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  • leaking fox triad 2 rear shock
  • afternoon all

    was riding llandegla yesterday and came home to find my rear shock was leaking oil badly, around the pro-pedal switch. has anyone experienced this? is it completely borked?

    we were messing about on the drops around the skills/freeride area, but nothing particularly crazy.



    Is it on Spesh bike perchance? IIRC triads have a bit of a reputation for this. Might be worth speaking to the dealer as a warranty thing. Failing that Loco on here knows his onions and may be worth contacting to see if he can repair if for you if out of warranty. Look for Loco Tuning.


    It needs a full service to rectify, it’s a seal on one of the adjuster rods that has gone.

    If under 12 months warranty, they’re due a full service every 200 hours 12 to 18 months ish.

    yep, its one of the ‘custom’ specialized ones.

    nope, out of the warranty period.

    as its a custom one for specialized, what size do i need should i want to upgrade it?

    thanks for your help



    i found your reply here:

    would this be a suitable donor unit:

    how much would the conversion cost?

    On my third they’re gash but eyetoeye length makes getting an alternative tricky

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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