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  • New Pace E-Bike?
  • Premier Icon DaveyBoyWonder
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    Couldn’t see a thread but if ever a bike was hit by many, many ugly sticks then this is it. Looks like a 1990s Chinese factory Turner Burner copy with a motor attached. Bizarre…

    Premier Icon ElShalimo
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    Got a link?

    We all want to see it now


    Premier Icon teethgrinder
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    Doesn’t look any uglier than any other e-bike

    Premier Icon JoB
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    Those square tubes will make some people happy

    Premier Icon DaveyBoyWonder
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    Its that one mahoosive square tube thats hurting my eyes ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    It’s better than most.

    Smart use of large black panels to trick the eye into disregarding the unsightly swollen downtube.

    Premier Icon Blackflag
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    Funnily enough its not the E thats making it ugly, its those shock mounts. Urgh.

    But as others have said, i’ve seen a lot worse.

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Doesnโ€™t look any uglier than any other e-bike

    aka, looks as ugly as every other ebike!

    Premier Icon beaker
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    That is ugly, really ugly. Bring back he RC200.

    Premier Icon Scienceofficer
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    The only thing I’d be less inclined to buy than a Pace emtb would be a sick bikes frame!

    Premier Icon argee
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    Looks good enough, the older i get the more i realise i can’t see the bike when i’m sat on it, so it can be ugly as sin but as long as it’s set up and working the way i like i’ll enjoy it, they seem to have built this one with a bit of thought, will be interesting to see how they sell it and support it, that’s the big thing in ebikes just now, so much unreliability people are now opting to buy the best supported bikes, rather than the cheapest online ones.

    Premier Icon retro83
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    It would look a lot better if it didn’t have the hunchback top tube.

    Something about the angles of the slack headtube and steep seattube makes most modern bikes look a bit rumple fugly imho.

    l33t p41n7 5k1llz

    Premier Icon sillyoldman
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    Can’t think of a less appropriate brand to get into E-Bikes given their approach to CS.

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