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  • Premier Icon rockitman

    …your car?

    Arrived at Llandegla yesterday and it suddenly dawned on me as I watched one bloke unload an Orange 5 from a 52 reg fiesta and another unload a Yeti from a van that looked like it it had been around since the days of the Noah that there must be loads of people who’s bikes are worth more than their cars.

    So, is it?


    yes, about x4 if I’m honest! 😆

    Premier Icon chakaping

    My three bikes are probably worth twice as much as my car when put together.

    When I just had one I used to take pride in my bike being worth more than my car. But then I also used to take pride in driving a right load of old bangers.

    Premier Icon piedi di formaggio

    What’s wrong with that?

    Perhaps they only use a car occasionally for going to a trail centre and cycle everywhere else?


    Yep. Think you might find quite a lot of people on who for whom that’s true. But currently – Cotic Soda built up with mostly secondhand parts – ~£1500; Fiat Punto, probably ~£800…

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    my 3 bikes together are worth approximately 9x my car!


    Erm yes, the 6pot Hopes on my bike are possibly worth more than my M-reg Nissan. The frame on my Roberts is worth more than it too, in fact my mountainboard is no doubt worth more as well!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    What’s wrong with that?

    Nothing. They’ve got their priorities right, I’d say.


    the wheels on my bike are worth more than my car

    Premier Icon njee20

    Each of my 4 bikes used to be worth more than my car, but I can afford to insure a nice car now, so the car’s about 1.5x the value of the most expensive bike, still fairly close!


    yup. car worth approximately £300 (N reg clio) and bike worth at least £1k… I take pride in it to be honest.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’d probably get about the same if I sold them now, but my bike is worth a million times more to me!


    You can bet one thing though, if someone turns up in, say, a brand new Cayenne, and gets out a top spec bike out the back, everyone in the car park will sneer and assume he can’t ride it properly but has money to burn.


    Dont drive, so yes.

    Premier Icon psling

    No. 7 bikes, 2 cars. Cars cost more.


    You can bet one thing though, if someone turns up in, say, a brand new Cayenne, and gets out a top spec bike out the back, everyone in the car park will sneer and assume he can’t ride it properly but has money to burn.

    Spot on opinion of a few of my mates. Mountain biking is a cool sport but more respect goes to the bloke who is out on an old bike ripping the trails having fun than say someone who has all the gear/no idea.

    And no i have an old audi that is still running like a dream but is worth a lot more than my GT Aggressor that i love faffing around on.

    Premier Icon clareymorris

    Aye, yep all 3 of them are, individually!


    both bikes together are worth more but on their own no, wouldnt mind a new car but whilst this runs no point.


    na my car is worth about £4000 now and my on-one is about £200 max and my manomano £600 maximum!!!


    my car is only worth about £100 (at the most) the bikes are about £7k +

    For me a car is JUST a car – until the point in life when i can afford an Aston Martin DB9…


    Yep…I don’t have a car though… 🙄

    Premier Icon edd

    1 bike and 1 car. The frame of the bike cost more than the car…

    not yet but with the way it’s depreciating it will soon!!

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Yeah, I’d fit in that box what ever bike I put in it. Especially as the car is a 98 corrola that belongs to the wife. However, ever noticed that we quote the current valve of a car but the new price of the bike in these situations. Chances are, if I put the car and the bike at the end of the road with a sign to sell today, I’d probably get more for the car and sell it first despite the fact that I’ve clearly spent more on the bikes.


    All three of my bikes are worth more than both of the family cars put together. No wonder car companies are going out of business.

    Premier Icon theginjaninja

    Car cost £500. 4 bikes totally 6k as new I guess.

    She’s a work of art though

    Daisy daisy, I'm so in love with you..


    Two of my 3 bikes are worth more than my car.


    Me too.
    2002 Passat, maybe £1.5k.
    New, my bikes would be:
    Turner Flux / XT/XTR £3k
    Merida FLX / XTR £4K
    On-one 29er / XT £2.5k
    Pace RC300 / XT £1k
    It still doesn’t make me any quicker or competent!


    MrNutt – Member
    yes, about x4 if I’m honest!

    So, your car is only worth about £15, then??


    I have spent more on bikes, over the years, than several people I know have spent on cars, that’s for sure.

    Mate in Bradford recently bought an old Micra for £300.


    carz r coffinz

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Used to.
    But broken down cheap bangers stopped me spending $$$ on bikes, so ponied up for something decent.


    A month ago it was Yes…my ‘mere’ On-One was worth more than my car but as we were a family of 4 and the S-reg Ford Ka was getting a bit cramped we upgraded so not anymore.

    crispy bacon

    2 x bikes circ 2.7K – car worth £300 with a full tank of petrol 😀

    If I buy a newer car I’ll have less to spend on my bikes 😕


    yep, well. it was until i sold the car for 240 quid. so my new forks are worth about twice the sale price of the old motor, seat ibiza 1.9d. was a brilliant car and never gave any trouble. only prob was the drivers door didn’t open and much of the interior was ripped from chucking tools and bikes into the back of it. bikes worht about 2k.

    and in ref. to the blokes with the cayenne. there was a bloke who came into the LBS and said he wanted a FS. mate asks him where he rides and style etc. shows him a meta5.5 for €2k. guy asked if there was anything better. obviously. he showed him a few bionicons and a liteville301. guy ends up ordering a 301 with the pimpest kit available, dt where possible, xtr, goodridge hoses, lyrik or totem etc etc. a proper do it all/freeride machine.

    we met the guy out on the trails once and asked if he wanted to join us. he did. we waited for about 5 mins whilst he minced his way down the hill. rode on again and over a two ft drop where you must jump a gap in the process. he turned back and began pushing his bike up the hill.

    i wanted to slap him and take his bike off him. he didn’t deserve it. he talked down to us about the components on our bikes. decent kit but obviously not xtr, goodridge etc, telling us we’d go over the bars due to our minmal federweg or something would snap under the ‘extreme’ conditions.

    there’s us riding a 100mm sanderson HT and liteville101 ht. arrrrgh! ccok.


    i don’t own a car
    have 4 bikes insured for £6700
    i don’t want to add up the cost of 8 pairs of cycling shoes, 4 softshells, 2 gilets, a dozen+ pairs of cycling shorts/longs and numerous jerseys, helmets etc.
    you need a hobby and something to spend the money on 🙂


    When people quote what their bike is worth, aren’t most actually quoting the cost new, as bikes aren’t worth much second hand compared to new, same as old cars?

    Bikes worth about 2k if I was to sell them, about 4.5k new, car worth about 7k.


    No,but then both me & the wife need reliable cars to get us to work.She likes to have a new one every couple of years,but I always keep mine till it starts costing me money to get through the MOT/servicing/or when it has around 100K on the clock.
    Work pays for the fun things in life & keeps the kids fed etc so it pays to have half decent reliable cars for us….

    I’d love to be able to dump one of them though…. :?…..

    Yep – my two together are definitely worth more than my car, possibly the coiler on it’s own.


    i wanted to slap him and take his bike off him. he didn’t deserve it

    Why doesn’t he deserve it? He probably worked hard for his money and wanted to spend it on something nice. What’s the problem with that. Do we all have to start out on £500 bikes, did someone make a new rule I missed. I don’t understand this mentality of getting annoyed at someone with an expensive bike who isn’t a very good rider.

    And my bikes aren’t worth more than my cars.


    it was more his snooty attitude. asking one time in the shop why i truing a wheel and didn’t just buy a new one? very flashy with his cash and his VW 4×4 thing. paid €6.5k in cash and then comes in the next day accusing bike shop of having over charged him. turned out he’d dropped €200 on the floor, not surprising when carrying so much cash around.

    he’d be eyeing up others bikes, making comments and then being a complete gayer when riding…..

    he was just a knob really. not a nice person.

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