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  • Houns

    Ever since being in Sydney 4 years ago for NYE I CBA as nothing will top that in this country. So today ill be spending the day having fun with my brother, sis in law and her brother and sisters. Tonight I’ll be staying in, have a couple of beers and watch Channel 4’s House Party


    Mrs FD working over night, just like she did at Christmas. I’ll be home looking after Jnr FD, probably get an early night and get woken up at midnight by stupid fireworks.

    Having said that if the weather continues as bad as it is, it might put people off using fireworks 🙂


    Throat infection/cold has had me on the sofa for the past day or so. It’s not horrendous, but it’s been amusing watching the missus talk me into thinking I have the black plague to get us out of NYE activities.

    Premier Icon wallop

    Ever since being in Sydney 4 years ago for NYE I CBA as nothing will top that in this country.

    Sydney knows how to put on a party. 11 years ago today I was stood under the bridge watching the fireworks.


    It’s ruined every firework party/NYE for me now


    it might put people off using fireworks

    Worryingly, I doubt it. Expect a lot of rockets suddenly changing trajectory by 90 degrees 8)


    Another one working here.

    Premier Icon DezB

    even Jools lineup looks poor tonight

    It’s nearly always bad on NYE, but that! What a shit lineup – bunch of utter hasbeens (and Emile-bloody-Sande). Nothing will make me put that on.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Hate it. Probably in bed with a good book well before 12 like last year, & a quick cuddle with the mrs to toast the bongs.

    Much prefer a few hours together with family early in the evening.

    Dragging the night on for the sake of seeing in midnight to the sound of cheap crap fireworks really isnt my thing since a certain someone decided to see in the millenium by opening my face with a pint glass. I still wince at 00:20.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    For the first time in years I want to go out, a mate’s band is playing at one of the best pubs in the city. Alas no babysitter.

    Plus the weather looks like s@&£.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Been working since the 22nd on an emergency, CBA with any of it. On the plus side managed to get home for Christmas Day so I saw the kids.

    Premier Icon turboferret

    Running a marathon starting at 5am tomorrow morning, so certainly won’t be staying up late. TBH I can never be bothered doing owt in NYE anyway.

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon molgrips

    The actual date, like all these things, means nothing. I do however enjoy an excuse to have a good time with mates whatever date it is.

    Having said that, I don’t have enough mates, so won’t be doing anything. Wife’s poorly, I’m knackered, kids are kids.. prob won’t be staying up.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Hate it. Being dragged to my sister in laws. I’ve already said I’m driving which the wife isn’t happy about. I’m now trying to engineer an argument to get out the thing entirely.


    If it’s not chucking it down, we’re going to sit on top of Eccles Pike with a bottle of wine for the wife, a bottle of WKD for my daughter, a bottle of orange juice for me and water for the dog and stick two fingers each up to the arse end of 2012 and wave hello to 2013.
    A year that we’d like to but sadly won’t completely forget.

    Premier Icon martymac

    massive CBA here too, im working til 2230 which conveniently gets me out of going to any pubs or parties.


    Have a houseful of people already who I’d rather not be spending time with but SWMBO has proclaimed the timetable :-/
    So will be going on at 7pm for an 80’s cheesefest and sod the whinging arses…..
    If I’m getting divorced it’ll be for a bloody good reason……


    Struggling to find the motivation to go out , have a couple of offers of overpriced, over busy, over enthused pub events and just noticed weather forecast is sunny from 9am tomorrow so option 3 is looking favourable…sofa, beer, clearish head tomo morning = NYD ride 8)


    I came up with the idea of a nice evening in, order a large full works curry, lots of beer/whiskey and some games etc but the Sister in law poo hooed it all and now it looks like I am having to go round town, in fancy dress in the rain 😥 Its gone 12, I have no costume and I have a huge dose of CBA!


    Big do, chez nous last night – we are feeling jaded and CBA for tonight (apart from older son unsurprisingly).

    Twenty mile XC run race a possibility tomorrow, so might take it easy tonight!!

    Anyway, Happy New Year to all on STW!

    Premier Icon binners

    Dear lord! You’re miserable bunch of sods! 😉

    I’m working all day today, so I’m looking forward to a nice evening with my beloved, some good mates, lots to drink, good food, good music and some Wii based drunken sillyness later

    Its the start of a new year FFS. And I think its going to be a bloody good one. So there! 😛


    binners, get off this thread. it’s for people who cannot be arse with it 😉

    Premier Icon ton

    never bothered with it.
    i like a pint at teatime on new years eve, then home before the loonies come out.
    nice curry and some wine infront of the telly.

    Premier Icon binners

    OOPS! Sorry!

    * grabs silly string, party poppers, Shawoddywoddy CD’s and champagne and wanders off for a sulk *


    Currently at work – riding home in the rain later – maybe a cheeky half – then home for dinner + fizz – Herne Hill New years day madison cx race tomorrow – me commissairing and the SO racing so an early start.

    Bah bollox. I hate NYE. CBA going to the local as its generally populated by nobbers, no doubt supplemented tonight by the port and lemon and half a mild, once-a-year pub botherers. And they charge a tenner in. Pah!

    We’ll be staying in with wine and snacks, probably watch a DVD and go to bed after the midnight demonstration of the double dip recession – i.e. £xty of bleedin’ arsin’ fireworks.



    Gonna go out for a few drinks in a couple of hours – no one seems that fussed so it’ll be a few pints then back home for a curry – can’t be arsed with people up in London and packed trains on the way home!


    Starting work in a couple of hrs, should be home for 22:00. Then its a Chinese, drinks, either watch the coverage in London whilst playing on here or a film.

    Back in work at 10:00 till 20:00 tomorrow 😥

    Whatever your doing – Have a good night

    Premier Icon Nick

    Yeah I can’t be arsed either, last time I went out on NYE was to Ali Pali for a big club night thing with Orbital,DJ Sasha etc about 13 years ago, it was shit, cold and overcrowded.

    But tonight, as has become the tradition over the last 6 or 7 years we’ll be with another couple, who are cooking some food, we’ll drink some nice wine, smoke a couple of herbal cigarettes and play pool on their rather nice table, we might make it past midnight but certainly won’t be watching the clock.


    Primrose Hill for moi with a hot chick. 8)

    Premier Icon Drac
    ron jeremy

    Best one so far has to be Edinburgh for a proper street party, then back to a backpacking hostel to drink the next day through ending up doing Bundy and cokes with a couple of Aussie ladies,

    This year is just like a regular Friday night out, drinks in our fave local dive bar with a good group of mates, then back to someone’s to crash on their sofa talk crap and drink whiskey until the morning….

    None of this dressing up and making an effort stuff, just out with good mates and having a laugh


    We’re taking part in a galloping gourmet which has gone from bad to worse. Originally there were supposed to be 14 people, visiting 5 houses, some of those would not be contributing, those who were hosting were paying for the food. Some of those not hosting would be paying for drinks. The last house (aim to be there for midnight) would be putting on fireworks) No planned start time until it was decided last night, although I’ve been asking for the last few weeks about various things with no answers (it’s my other halfs mates doing the organising) So we’re doing the cheese, naturally, and I got everything together over a week ago to make sure I had stuff properly matured and ready to eat. So mideweek last week, “fireworks” house dropped out now everyone is finishing up at ours. Then last night the bombshell was dropped that there’s now only 8 of us and we’re just going to 3 houses. My original suggestion that everyone puts in the same money and it’s split evenly between the hosts was stepped on straight away, . I didn’t even know half the people that were attending! Anyway hopefully it’ll go ok, I’m just a bit pissed off with spending a small fortune on decent cheese and people crying off at the last minute. We still don’t know what’s happening with drinks at each others houses. Do we take some with us or not? Still no answers on that front either. 😕


    Had two plans:
    Anoch Mor hill race. KNee injury forced cancellation
    London with GF. Splitting up caused cancellation
    I CBA really TBH. Didn’t do anything the last couple of years and din’t miss it. Aonoch Mor race is excellent though, did it a few years ago. It’s new years day though so probably doesn’t count.


    Since we’ve had the kids (oldest 5) we’ve not been out. Quite happy with a couple of bottles of wine and some good cheese. I’ve always found it rather forced and paying to go in your local is just wrong.


    I’m………..oh, I really can’t be arsed.


    Once spent NYE in a bedouin camp in Dahab , ended up sharing some rather dodgey Egyptian hooch with some Sudanese bedouin waiting for the sun to come up over the Gulf of Aquaba.
    Very pleasant

    Premier Icon Drac

    Cheekyboy earlier.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    Always used to go up to Edinburgh with mates for Hogmanay, but stopped when it started to get a bit too corporate a few years back.

    Tonight will be as it has been for the last few years – me, Zoe and the dogs with a takeaway and some booze. Bit of TV and see the new year in quietly together with Jools and some Laphroaig. Way more agreeable than risking the chavs in Cathedral Square and queuing up to pay to get into the shitholes that pass for city centre pubs round these parts (Charters and the Brewery Tap excepted).

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Going to be starting my return flight home in 3 hours so will miss it all but to be honest I CBA.

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