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  • It's Steel City this weekend!
  • Sancho

    I really enjoyed the day, really pleased with my time considering Ive been concentrating on road for the last few months and the big bike has been collecting dust.
    But great day, the tea girl was with me and she won a Cotic Bfe!!!!
    I am doing fancy dress next time.
    But simon your crash looked painful, but to have your shorts fall down was hilarious hope youre ok and doc was i talking to you when you got given the insurance leaflet, loved the irony.

    next year then

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Link to some video of it on Pinkbike, Abigales crash is at 1.24

    A few pics of our great day

    Lets hope the next one is as good


    Hey Tracey,

    Pass my congrats on to Abigale, she seemed to be having a load of fun when I was chatting with her on the start line. Great result and way better than she said she was expecting. Must be the new forks I fitted huh!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Will do, she had a great time and does like the new forks, she couldn’t work out why she kept clipping the pedals on her second run but the shock only had 20 lbs in it when we checked it. She has gone to her exams this morning looking like she has done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, she has that many bruises. Spoke to Specialized this morning and have pointed us in the right direction to sort out the rear shock leaking. Something to do with tightening a ring with a bottom bracket spanner where the shaft comes out of the air can. Will have a go tonight to see if I can sort it.

    Glad to hear Abigale was ok, she looked good on her first run and I saw her crash on the second (looked like it was just past the marshal point above me) and it looked nasty – though I also saw her walk down with bars pointing the wrong way so I figured it couldn’t be too bad.

    Ace day all round though, it was actually pretty cool being in the same spot all day and seeing the different lines everyone was taking on a (seemingly) fairly innocuous bit of trail.

Viewing 6 posts - 81 through 86 (of 86 total)

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