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  • tazzymtb

    All of jeff jones frames I’ve ridden..steel, ti, diamond, truss..all just feel right straight away. Elsworth epiphany, felt virtue and my black sheep have also just clicked straight away. Some of this could also be down to the fact that I’m super precise and anal with my bike builds and set ups, so I know that the first ride on something I’ve put together should feel spot on.


    Seems a lot of old bikes felt right ! or was it becos we wos yunger then 8)


    cotic BFe 140 revs

    Kona Cindercone – 1986

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    My 456 is probably the bike that felt instantly spot on. I jacked in my fs bike for the parts to build it up and never missed it.

    Not a chance I’d get on a bike and it would be just right – ok, maybe, but it would be a fluke.

    Always something to change from stock.

    ’97 Lava Dome – great bike, but never been ‘right’

    ’06 Enduro – felt almost right straight away, but became less so with time

    ’08 S-Works Enduro – feels almost there now, 4yrs after I built it and have changed it lots along the way.

    I started a similar thread a few weeks back.

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    2004 litespeed obed – friking awesome frame.
    Love getting out of the saddle and hammering it up hills

    Cannondale scalpel 2012 – just fits and rides like a super comfy hard tail.
    One special bike i’ll never sell.

    Beone carbon team frame 2012 – very light 1000 grams and just the most responsive geometry.

    Strange but true, 2010 dahon mu XL sport – mental fun for a commuter. Rides far better than you’d think it should for a folder.


    2011 Kona Explosif and a 2012 King Kahuna 29er both fit me well.


    My Morewood Kalula:

    The most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels.

    My road bike felt pretty great from the off too. It’s a Kuota Kharma Race. No piccies, though.


    i Like the Morewood looks ace!


    Mk1 Inbred. Wonderful, it was like I’d found an old friend
    The very first pompino.It felt pretty good from the start but then we just fell in love. On paper it was too big, too heavy and ugly as hell.
    In reality it was perfect. More smiles per mile per pound than any other bike I’ve ever owned.

    pompy1 by Jon Wyatt, on Flickr

    Curtis S1. Even more so now its got 780mm bars on it:

    Believe the hype – these two instantly felt like the best bikes in the world:


    Not many straight off, but ones that feel / felt right:
    Inbred SS, bought 2nd frame years ago, built with all the scrap bits, which I have never changed/had to service or replace – don’t think it would suit many but always feels, within metres, to be just right.
    My Cotic Soul Mk 1: again bought very used and built up with ‘grunge’ parts, loved it, it was always great everywhere
    Years later, trying to get that feel again, bought a new Soul, has never been the same : ( did I change or is that different
    My Merlin ti so different when new to any thing else up to then and still feels great until you point it down steep stuff
    Blur 4x, needed to shorten stem twice, increase width of bars twice but now ‘bloody’ fantastic on any thing with a downwards slope


    2010 Soul – loved it when I first got it, still a beautiful bike to ride


    I had a knolly endorphin which is the best descending 140-160mm bike I’ve ridden before or since. Bit of a pig on the climbs. Then I had a DW 5 spot which climbed like a monkey but I just couldn’t push it pointing down.
    I now have a LTc which as an all rounder I’d utterly fantastic. It really shines in the corners and likes to get off the ground. Bonded with it as soon as I got on it. Can’t see me ever selling it.
    I don’t miss the spot, just a bit too mild mannered although I do miss that batshit crazy lunatic knolly sometimes.


    A gt 26 gt peace ss, felt so right, regret selling it very often, often find myself looking for it on The classifieds.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Marin Wolf Ridge 6.8 2009 model.
    Its heavy at 33lb, but its the only bike ive ever sat on on & thought “yes”.
    Fit me perfectly, bars/stem/saddle all original although it now has a dropper post. It goes uphill well enough for such a big bike and downhill is a complete blast!
    Its the first bike i reach for even when the route calls for the XC bike, its just so nice to ride.

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Only two, my old Gary Fisher Tassajero and my current Yeti SB66c, hope to keep it for long enough for 26″ to come back into favor.


    My 2000 Zaskar X.


    My Scott Genius 60,just feels like an extension of me when riding.

    IMG00115-20110829-1348 by aftershock961, on Flickr

    High end 95 steel Marins
    Original Giant NRS team bike (Belonged to some Dutch rider or other. Had to give it back, but bought one straight awfterards!)
    Batavus Single


    Niner air 9 scandium, amazing from the start and felt great even with heavy wheels and tyres on, was gutted when it broke, and when my girlfriends broke in the same place i decided not to have another niner, i replaced it with a solaris which despite being steel manages to feel loads harsher than the air9 but still more flexy and less responsive.


    3 bikes have felt brilliant from the minute I built them. 2005 Giant Trance, 2006 Spesh bighit3, and 2012 On-One Macinato.

    Looking at the other thread I seem to be in a minority by loving my steel 456?


    Bontrager Race

    Orange 1993 Clockwork
    Sanderson Life
    – both bought as frames only and built up by myself

    Kona Sutra – felt right straight from the box – improved with a Brookes saddle

    Premier Icon chakaping

    1997 Team Marin – Couldn’t believe how light and fast MTBs had got when I first rode it, or how powerful V-brakes were. Love at first ride and the relationship lasted a decade.

    2007 Giant Anthem Zero – Ditto, but with disc brakes and (3.5inches of) suspension.

    2010 Zesty – Demoed one out of curiosity, had to buy one. Loved how it pedalled and handled so nimbly for a 140mm bike.

    2011 Foxy – Bowled me over staright away with its cornering ability and stability. If it hadn’t turned out to be a tad long I’d have kept it.


    My 2010 Giant Anthem X – felt super fast and I loved it on XC trails.

    Nicolai Helius CC 2009 – built it up new in 2010 and instantly knew it suited my riding. Fitted a new shock to replace the DT Swiss on but it was basically right from the start. Still riding it now and no intention of changing it for the foreseable future especially since fitting a Revelation Ti fork which works so well with it. It feels so plush and like it has much more travel than the 5 inches on offer.


    Kona Explosif 650b and the On One Fatty.


    Ahhhh, my BFe!

    You know when you just jump on something, and it’s light and responsive and that little bit springy and accelerates well and is easy to handle in the air and stable at speed and just a complete barrel of monkeys to ride. That. I have been known to quote that I could never love a human child as much as I love that bike…..might be a bit strong, but it’s definitely a keeper 😉

    My previous bike was an Intense Tazer VP, I think the contrast between the 2 really cemented the BFe as “right” for me. It was mushy, awkward, and short.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    buzz-lightyear – Member
    Intense Tracer 275. About 50 pedal strokes in, I knew I had to have it.

    After testing about 6 120mm bikes on consecutive weekends, I jumped on an ASR5. I got exactly the same feeling. That was a Sunday morning, there was one in the post 24hrs later.


    G.T Ruckus 2.0 ’06. With a set of pikes, beefy wheels and single ring it became God.



    Giant Anthem 2007, bought in 2009 – And it still does feel bang on, long, low,light,flickable, climbs like a goat..!


    My Blur LT2 – Bought the frame unseen secondhand and first time I rode it after replacing my Heckler I was grinning from ear to ear. Great bike.


    All of my Fat Chance Yo Eddy’s

    And the 96 klein adroit

    Singular swift

    Ventana el toro SS

    Dale prophet


    Mojo HD and my cheap Chinese carbon 29er.


    Hey Chunky, I’ve seen your other posts about your 29er, could you provide a link and/or some more info regarding what frame it is? I want one too! 😀


    Cotic BFe. After getting rid of my Chameleon and getting a Kona Coiler to do the Mega a few years ago I got to missing having a hack bike I could just pick up and go ride anywhere. Built it up for about £500 with Pikes and a load of bits I had lying about and it just seems to fit the bill perfectly for me.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    The missus’ Whippet. Shame she threatens murder every time I broach the subject of making it mine.


    My ’08 Lapierre Zesty.
    With the 80mm stem and 670mm bars it tends toward xc riding I’m now moving on and trying wide bar+short stem.


    And most recently a Five.


    6 years after getting this

    i’ve not even thought about getting another mtb

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