I’m 46 years old. How ****** should my body feel?

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  • I’m 46 years old. How ****** should my body feel?
  • Premier Icon duncancallum

    37 and it varies

    I’ve got a ceramic hip after a broken pelvis ages 25.

    Did t12 vertebrae at 18

    Thumb fracture that’s giving me issues

    Some days I’m fresh other days I struggle

    Not looking forward to being 57

    Premier Icon andybrad

    im 39,

    not particularly fit but my god my knees. they hurt after any form of riding. I struggle to keep up with the Wednesday night social rides (im riding at 100% all the time) everything hurts and i dont sleep like i used to. Id pay for a good nights sleep tbh. the neck shoulders and arms are really sore every other day and go numb at night. I look at the people i ride with that are 10-20 years older and they seem to have no such issues.

    apart from that alright.


    39 here, my right big toe joint hurts daily and has done for a few years. I still have a frozen shoulder from collar bone annihilation in March, my left knee is b*ggered from my ACL going at 25 but it only gives me grief if I really push it. I ache a bit but not like some.

    Overall I consider myself lucky, but I feel this is fairly normal. We’re human, not machines. Keep going until your body literally prevents you from doing so.

    Edit: forgot the sciatica too.

    Premier Icon TimP

    Arthritis in my big toes
    Tendonitis in my Achilles
    Torn all bar 1 ligament in my ankles playing rugby
    Torn cartilage in right knee twice
    Currently got a dodgy muscle in my lower back
    Broken rib in my back which never set properly
    Sore wrist from chipped bone which never set properly
    Fingers and thumbs variously broken and twisted out of shape.

    And currently most annoying is my badly broken nose rubbing on my glasses

    Of the above I get pain from one or more body parts daily, particularly in the winter, but it moves around a bit so none of it is chronic, just annoying. I can’t really run anymore, but I can hike up to about 10 miles and then I’ll be in bits the next day. Similarly a long or rough day riding and my lower limbs complain. I’m not too disappointed with how my body is holding up, but I am starting to feel my youth is catching up on me.

    Importantly though I dont regret any of my actions that ended up with my trips to A&E (or when I should have gone there). I would go back and do it all again as it was a bloody good laugh!

    Premier Icon Twodogs

    Jeez this thread is just an excuse for people to let us know how awsum they are by humblebragging about all their injuries!

    If you want to feel old in your forties, keep thinking that way…or just get on and do stuff and feel young!

    Premier Icon hochmatoch

    +1 for daily stretching here. I’m 44, sedentary job, my back really used to bother me but I feel the benefits of stretching every day I do a regular routine that mixes static and kinetic stretches. Static stuff is always for 30 seconds I read somewhere that this is the minimum time to get the benefit. I also recently got a pull up bar to do dead hangs. Initially I could last a few seconds before hands, wrists etc would fail but over time I’ve really progressed. It’s been a revelation, really opens up the spine and shoulders I don’t get any bother in my upper body on longer rides.
    Another big lifestyle change has been giving up booze. As I got older I just couldn’t take as much and was always getting unjustifiably severe hangovers. I did miss a good beer though. Happily, there’s some really good low/no alcohol options now. Try Big Drop Brewery. Their stout and pale ale are excellent

    Premier Icon northernsoul

    If you want to feel old in your forties, keep thinking that way…

    There’s a good quote in Joe Friel’s ‘Fast After Fifty’: “you aren’t old until you use age as an excuse”.

    I feel much better at 49 than I did at 45, mostly because of lifestyle choices (eating less and keeping weight down – still allowing junk and beer, just less often, all things in moderation) and making time to exercise more, which has become easier as the kids get older. Following advice on here, stretches and yoga plus some resistance training has sorted out my greatest issue, which was my lower back.


    Approaching 47 and feel in pretty good shape.

    I actually have found that the times I’ve stopped exercising is when I’ve had more aches and pains.

    I’ve done lots of sport over the years and no long term issues from that

    I’ve always had office based jobs though which in some ways helps but also doesn’t help.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    49, and feeling lucky after reading this thread!

    Generally pain free day to day unless I’m injured from the bike (getting to the end of a suspected broken toe at the minute). I do have a mystery inflammatory foot condition that flares up once or twice a year and pretty much immobilises me for a day or three until the Naproxen kicks in (7 years into this with no diagnosis, other than it’s not Gout and might be related to Osteoarthritis but not sure since it moves around both feet at random), but apart from that I’m good.

    Actually feel better now than I did in my mid-forties. I started to get the stiffness and involuntary groaning when I stood up thing around 45/46 but that’s disappeared now. I do have some odd creaks and ‘grating’ feelings in my neck from time to time (no pain at all) but that seems to have improved noticeably over the last year or so. Early forties I had 6 months of irregular heartbeat and ectopic beats with no identified cause, but they went away and I now maybe get an isolated skip or two a couple of times a year if I’m unlucky.

    Could do with dropping 15kg or so, and really should have a proper go at that over the winter as I’ve got the vague notion to JOGLE in my 50th year. Should also really get into Yoga and some strength work now my muscles are apparently wasting away, but overall feeling as physically good as I ever have.

    This is great to hear. At 42, a decade of diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis in hands, not enough exercise, too much beer and 2 young children,I thought it was just me that felt like this😜


    45 and overall in better shape than I’ve ever been. Not quite as fast as I used to be, but a good chunk more stamina.

    I ride plenty, do a weekly strength and conditioning class and try and stretch every day, plus a bit of climbing and work is a mix of desk and very physical. I’m lucky in that I’m naturally skinny, and don’t like drinking much, so I’m the same weight as I was when I was 21. Being a lightweight also means I crash a bit better than some of the big lads.

    Wrists suffer a bit after too much time on the gravel bike and I need to be a bit careful about my lower back – tight hamstrings are the killer coupled with a couple of decades of awkward heavy lifting.

    Premier Icon fatbikedog

    I am 64 and have few of the problems others mention. I need a good mattress to avoid a stiff back in the mornings but thats it. I usually do a 4 hr ride at the weekend. I still work fitting kitchens, and I think thats part of it, regular activity which I get at work.


    Im 43. I’m feeling good about my health. The only perstent niggles are piles then a right knee ache and an occasional radge back spasm. Knee and back issues are related to school age rugby. *uck knows how I ended up with bum grapes.

    Premier Icon northernsoul

    regular activity which I get at work

    My dad will be 81 this year and he still works (self employed, selling parts and sundries to car garages, so out and about and active). He is generally happy and fit enough to play footie with his grandkids – not problem free for sure, but all manageable. I’m fairly sure this is all down to his continuing levels of activity and not being too sedentary.

    Premier Icon iainc

    53 here, lots of aches and pains, coming up to 5th anniversary of prostate cancer surgery, recently diagnosed with CAD, riding lots of road and gravel and sMTB on order !

    Premier Icon jamesoz

    At 46 I’ve picked up a few scrapes and aside old injuries, less hair I feel tip top.
    Most of my worst injuries were at a fairly young age so actually I probably feel better now. Aside toothache.

    I know some that have been moaning for years about how old they feel, not sure if it’s in the head or in the body of both


    50 this year, broken bones in double figures (including Vertebrae, base of skull, cheek, heel, wrists and shoulder) in a number of daft activities. I do need daily prescription anti-inflams, but have for over 10 years due to alkolysing spondylitis. I don’t sleep well without them. I do have to keep active or I stiffen up, but definately ache less than mid 30’s. Staying active and taking my pills (as directed both by doctor and doctor wife). I get no sympathy at home from doctor wife or teenage kids either.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I’m lucky in that I’m naturally skinny, and don’t like drinking much, so I’m the same weight as I was when I was 21.

    Not necessarily a benefit. Some skinny people are fragile as hell. Some fat people are tough as nails just slower on the climbs.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Corr-Blimey you lot of old cronks 🤪

    Glad to read that despite badly breaking my foot a few years back windsurfing (all the bones across it) and suffering with an inherent wobbly acid reflux, and recent stomach hernia, I’m fairly and happily fit at 54. Did used to suffer a lower back pain when riding, but since that pursuit has been tossed to one side in favour of trail running my back is absolutely fine..


    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    45 mostly OK, but always have 1 or 2 injuries a year that take **** ages to heal.

    Previous 2 years its been sprained and a broken wrist. both sides (at different times), still give me a wee bit of gip.

    This year started with a ridiculously sore ankle skiing in feb that didn’t really go away until May, which then seemed to morph into planar fasciitis which has only now started to subside.

    Then last weekend, I rolled my dodgy right ankle again (there really bugger all holding my foot into my leg now except skin and hope), but whilst falling have managed to tweak something in the left knee (never given me problems before) which doesn’t now want to fully bend or straighten.



    50 years old. Hand/arm numbness is something I’m familiar with. Doctors are currently investigating my thyroid activity (suspected hypothyroidism) although I have none of the other usual symptoms.

    Equally, I am reviewing my past history of impacts with immovable objects and wondering if it is just going to be like this from now on. I have to sleep on my back with no pillow to have feeling in my hands in the morning. The pillow thing is a big deal. I have a long standing carpal tunnel susceptibility and a recurring ganglion cyst that together masked the general numbness symptoms getting worse but now I’ve got a fairly good bead on there being two/three concurrent problems with not entirely unrelated symptoms. Peripheral neuropathy, they say (which means numb hands).

    Just been on a major DIY spree and that has aggravated things to a much worse level than steady state so it is a focus concern at the moment and may settle.

    Purposely did a gentle ~73min turbo ride around midday, having had a rest day yesterday, thinking I’d have lunch and then go and have a gentle effort outdoor ride on the fatbike (fitting 29×2.35″ front and 26×4″ for the first time in ages, probably this year) for a couple of hours…

    Two hours or so later, I’m still sat at home feeling absolutely drained, mentally more than physically. Probably not helped by randomly waking at 0430ish after ~6 hours sleep. Haven’t even swapped wheels/tyres yet and the Friday afternoon rush hour has begun. :/

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