new bike choices: Scott Genius 650b, Lapierre X-Flow, Orange 5, or Nukeproof TR?

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  • new bike choices: Scott Genius 650b, Lapierre X-Flow, Orange 5, or Nukeproof TR?
  • slackalice

    Given your requirements, there are plenty of choices! May I suggest another option if you go for the cash route?

    PYGA. 🙂


    The cash alternative is a nice option so you can pick something Wheelies Direct does not stock. But it means you don’t get as much bike maybe!

    My thoughts;

    5 is a great bike but try one if you can, not to all tastes. My current bike, it’s a hoot but also love my mates Zesty.

    Scott Genius 720. Bloke I work with just bought one (3 months) Took it to the lakes, had a go. Nice bike BUT he is already having problems with the remote system it uses to adjust the forks and shock. Its a nice idea but so was pop lock but sh*t in the cables and it just becomes more stuff to fix and maintain. That would by worry one this bike, not the wheel size.

    Megga…mini downhill bike. Maybe too much for longer rides and if out are not in the Alps etc regularly might be a lot of bike to hump about, if it is your only bike.

    No idea about the x-flow. Sounds like you like it tho.


    My thoughts would be to contest the reduction for a cash option, unless that was a specified term in your policy. Have a google of the insurance ombudsman, and get to understand your rights.


    Sorry just noticed you mentioned Megga TR not AM. Scratch what I said!


    Rocky Mountain Altutude?


    Buy MegaTR, let me test ride….

    Seriously though, Five is easy to test from Alpine but can you even get the “old” 26 Five anymore?


    I have to admit that with Orange getting rid of the 26″ wheel Five, is making me lean toward a 650b bike… hence the Scott.

    Little concerned over the amount of ‘technology’ on it that could cause issues though.

    Rocky Mountain not on the list unfortunately.

    The Mega TR looks like ace fun, but suspect I’d regret it the first time I headed out on a marathon ride.


    So, following the theft of my pride and joy last week, my insurance company have come back with some options… I find it hard enough choosing my bikes, and now the world has complicated things further by giving me bikes in THREE WHEEL SIZES too! So, help me choose…

    Brief: Bike must be:
    [list]fun to ride around all the trails in Tweed Valley, I live in Innerleithen, so needs to be a giggle on techy steep singletrack as well as classic trail centre nonesense.
    comfy and efficient for big rides in the hills for when I want to get away from it all and head to the highlands. Talking proper all day stuff.
    ideal geometry of long TT (23″ on a med) steep seat angle and slack head angle, short to medium travel.
    … yes, I want the ultimate ‘One Bike for All Occasions’ choice.[/list]

    Insurance can either: Give me a bike from their range (Wheelies Direct) up to the value of £3.5k, or a cash settlement for roughly 75% of that.

    Choices so far:
    From the Wheelies range:
    The Safe choice: Orange Five Pro. Classic bike, will do the job, good spec and easy to sell on if I don’t like it.

    The unusual choice: Lapierre X-FLow 612. Great spec for the money, all the stuff I like, Perfect Geometry for me, light and fast and playful.

    The radical choice: Scott Genius 720. Good spec, but not quite as ideal as the lapierre, fairly light – supposed to do all that I want but it’s a crazy new wheel size… this could be the future, but could be a gamble that I’ll never be able to sell on if I decide to change.

    Take the cash… and buy…
    The fun choice: an off the peg Nuke Proof Mega TR. Cracking geometry, good spec for the money – leaving me a little spare cash for extras. Clearly not as flash a machine as above, as lower value, but could be a lot of fun and tough as old boots. What will it be like on those big rides though?

    So, opinions please.

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