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  • Post has been, no mag … just me?
  • I’m not moaning and am happy to wait but if everyone else has their subs copy I’m wondering if mine has vanished into the black hole which is the RM at this stupid time of year.


    I saw that wwaswas but it says mags by Wednesday at the latest.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I’m giving it until the end of the week, post’s all over ths place currently.


    I got mine yesterday – Oxfordshire. Its just you then 🙂

    That’s it then, Trimix has his … I demand satisfaction 😉

    Non Stop Nun

    Mine is not here yet but the post seems to be late the last week or so here so im sure it will arive by the weekend.


    still no mag here yet, but post has been very sporadic for the last 3 weeks, what with the snow and usual christmas chaos so I’m not surprised

    Chris H

    Not got mine either yet. As long as it turns up before Christmas so I’ve got something to read to ignore the Mother in Law.

    Premier Icon steveh

    I’ve not got mine yet either. Not worrying about it being lost til monday.

    Premier Icon edsbike

    Not got mine, and no apparent disruption to post here, got a parcel this moring that had been sent from Newcastle on Tuesday. ST staff: should I keep waiting or request another to be sent? Not in a massive rush but moving out of the house on Sunday so would ideally like to get it before then, otherwise I may never get it!

    The Fopster

    No show for mine so far in Bucks…

    postie just been but no shiny magazine and i only live 7 miles from singletrack hq

    Premier Icon DaRC_L

    I shall have to check post when I get home.
    Although I did had to suffer Holby last night as I had no mag to read

    Premier Icon mrh86

    Havent got mine yet either (lancaster). I just spoke to someone at STW and they said just to try and hold out until next week. Sounds like they’re currently discussing what to do if peoples mags haven’t shown up by then.


    Is the latest issue the one with the calendar? Bought a copy in Tesco at the weekend but not sure whether this is the latest or will a new one appear soon?

    uluru … very latest mag has the calendar.


    Not got mine either 😥

    Premier Icon climbingcragrat

    Nothing received in my part of Scotland. Local post office says they are a week behind and that is bourne out by the post marks of what is making it through.

    Another cold spell and snow for tomorrow so might have to read the PDF instead!


    Nope,nor me…..

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Mine has still not arrived. Bills have made it through without any problems I’ve noticed…

    Will give another week or so before I do anything about it.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    Nowt in sunny shropshire

    Premier Icon postierich

    Nothing here our mail centres are @ creaking point due to mismanagement 🙄

    Premier Icon singletrackjay

    Hi all

    The situation with Issue 62 not landing with a number of subscribers, really is as maddening for us, as frustrating for you. We’ve run the news article, posted a temporary PDF version for Premier subscribers and apologised, but would like to express again how sorry we are some subs copies are still not with you this Wednesday.

    We know you’re chomping at the bit to get reading but can only ask that you just bear with us while Royal Mail actually deliver those that they already have for despatch, first.

    We are monitoring the situation closely.

    Cheers and again, thanks for your continued patience.


    Singletrack Subscribers – Delays UPDATED

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