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  • Positive comments for Bike shops that you would recommend.
  • Premier Icon takisawa2

    Charliethebikemonger manages to empty my wallet on a regular basis. 🙂

    CRC, never had a problem with them.

    LoCo for all things bouncy, real top bloke.

    Premier Icon winston2005

    Genuinely saddened to hear about the Bike Shop Hexham, I’d only discovered them last summer when I bought a cotic soul frame and other bits from them. I found them really helpful, and offered advice in a non condescending manner (unlike a lot of places)

    Wish the lads all the best for the future


    Thumbs up for Gavin at Red Ape Bikes in Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham – has got me out of a fix at short notice more than once.

    Premier Icon househusband

    Another recommendation for Edinburgh’s ‘The Bike Chain’. Great service, competitive prices and wonderful people. As an example I bought a Salsa El Mariachi frame from then a couple of months ago – and I wasn’t expecting the BB being faced as part of the service!

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    ACTiV Folkestone Kent
    Staff that know what they’re talking about, friendly, helpful and they won’t try to flog you stuff that you don’t want.
    They are Trek dealers and their customer service is great, (see my previous posts regarding warranty claims).
    Kids come in wanting to pump up their ratty old BMX tyres and they lend them track pumps etc. If they haven’t got what you want and can’t order it, they’ll try to send you somewhere that can.
    Organised rides road/MTB, for all levels throughout the week, where newbies are welcome. Organised rides to trail centres twice a year (Wales normally) and Passportes du Soliel, summer BBQs, Christmas Party etc
    Bike fitting service, demo bikes (they’ll lend you lights on a winter ride) , workshop, clothing department and spares galore.

    They started off as a windsurfing shop and still have a water sports department, but have evolved since the mid nineties into an excellent bike shop and its the only place I take my bike. They still sell windsurf kit and have digressed to kids scooters/roller skates/kites/kite boards/kite buggies/snow boards/ski wear/kayaks/bodyboards/wetsuits/triathalon kit/dive kit/fashion/skateboards. In all departments someone in the store does that sport, but the bikes is where the excel. The owner Steve is a former windsurf instructor, ski instructor, MTB/road rider, orienteerer, adventure racer etc. Other staff have ridden at elite level, do cyclocross, road race, are part of the local freeride scene and the shop sponsor local riders and teams, (Steves wife came second in the world championships a couple of years ago).
    They’ve just got a mini coffe shop (one table and chairs!!!) and it’s a standing joke in our house that a trip there never takes less than an hour because you just end up chatting with the staff or other customers. You make think I’m waxing lyrical about this shop and that I’m sponsored by them, but I’m not – I just get good service and I’m happy to fly the flag.


    Pearce cycles ludlow. Always happy to price match ( within reason). Always get my little jobs done for when I ask. Good prices anyway. Always happy to stop and have a chat. The young mechs in there really know their stuff. Well stocked. All you can ask for a good lbs really.

    Responsible for all the local trail network pretty much. If it wasnt for them, 80 percent of my local trails would not be here or ridable.


    Bike UK Bristol, sorted the cracked linkage on my Marin even though its 3 years old and I didn’t buy it from them. Also popped in to get a QR for my commuter bike after my front wheel got nicked. They only sold pairs but guy rummaged around in workshop came back with one then refused to take any money for it.

    Generally reasonably priced and sell stuff I like.

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