croydon, walked in with a broken front mech Saturday afternoon and left 15 mins later with a new one fitted plus a discount. Thanks Gents

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