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  • On-scandal to monster cross
  • Thinking of converting a spare scandal 29er frame and forks to a cross bike.
    Have a 105 groupset and HT2 crankset, so wondering how much I’d have to change to get it working.
    Assume road cable disc brake callipers would work with standard 105 shifters?

    But would crank set/rear mech etc all swap over?
    Anything else to consider?


    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Yes to brakes.

    Front mech the right size?

    Clearance for chainrings?


    Brakes should be fine. Other than that maybe think about some flare drop bars. Love mine!

    Gratuitous Swift momstercross link….sorry!

    Should say that rear mech might be different pull. I use XT 9sp rear mech with 105 brifters and a 10sp cassette. 10/11sp mechs now have MTB specific pull. So, either change mech or pick up a roller converter thingy to change the pull ratio.

    Cheers both.
    Chainring clearance is why i was hoping someone had already done it on a scandal…Would save me dismantling road bike and finding out the hard way!
    I was planning on using the 105 rear mech and road cassette, which I assume would fit on a MTB rear wheel…But spacing might be different since hubs wider. Not something I’ve ever considered before….

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    MTB chainline is a couple of mm wider than road so inner chainring / chainstay clearance might be an issue. Everything else should be manageable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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