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  • there’s no way i’d ever leave any of my bikes outside!!
    or unwashed for months…
    “what’s the point in cleaning it…it’ll only get dirty again”
    yet the bikes get cleaned after every ride!

    Premier Icon rockitman

    Wasn’t suggesting there was anything wrong with the bike being worth more, just thought it might be an interesting topic.

    I have an 06 Picasso – probably worth £6k now, a Yeti 575 and a half built Meta 6, so the car would definately be worth more.

    I think when I walked into my LBS and bought the Yeti they probably thought “who’s this tool, he’s not had a bike for 17 years and he’s dropping £3k on it”. I think in the last 12 months I’ve ridden more than anyone who works in the shop and I’m on the thing at every opportunity.

    I earn a decent amount, don’t have any kids so what the hell. As another poster said “you’ve gotta have something to spend your hard earned on”!

    yes, by a long, long way

    ’00 Passat estate
    ’05 Golf GT

    12 bikes between us

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Flamejob – That’s a nice mismatch.

    One’s a curvy piece of art in metalwork that handles as well as it looks.

    The other is a Jones bike, I presume?



    rockitman – you don’t have any kids and drive a Picasso, ‘WTF’.

    Your taste in bikes is obviously much better than your taste in cars.


    Nah, I’m the opposite – both my fully built bikes are worth less (together) than either of my cars!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Insurance replacement value for my bikes is more than the current market value of my ’06 Prius fully loaded.


    My bikes are worth way more than the car, and my bikes aren#’t worth that much.

    Expensive cars are the daftest things ever 🙂



    Ti456 and a 12yr old Golf. I expect my 2nd bike, the Rock Lobster is worth more than the Golf too. The bikes get used more.


Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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