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  • Monday Morning Debrief No. 19 – Spring? Long miles? What did you do?
  • cynic-al

    I worked and farted about with bikes including building this:

    Untitled by alan cole, on Flickr

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Loads this weekend.

    Wed 30 miles of dirt
    Thur 30 miles of dirt
    Fri day off
    Sat 30 miles of dirt
    Sun 40 miles of dirt.

    Mostly generic Xc/Ridgeway stuff with some Swinley forest on Saturday.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Worked all weekend so off to Swinley for a mooch about this morning. May pop to QECP on way home to get a lap in before the dust dissapears tonight…


    GOOD: lots of lovely dry sunny riding in sensible weather.
    NOT SO GOOD: Which I ended in A&E with a fractured wrist…… 🙁

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Got out on the bike for the first time since my shoulder operation. Felt great

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    21 miles of roadie stuff and a trip round Gisburn Friday PM (not sure if Friday avo counts as weekend, but i’m claiming it anyway) 🙄

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    25 miles of 29er SSing

    First ride in the light and dry for ages 😆

    Loved it.


    Working Fri & Sat but yesterday I took my freshly built Inbred 29er SS Rigid for a 12 mile ‘shakedown’ loop around the local trials (and got a few pics for the weekly photo challenge!). Nothing fell to bits so it went well 🙂


    Tues – Yeoford to ivybridge 50 miles offroad
    Wed – 10 mile run along SWCP 6-700m climbing
    Thurs – Blown out legs so a day of recovery
    Fri – 4 hours playing round the forest
    Sat – Another long ride round haldon followed by fettling and repairs
    Sun – Usual ride with gang at haldon

    Not a bad week.


    Can we include Friday too??

    Fridays ride was 3 laps of QEP where I beat my PB by 13 mins.. Per lap..
    Sat was another 3 laps of QEP where I beat Fridays PB by 3 mins per lap.
    Sat afternoon was Fixie time in That Landarn with an early eve ride around town to our fave restaurant. Skinny Jeans and knotted hankies rock.
    Sun was another Fixie fix in the morning, then Tent buying in the afternoon.

    Not a bad weekend in all that.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Same as Maxtorque for me…well, last Wednesday out riding. ORIF surgery on Friday, overnighted and out on Saturday…


    Premier Icon nickc

    40 miles of spring sunshine on the roadie on Saturday, dressed ( as per normal in everything I own) was too hot, which made a nice change. Then 25 in the sunny dry and dusty Chilterns!! No one was more surprised than me, only last week it was a bog.


    Local park life single track and steps on Friday.

    Gisburn Forest on Sunday. All the new stuff comes together with the older trails to give a fantastic techy XC loop.

    Recommended!! The cafe is another great addition.


    Premier Icon martinhutch

    25 miler around Grizedale and Claife Heights on Saturday. Everything in great nick, brilliant ride, brilliant weather.

    Plus local 20 mile loop on Sunday over Barden Moor.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Out local on a mixture of fast dusty trails, thick claggy mud and carrying through snow drifts!

    Premier Icon stimpy

    Took my new Grand Canyon HT 29er around Penmachno, which was fantastic; it’s a brilliant, fun and fast thing to ride and I love it 😀

    Which led to an illustration of what an odd kit choice Canyon made speccing white saddle and grips 😕

    Second run was ended prematurely by a 1″ rip through Schwalbe tissue-paper Ralph sidewall 🙁

    ontor – ‘Yeoford to Ivybridge offroad’ , sounds like an great route, was that along the 2 moors way?

    my Saturday was ashburton – bonehill – hameldown – widecombe – bonehill – ashburton. sunny and dry 😀


    110km over the garrol and cairn o mount and back via drumtochty glen and the slug road with singlespeeddan and another in glorious sun on sat morning and 70 k in snow blizzards out kintore way yesterday before bacon rolls and coffee with a side helping of paris roubaix

    Premier Icon portlyone

    Nice dry trails 🙂
    Nice sharp brambles 🙁

    Premier Icon jameso

    Dry trails .. I’ve never cursed dry trails before ) big all-day loop on a rigid SS in the Chilterns, loads of fast-dried hoof churn and today I feel more beat up than I can remember. You know it’s bad when your legs want to go faster but you can’t face the shake-down.
    I got home in the dark, just in time to make food and watch the Paris Roubaix highlights when I stopped feeling sorry for myself pretty quick – how fast over the cobbles?!

    Premier Icon stever

    20 mile dirt run, 20 mile road ride, 0 mile MTB. Whole lot of manly stuff with pruning saws, etc.

    Weekend riding Bristol’s local trails, all bone dry!

    Test rode a Edict 29er – first time on Full suss 29er – FAST!

    Premier Icon miketually

    North and South loops at Whinlatter on Friday. Bit snowy and icy, but fun.

    Picked up a new bike yesterday.

    Cheeky trip to the Lakes this weekend. Again mixed conditions but mostly dry. Rode the excellent Ullswater singletrack route on the Saturday and then Lonscale Fell the following day. Great weather and riding on both days. Just sat at work now wanting to be back out there riding 🙁


    Sunday Ronde Van Calderdale = HARD. 10,000ft of climbing in 76 miles 😯

    Thrashed around ashton court on this

    with this much tread

    (yes.. i know tyres are wrong way round not that it’s going to make a blind bit of difference. My mates bike)

    great fun!


    up early sunday, on Cwmcarn trails by 0815 for a lap of the twrch trail and a couple of loops of hte freeride bit.

    Forest of Dean by 11 for some dragons back berms

    Ashton court by 1.30 for a quick loop there before massive eggs on toast and off home.

    proper fun day out after having hte last few weeks off the bike with various injuries!


    a picture from my ride – looking down into the mearns from the lookout on the cairn.

    Premier Icon StackEd

    Riding from Hurstwood to Hebden Bridge with the Mrs on my Yeti.

    Involved saying hello to STW massive on way to Hebden, then saying hello again to STW massive at Widdop again on the way home.


    I stuck to the training plan, 3 hours unstructured xc on sat 3 hour road zone 2 Sunday 5 mile xc run this morning…… still don’t win anything though 🙂


    Hangover cure on the CX yesterday afternoon on the almost dusty trails of Cannock Chase.


    89 mile road ride on Saturday (thankfully stayed off the beer Friday night or that would have been 0!).

    24 mile mtb round the low levels of the Pentlands and Water of Leith exploring every track off it I could find.

    Then Sunday afternoon Paris-Roubaix, great weekend!

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Not a lot on saturday. towed my 4 year old up to the local woods on sunday morning with the Trailgator. Unhooked his Islabike at the top and gave him his first rooty singletrack downhill experience. He loved it 🙂 No pics though…

    Went for a walk (aka trail exploration) on sunday afternoon up to the racecourse and got there just as the drama occured and the Air Ambulance arrived.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Lovely early morning spin with my mate Andy round Argarten and then the Coire Grogain loop in Arrochar. It was the first time since the nineties that I rode the former and the latter allowed me to scope out part of the three lochs way route. According to his GPS type thing, I must have ridden not far off 7000 feet of climbing which seemed like a fair bit for a morning ride 😯 I’m not convinced it was that much and that his iPhone was telling porkies but it was a nice ride nonetheless. 😀

    Had a nice long ride on Friday, 40 miles+ from the front door. The sun even made a guest appearance for lunch:

    Lunch Break by the1fletch, on Flickr

    Premier Icon joat

    Quick blast round Sherwood Pines. Came back with very little mud on bike for the first time since, well, you know, I can’t remember.

    Saturday – marathon training. Took a couple of minutes off my half marathon PB, running alongside the Thames. It was a nice run on a glorious day.

    Sunday – up early for a 15 mile blast on the Surrey hills. An epic morning although I was pushing up most climbs by the end.

    First weekend I have enjoyed mainly because of the weather in a year I think.


    Route around The Clwyds on Sunday through huge snow drifts. Report on my website.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    dust on saturday

    cobbles on sunday

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