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  • robdob

    Phone police. Log all the details, its up to them then.

    A few inches another way and you may not have been around to post on here.

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    police +1


    +1 police. But make sure they know he apologised.


    Police if he hit you.

    His “supervisor” could well be his mate who is happy to chat to you so you don’t go to the police and get him in the shit.

    Agree let them know he apologised, particularly if no damage or injuries.


    Logged with Police and phoned his supervisor. Apparently the guy is usually decent and the supervisor will check the telematics on the van to see if he was speeding. To be honest could have gone a lot worse and kudos to the man for apologising.

    I can sleep easy now at least knowing that the police have a record…

    I appreciate the advice, thanks all


    Well done being civil and managing to educate the guy. The whole “it’s only a bike” thing really unnerves me. No mate, that’s the utterly replaceable collection of metal and plastics that I, a unique and irreplaceable human being, happen to be using.

    If I had to offer a critique of your riding (this is STW) I would say maintain middle of lane until indicating and actually turning right. However, that does leave you feeling a bit vulnerable.


    I need a bit of advice from some fellow cyclists. I was out on the road just now, this happened no more than an hour ago.

    I am on a road with poor surface, on the road bike. I am riding in the middle of the lane mainly due to the above, and also I can see about 200m ahead is a traffic light which has just gone red. It’s a crossroads so I figured there’s at least a 2minute wait. I am planning to turn right at the crossroads, so I edge over to the right about 50 metres from the junction. Just prior to this i notice a red van behind me, approaching at some speed. The lights are still red.
    Now is a good time to bring up street view:


    I am about where the black clio is at this point, on the right side of the lane. The lights are showing no sign of going green and I see traffic crossing. Suddenly on my left I see a flash of red and this red van comes up my inside. I’m still travelling at some speed and he clips my handlebars making me wobble into him further. Literally 2 seconds later he stops for the red………

    As his window is down I demand he pulls over so I can call the police. The guy seems completely oblivious. The following was said “you were taking the whole lane” (I am entitled to – my response). “i thought the lights might go green” (they obviously weren’t going to, and if they had, you’d have saved what, 3 seconds???). I politely pointed out that he had undertaken me and that was illegal. He said that “you’re just a bike”. Hmmm…….

    Anyway, took a picture of the van and told him that i’d log it online. He said something along lines of “**** this” and jumped in his van and sped off up the road. I decide to carry on, and about 500 metres later see him pulled up at the side, hazards on. as I go past I feel it’s only fair to give him some hand gestures given that he could have killed me – and for what, getting to his by side of road stop 3 seconds early?? I noticed he was on the phone.

    obviously he didn’t like that as it then pulled out and sped up behind. I thought “rather in front that behind” and pulled over for him to come past. He then pulled in too and said that he has calmed down a bit and he wants to give me the number of his supervisor. I asked him if that’s who he had been speaking to on the phone, and he said yes. Now, obviously his supervisor has some sense and said that I was in the right… as the guy then apologised and said that I should call him for a chat. I said I might just do that, and then explained (or tried to) why a cyclist might not approve of his driving. He seemed to take it on board and seemed genuinely sorry, shook my hand and drove off.

    Maybe I am too nice but I’m not sure what to do. Calling his supervisor gains nothing, that much is clear. Phoning police, well, I think it might be overkill. I did scrape my elbow on the side of the van and took some skin off but it’s not going to kill me. Other option is log it online on Operation Crackdown (a Sussex police thing for logging dangerous driving). Only problem then is that it won’t be linked to a driver, as it was a signwritten vehicle (HOMESERVE …..)

    Any advice? Sorry for essay but it’s hard to say whole story quickly.

    tl;dr – hit by a van, he was rude, then apologised, should I call police or just leave it??


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    I know this could have ended a lot worse for you but I’m not sure I would have called the police. The driver clearly admitted his mistake and from your description seemed apologetic? I suppose it is a collision that has caused injury so fair enough? Just not sure what I would have done.


    Maybe he just didn’t see you. Had he been following you for about 9 seconds? Some STWers will say it’s your fault for being on the road.


    or for a split second he lost it and decided to apologise,it could have been a lot worse for you.


    he saw me ages before, must have. Perhaps a case of “auto pilot” mixed with “must get in front” and “5 metres looking ahead” syndromes?

    I disagree RRD as should this happen again, with potentially worse consequences, in court, they’ll look at all past reports and it’s going to look worse for him if he has a report already for hitting a cyclist, as opposed to me not bothering to report it, and then he gets let off scot free as he is a first time offender. We see far too much of that in the news tbh.

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