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  • Manchester city centre bike shops, things to do?
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    Two great BMX tracks, one to the south Platt Fields, & one to the North East National Cycling Centre.

    The Imperial War Museum IWM North is well worth a visit too.

    Soooo much more, but I’m a bit out of touch with child friendly stuff these days.

    There’s an unfriendly bike shop near the Platt Fields track (The Bicycle Doctor in Rusholme) and a very good one just opposite (EBC, very friendly and helpful).

    Harry Halls (Manchester Institution), Keep Pedalling (Uber friendly) and GBH Workshop (renovating and singlespeeding nice old road bikes) are all worth visiting in the city centre, just google them for directions.

    Enjoy yourselves!


    Evans is also close by on Deansgate and Harry Halls not far away.

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    There used to be a very expensive, niche roadie shop at the science museum end of Deansgate, but I don’t know if it’s still there, and if not, how long it lasted.


    Worth going to point and laugh, at least?

    Edit: Also Popup Bikes and Keep Pedalling at the other end of Deansgate(ish)


    Visiting Manchester on Monday with my 8 year old son. Heading for Science Museum. Anything else worth seeing while we’re there?

    Any bike shops worth a browse?


    From the Science Museum Harry Hall’s and Evans are your nearest shops.

    Take the metro out to the Quays and marvel at the new BBC and the super little gardens including the Blue Peter garden outside the end station right at the door of the BBC. That is also a stone’s throw from the Imperial War Museum, which is free, I think.

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    Not been myself yet but the National Football museum is at the other end of Deansgate in Urbis.
    National Footy Museum

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    neither pop-up bikes nor keep pedalling are anything like “at the other end of deansgate(ish)”, by the way- keep pedalling is not far from picadilly gardens in the northern quarter, and pop-up bikes is up towards rochdale road/green quarter in an old railway arch. they’re basically on the opposite side of the city centre to deansgate!


    Check out pop up bikes, the guys in there are chilled out and there is also a cafe built in so you can get a coffee lounge about.


    Is Harry Hall’s still there?

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    Between the Hac and the Ritz, t’other side of the road.

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