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  • Other side of the coin, what bike was instantly right.
  • mangatank

    My 2006 Scandal was the first bike to get it spot on for me. I don’t have any pictures to hand, but as my Ti456evo fits in exactly the same way, I’ll have to roll it out again 😉


    My 2012 Trek Remedy 9.9 misbuild .with remedy 9 spec its very touight .


    woah mangatank! got enough seatpost there?


    2008 Meta 55 XT, didn’t change anything on it aside from tyres in all the time I had it. Awesome bike. Swapped to a Five with much more expensive Kashima RLC forks and RP23, neither end feels as plush as that bike used to 🙂


    08 Patriot. Doesnt feel heavy (same as meta 5) and I dont dislike it like I did my ’10 Five frame. Weird.


    07 sx trail
    Charge blender
    Ti slackline – decided its first ride would be an uplift day at gawton, a baptism of fire that it luckily sailed through!
    And weirdly the scrappy jump bike I’ve recently built up based around an 09 specialized p2 frame and a set of u turn pikes wound down – was expecting it to feel awful having not touched a jump bike in many years but I was instantly at home on it, love it.


    My old Santa Cruz super8. Awesome bike.
    The giant team dh that replaced it. Also awesome.
    The trek fuel ex8 that I brought in 2009. I hope the scumbag that stole it was hideously maimed in an awful collision with something large and heavy.
    The ragley TD:1 that I sold earlier this year. Knew from the first pedal strike that it was a brilliant bike. The only bike I’ve ever sold that I really regret selling. Would buy another today.


    woah mangatank! got enough seatpost there?

    But it isn’t really that much is it, though? Not compared to, say…almost every other bike on this thread. The frame geometry exaggerates things a bit, granted.

    zero cool

    Orange Alpine 160. Just felt stable in the air or at speed. Capable of going up as well.
    Before that Transition TR450, GT Moto, Specialized Langster, GT Ruckus iDrive and Mongoose Black Diamond Triple. All felt right from the start, but over years my riding style and needs have changed. Only one I wish I still had was the Moto as miss hardtails.

    Tom KP

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    Scott Voltage FR. Awesome bike on trails and DH.

    Makes me want a lighter full-sus with a granny ring to replace my Cotic Soul.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    My Salsa Vaya, well, once I’d played around with stem, & seat post lengths…


    Prince Albert with 130mm forks, 1st fast descent and I knew it was right,
    so so much better than the Handjob it replaced, I was amazed at the difference and how much better it was, I’d loved the HJ before it broke as well.


    Cotic soul running 120mm forks.

    First HT ive had that was comfy, quick and playful….really impressed, but i suppose its also down to all the componentry i chose to compliment it too.

    Unlike my ex wife…this ones a keeper 😉

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Soul… took one out for a test ride, 20 minutes later I was riding stuff I hadn’t dared to. Just so instantly familiar and inspirational.

    My Ragley Ti too, but then I’d had an Mmmbop so I knew pretty much how it would work. First proper ride was at innerleithen, slithering down the alistair lees in the snow as if I’d been riding the bike for years.

    Premier Icon jameso

    My 98 Chameleon with Z1 BAMs was the most ‘right’ bike ever. 1×8, 60mm stem, big azonic bars, it was XC / 4x / F.A.B perfection. Loved it and ragged it till it broke (

    My Jones is an amazing bike to ride, more right than I can really understand, but it took a bit of adjusting to. Mainly because once you get used to it, it makes other bikes feel odd, wrong even. Quite different and quite brilliant.


    My old steel Kona Kilauea with Pace fork in the ’90s – I was immediately surprised at how capable a good steel hardtail could be (this was coming from a very squidgy Cannondale V900 FS).

    Cotic Soul, didn’t even ride one to try first. I took a chance on it, hoping there might be a ring of truth to all of the fairly constant hype. My friendly LBS (right next door to my flat) put it together perfectly. As soon as I got it out of the shop onto my local trails I knew I’d (luckily) made the right choice. The bike is way more capable than it’s rider, but it has encouraged me to ride bigger and harder things (admittedly by my not particularly lofty standards 😉 ).


    I have been lucky enough to have two. Both custom builds, my EX8 and ti 456 Evo.


    Gah, failed again

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