Let’s have a Big Fast Estates Thread

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  • Let’s have a Big Fast Estates Thread
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    I have a scabby mondeo 2.2 at the moment, which is actually pretty fantastic- big, comfy, practical, handles a bit, and as much power as I really want to put down through one front wheel. But I’m thinking of replacing it with something less sensible and less scabrous, so, what you got? Looking for a little inspiration…

    (If anyone feels like being sanctimonious, it’s to replace an older diesel which is now officially satan’s own engine so even tailsliding through a school playground in a stagea is more socially acceptable)

    I’ll kick it off with my main contender…


    E34 M5 Touring.

    Job jobbed.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Yep, get the Legacy. 🙂



    Nissan Stagea.

    Omega V6.

    Mitsubishi Legnum.

    MG ZT.

    Citroen DS/CX/XM etc….

    Avoid Audi and BMW, obviously.

    Premier Icon frankconway

    Merc E350 – if slightly older model year go for the avantgarde, more recent the amg.

    Looks, performance, comfort, ease of driving, load lugging capacity, reliability (better than previous e350/320).

    If you want to go down the hooligan route go for the e63; 6.3 litre and interfered with by amg. If money no object go to Brabus.

    About to move on my old one – not a Brabus – and possibly upgrade.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    A modern Mercedes?

    Fine if you’re a taxi driver with a decent body shop, but they’re not what they used to be are they?

    Have they made a decent estate since the W124? Their quality and corrosion resistance on later cars would make a Lancia executive blush.

    Says the FIAT fan.

    Might as well buy a 156 Sportwagon. You’ll end up in a hearse sooner or later, no need to drive one whilst you’re still breathing.


    BMW 335d touring. 300 bhp, 40 mpg,

    mate has just taken delivery of a new Audi RS6, that’s pretty nice*….  possibly out of budget though, you didn’t set one of those.

    *massive understatement.


    If having a wolf in sheep’s clothing appeals with an estate that could carry a whole flock ..look no further than a Skoda Superb Estate 4×4 tsi 280.

    Massive luggage loading ..DSG auto box ..with a wolfish 0-60 in 5.3 seconds ..

    I have been half seriously looking and the best price from new was roughly £27,000..list price at £35,000 and that was through Carwow..still more than I want to pay though right now ..but second hand with a year on it in around a years time ..possibly


    Probably easier to get the Mondeo fixed so it drives from both front wheels rather than just the one😀 that’s bound to improve handling.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    After some extensive searching and deliberation I decided the compromise in potential ride quality over speed (not expensive) or to have performance AND a comfy ride (expensive) was a bit pointless.  I’m 46, I’d rather be relatively comfortable for less performance so I dropped the mid life crises and went relatively sensible auto estate.

    I knew I was right when I got stuck in traffic on the motorway during a long journey the day before and the day after I collected my new car.   The latter was a far more pleasant experience, kind of living with an angry Dennis Wise vs Phillip Schofield.

    RS4 dream sensibly extinguished.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    kind of living with an angry Dennis Wise vs Phillip Schofield.



    My RS4 candle still flickers..but there is less oxygen in the room as the years go by !

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Quite why Merc are designing quite the ugliest A class vehicles is beyond me, Far East sensibilities aside..

    Butt this is fast, but would you want to be seen in one ……? AMG CLA45, just .1 second slower to 60 than its bloated mother the AMG6.3 CLA.

    V90 T8 or T8 Polestar.

    Got a T8 parked outside.




    Goes back in an hour. 🙁






    Or a V60 T8 Polestar


    Skoda Superb Estate 4×4 tsi 280.

    You just know thats that’s going to be the most disappointing car in the world before you even get in and drive it!

    Someone posted a pic on here last week of a Merc AMG estate with 6. Something engine that looked nice, kind of like the Skoda above but just a bit more ridiculous to actually make it viable.

    real world BMW 330d because it’s only rwd so you can have fun with it.

    Premier Icon angeldust

    Yeah, go really wild, get a Skoda


    My RS4 is a very comfortable waft-wagon in normal use and noisy place to be when required. Lovely thing and I had to have the last of the V8 before we are all required to drive an electric pencil case. Or a C63 AMG. Or an RS6, too big for me but incredible


    😁…angeldust ..you still buy a badge then ?

    In case you missed the thread title it’s for big, fast estates …

    The Skoda ticks both boxes ..

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Excuse the pun but that Skoda Superb is erm superb.

    Even the 220 version is pretty decent performance.

    Jaguar XF sportbrake S?


    What about a new Mondeo ST Line Edition 240PS?


    Porsche Panamera.

    Continent crushing ability, huge power, good handling, super comfy and a bit of a bargain these days (relatively speaking). The hybrid versions look interesting and the V8’s that have over 500bhp would be a delight. GTS models are always pick of the bunch.

    Whether you would call this one a hatchback or estate but just look at at…..!


    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    How about some exclusivity? There is one RHD 9-5 Sportcombi out there, Aero trim reputedly. Yes please.



    New Aston Martin Shooting Brake (wouldn’t say it was a looker from back though……)


    There is one RHD 9-5 Sportcombi out there

    It’s in a collectors garage AFAIK

    Or a model X?

    Both blindingly fast off the lights (which is what matters).

    Until your battery starts to degrade.

    “RS4 dream sensibly extinguished.”

    The thread title contains the words BIG ESTATE car. As lovely as the RS4 is, one thing it isn’t is big. Tiny legroom for rear passengers and a properly stingy sized boot.

    For me the RS6 is the daddy. Those things are unbelievable. But a family member owns a garage and drives lots of different cars which he keeps for 6 months or so before moving on. He’s been driving a Panamera about for nearly 2 years. He loves it so much he can’t bring himself to let it go. It is officially a hatchback, but I think definitely crosses the boundary.

    But again, budget might prohibit such expensive frivolity. Definitely in the case of the RS6 – I was considering an older one some years ago until I started looking into the running costs. Big performance doesn’t come cheap especially in a big heavy estate car. Even if I was gifted one I’m not sure I could afford the running costs….literally. I don’t mean it would cost a lot, I mean it would be completely unaffordable.

    I think Kryton’s more realistic decision is probably the best option. A big diesel auto is probably the better all round option.


    The A6 Avants with the big diseasels are quick… the 3.0 270ps is plenty rapid for a 2 ton car and it goes under the radar, and the Bi-turbo 320ps will give the RS6 a run for its money though many have been pimped-out and look ridiculous.  Much depends upon how you feel about oil burners, and you won’t see anywhere near 40mpg in either if you have a twitchy right foot.  But they are great cars!


    What about the VW Passat 2.8 V6 4motion? B4 version I think. They’re massive in side.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    For me the RS6 is the daddy. Those things are unbelievable.

    having spent a significant amount of time as a passenger and sometime as a driver in one, I wouldn’t have one even if I could afford it.

    brutally, spectacularly fast but the reality of life means that’s down slip roads and off roundabouts. the other 99% of the time its noisy, uncomfortable and you may as well be tearing up £20 notes.


    I was driving south on the autobahn towards Ingolstadt (Audi town) last year in our campervan, relaxing doing about 70mph in lane 1 and a bright red RS6 snarled past me doing at least twice my speed. It sounded like a very angry lion and even spat flames out of the exhaust. I got far too excited for a grown man but it was chuffin’ awesome (I know, I really should know better..save the robins and all that).

    If I had the financial means, I’d buy one and enjoy it until my physio told me to change it.


    Even if I was gifted one

    Ooer missus.

    Range Rover.

    A proper full sized one, not one of those  poncy squashed down hairdresser ones.

    It’s what people with  big estates drive.


    To my endless jealousy my friends have:

    RS4, RS6 and C63 AMGs, all estates oh and another has a 911 Turbo, but at least he has the grace to turn up for rides in his Van.

    Observations, the RS4 is like a less comfortable, harder riding version of my Exeo, when you use the performance it’s insane, the grip, speed and noise is wonderful, but most of the time it’s a bit tiring.

    The AMG sounds even better, the seat are equally uncomfortable, but the ride is better – it’s also got the unhappy combination of sub 20mpg and a smallish tank. He’d love to take it to the Alps, but I’m sure it worked out something silly like £500 in fuel and you’d have to stop 9 times to fill it up (both ways).

    I think the most import part of my ramble is that, they all love their cars, far more than I could love a car, but they’re not their everyday car.

    For a family car they’re not very comfortable.

    For an estate, they’re not massively practical, they’ve all got these massive sports seat that rob rear room and they’re too fancy to fill up for a run to the tip.

    You might argue if you can afford a £50k+ car you can afford to live with 18mpg, but can you live with the range?

    Also, they’re not exactly compatible with the world, unless you want to get up in the middle of the night, when was the last time you saw an empty bit of road?

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’d have to agree with ElShalimo – get another Mondeo.

    The boot space is better designed than most other estates, they handle well enough and well, Mercs are just horrible (and more common than Fords lately, what with everyone getting them on lease deals!)


    I also saw a pimped up Brabus Vito on the Autobahn travelling at a very rude speed.

    That would be a nice old barge and room for an XL 29er.

    Premier Icon onewheelgood

    Got to be this. Utterly bonkers. My BiL has this engine in an XKR-S and it is absolutely epic – no turbo lag, ludicrous torque, fantastic noise.

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