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We’ve been getting some reports from our Print Subscribers that they’ve had delays in getting their copies of Issue 62 through the post. First off we’d like to apologise to anyone that’s been affected – we’re very sorry for that. A big bonus of being a subscriber to Singletrack is the fact that you get your copy before it appears in the shops and that hasn’t happened with Issue 62.

There are two reasons for the delay. One is the backlog at the Royal Mail due to the recent heavy snowfall across the UK. The second has been a delay at the publishers.

To explain, what usually happens is that subscriber copies are collected from the publishers by the Royal Mail two days before copies are allowed to go out to the general newstrade and bike shops. That means that subscribers should always get their copies through the post before they’re generally available. The fact the publishers were a day late getting the magazine published, combined with the snow and it being Royal Mail’s busiest week of the year thanks to the Christmas rush has meant it just hasn’t worked that way.

By way of apology, here’s some lovely wallpaper from the Sicily feature as a little gift from us to you…

Riding in the lushness of Sicily - Issue 62

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