I’m 46 years old. How ****** should my body feel?

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  • I’m 46 years old. How ****** should my body feel?
  • footflaps

    Yeah i know about chilled water/heart attack risks etc

    Never heard of that!

    today i feel knackered. mostly as my son woke me at 5 and had 3 bad nights prev.. last night was an improvement so here’s hoping!

    Certainly as I’ve got older the #1 thing which determines how I feel is whether or not I had a decent night’s sleep last night. Only problem, is it seems to become more elusive as you get older….


    I’m 62..also subscribe to the the theory you are only as old as the woman you feel ( as mentioned further up the page ) ..my woman is 45 and we have a 16 year old son ( I also have a 27 year old daughter from a “previous” ) ..and have been together for 20 years ..
    I’ve always maintained a young outlook on life ..I have my own property business which has been in decline since 2007 with no real enthusiasm to re-ignite it ..the last few years have seen me working from home which was slowly driving me nuts with no human contact during the day ..so decided to do something about it and took on board an additional job ( 3-4 days a week ) working for a courier company delivering parcels..for a well known online company
    The work is so fast paced that I’ve lost 2 stone ..and havent felt fitter ..the downside is that working weekends my mountain biking has taken a backseat and having organised most of our group rides I’ve now become a forgotten man as far as my mates are concerned..
    Aches & pains ..yeah but I don’t dwell on them ..
    If someone had offered me this level of health 30 years ago I would have snapped their hands off !

    Premier Icon Caher

    Older than op but not really suffering the pain described. Did a pretty strenuous 55 mile ride Sunday where Strava confirms I spent quite a bit of it in the red zone. Could barely walk that night. Went swimming the next day and I’m ready to go again tomorrow (on hols). Apart from my arthritic knee feel not much different than after a tough rugby or footie game in days of past.
    But I need the swim plus day recovery.

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    Jaysus, 52 here and feeling very lucky after reading above given that my body gives very little bother.

    Didn’t really do much organised sport in my youth so might have helped. Normal daily soccer in the park every evening, bmx in teens, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at age 9 (full recovery luckily), bought first motorbike at age 21, only transport until 42 ish, numerous crashes but walked away with bruises from all of them apart from first one (broken tibia and fibula), broke fingers\thumbs numerous times with tag rugby\softball\skiing. ACL skiing, ribs numerous times (mtb), Collarbone once (mtb). Currently lining up an MRI for what I suspect is a torn meniscus in my left knee (squatting during an introductory tai chi session of all things 🙂 ).

    My exercise is nearly 100% bike. 12km each way commute 3-4 times a week. 20-25km Enduro type spin or 40km xc spin most weekends. 1-2 sufferfest Turbo sessions mid week or 1hr sessions in the gym. Did some xc races this year so probably fitter now than I’ve ever been (more a reflection on previous fitness levels). Health wise could definitely do with losing 1 st and cutting down drastically on alcohol consumption.

    Given all above lucky that I don’t have any constant pain anywhere. Fingers cross I get away with it for a good few years more !!!!!!!

    45 and last time I counted I’d had 7 lots of leg surgery. Its fair to say everything from the waist down is kaput! (Bonus points if you can id the quote)

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    42 here and used to skateboard (badly), climb, box and practice martial arts. Also the opposite of risk averse in my teens and twenties (stupid?) and still ride bikes like an idiot when time allows.

    I sound like an Orange 5 riding down a metal stairwell when I get up on a morning. My favourite is skateboarders ankle, wherein my ankles make snapping noises when I walk upstairs. If I ever become a burglar it’ll be bungalows only.

    I’m beginning to accept I’ll be utterly ruined in my 50’s. Bring on the Tramadol!

    50, can still climb and ride with my younger mates for around 2hrs then I tend to slow right down.  I struggle with multi-day rides, we did 5 days in Wales and TBH I could’ve sacked it off after 3 days.

    I really struggle with sleep, getting to sleep, staying asleep and then waking up at the crack of dawn.  That really impacts my motivation.

    Injuries from crashes take a lot longer to heal and after an infected bite last year my rh little finger is rather wonky and tight.  I also have trigger thumb from too many shifts with tight cables, they sound like gunshots every now and again when I bend them (Mrs M does not think this is a valid reason for getting AXS)

    I really should stretch more and eat better and cut back on the booze.

    Currently running a singlespeed and that’s really helping with the fitness.

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    69 here, no aches or pain still working part time – electrician. only suffer if I don’t get enougth sleep

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    This post has made my day. I’m 46

    *My head is f@#$&d
    *Everything hurts
    *Don’t know who I am, what I should be like or what I want

    The bared suffering of singletrack souls suddenly makes more sense. It’s normal(ish) by the sounds of it. Once I accept that and stop dwelling on my suffering it’ll probably improve.

    Right I’m heading out the door…once I’ve had a few tramadol


    I’m 57. I gave up motorcycling at 50 due to the numb hands. Took up cycling instead and have never looked back (I never did much exercise before). I still get numb hands when riding but waving them in the air sorts that out. As for the bed aches, it probably is your mattress. Take the missus to a few really nice hotels and you’ll see the difference it can make


    49 and pretty ****ed really! Knee replacement last year with my good knee grumbling most days. OA in both wrists that’s managed with steroid injection. dodgy shoulder. Under investigation for some cardiac issue and waiting and MRI for it. History of CFS/ME too.

    Lots of sport and abuse in my yoof with martial arts, climbing, running, long distance walking and back packing, plus cycling.

    Can’t remember a day when I wasn’t knackered and aching, but I still cycle, walk and have an active job. I just suffer lots and enjoy my sofa at home!

    Premier Icon eddiebaby

    2 car crashes – one that got me in hospital for a few weeks. Most ribs broken, collar bones several times, sternum cracked 4 times in the two crashes (pre inertia reel seatbelts). Left arm broken twice. Most bones in both feet broken at some point (See car crash from when both feet hard on the pedals met engine in a Mk1 Escort coming to join me in the passenger compartment.) A lot of torn bits in the waves.
    Currently I just ache a couple of days a year when it is really cold and damp but when I get old I’m not looking forward to it.
    Sleep is pretty crappy though and I find after tracking it for a while that alcohol really affects resting heart rate and sleep, so I try to have 2 weeks off it a month and only one binge weekend.
    Luckily never had weight issues other than being a bit too light at times and have consistently exercised a lot since forever.
    I feel when it goes it will be a massive failure of everything over one weekend adn I will have the Monday from Hell.
    Although typing this now I feel a bit stiff and achey.

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    54. Motorbike accident at 22 (broken nose/scaphoid, facial lacerations, skinned knees, thousand cuts and bruises), broken arm a couple times, dislocated a finger (needed reseated by operation). Bad back (it seizes up every now and then).

    I found things went down hill fast from 46. Eyesight (needed specs for reading then), and everything just takes increasingly longer to heal…

    Premier Icon howarthp

    About to turn 49.

    Interesting last 5 years where I’ve had a couple of ablations for AF, a PE and found I likely have an autoimmune condition resulting in blood clots. So I’m on anticoagulants, beta-blockers and a few other concoctions for life.

    Funnily enough this doesn’t affect me too much but I find the small things do – a lot like the aches and pains discussed above. I don’t get them often but they do get me down when I do.

    Cycling has proved incredibly therapeutic for my body and mind. I found I was slightly losing my mojo for it over the summer but events like North London Dirt and a bikepacking trip to Mull in two weeks seem to sort me out.


    I quite literally feel your pain. Same age at 46, used to skateboard till early 20’s, 2 broken arms a broke wrist and a leg in 2 places.
    I also have a disabled son who I have to help get about. My lower back is a complete mess!
    My neck and shoulders are tight as a granny knot.
    I’ve just got back to mtb after many years of just being a roadie.
    So your not alone with your constant aches and pains.
    I think I can attribute most of mine to everyday life unfortunately.

    What are all of you mid 40’s types doing to yourselves to end up in such a state 🙂
    I’m 55, have been playing sport Karate/Squash/5 a side/MTB, with weight training and running thrown in all the way through, and am feeling no different or less fit than in my early 20’s.

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    Well, I must say it makes me feel better that nearly everyone else is ****** too .. 😂

    I’ve recently had some tests for carpal tunnel due to the hands numbing thing but not had any results back yet.

    I’m not convinced it’s that. I mean, tonight coming home on my motorbike, my hands were just really painful more so than numb. My thumb wrapping round the throttle could be very much felt and was very uncomfortable.

    I’ve been using my hands all day though I guess, building some plywood furniture.

    Drinking water I’m definitely bad at. I’m kind of addicted to diet Coke… I know, I know… But yeah, I need to get on top of the water thing. Most days I would say I rarely drink any actual straight up water, bad as I know that is.

    Had blood tests which I think ruled out any rheumatoid presence. I don’t know… Gets me down. 😐

    As for the bed aches, it probably is your mattress.


    For years I’d been having constant funny aches and pains, sometimes quite bad back pain that would last days. I put it down to age.

    Last month we bough a new bed. For no particular reason a firm mattress was chosen. 2 months later no pain. Literally no pain. Totally unexpected and welcome.

    Mind you the best thing I did to counter feeling decrepit was lose 3 stone and increase exercise.

    Get your testosterone levels checked and Testo replacement of low! Muscle mass starts going downhill after 30 something. Good article in the guardian the other day.


    Premier Icon funkmasterp

    What are all of you mid 40’s types doing to yourselves to end up in such a state

    It would seem skateboarding could be the culprit. Smashing yourself repeatedly in to concrete, tarmac, stairs, kerbs and handrails at speed in hindsight would appear to be a terrible idea.


    61 soon and, sorry OP, I don’t recognise much of your post as being relevant to me.

    Just got myself a motorbike a couple of years ago after a 25 year absence and really loving it again. Rides are getting longer and longer. A couple of wee tours lined up for next year.

    Still bivvying regularly all year round. Sleep well in all temperatures and don’t moan and grumble getting up etc.

    No supplements, quack treatments, weird or restrictive diets.

    I could do with working on upper body strength as I think I’m losing that but currently about as fit as I’ve ever been.

    Sleep about 5 hrs per night but that’s been the case since my 30s.

    Maybe it is an attitude of mind thing?

    As others have said, hydration, good sleep, (sleep aopnea?) getting enough sunlight? (Vit D broken bones are a red light for that ) some sort of yoga pilates type thing every week. Environmental health eg limit blue light (screens at night) get black out curtains, open the window a bit at night so getting enough air. No caffiene after midday. Eat some cuciferous veg every day, cut out sugar, eat fibre, eggs avocados more rice and protien and fish less wheat. Do electric motorbikes cause numb hands less? Possibly look at them in future.
    Plenty that is worth trying that wont cause any harm and may well do some good but habits can be hard to break too.

    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I didn’t suffer any aches and pains until after about 60. Apart from my knees which are a bit screwed and don’t have as much stamina as the rest of my body. However, since retiring at 65 and spending several hours a week on the bike and losing a bit of weight (I was an enormous 10st hulk due to Greggs and the Coop) I’m back to no aches and pains at all. Well apart from those wretched knees, but they are OK on the bike.

    Premier Icon Mary Hinge

    Did my first Ironman aged 49. Did IM Wales aged 52.

    Mid 50s now and feeling good.

    Can still get up the big mid-Wales climbs on the mtb and not at the back of the group of younger riders.

    Bit of a medial meniscus tear had kept me off running for a year but just getting back on that.

    Generally feeling good.

    Just gotta keep getting on with it.

    Premier Icon el_boufador

    40, arthritic elbow due to a crash and problems with my knees over past couple of years. Stretching and core strengthening exercises are helping with the latter. Getting better.
    Previously, had a really bad lower back. Pilates, stretching and lifting weights has fixed that. I would v recommend mixing all that stuff up. Just cycling is really bad for you.

    One revelation I had recently though was riding with a very very quick rider in his mid 50s. Inspirational. Just when I am wondering hmmm how long can I keep going, maybe I should ease off a bit, he comes along and proves it is possible to carry on hitting it hard. I’m aspiring to that.


    Feeling pretty good at 48. I’ve always been a big fan of circuit training and have started flexibility and core training this year which really helps. Being an intermittent night worker I’ve also found Vit D supplements help generally.
    On top of this I can only recommend to all who haven’t done it yet – get yourself down to a Well Man clinic at the doctor’s. Why wouldn’t you?

    It would seem skateboarding could be the culprit. Smashing yourself repeatedly in to concrete, tarmac, stairs, kerbs and handrails at speed in hindsight would appear to be a terrible idea.

    Dunno, i’m still skating lots at 42 without ill effects! The entire weekend was skating 1/2 pipes and concrete bowls and was still OK for work at 5am on Monday. Takes a couple of days to get over a really bad slam but other than that i’m all good.
    I played football, skated, raced BMX & MTB in my younger years and moved in to working very manual jobs offshore later on and have been lucky to have never suffered much in the way of injury and feel pretty fit and healthy as a result. Now i primarily sit behind a desk.

    I do take supplements for my joints and general health and eat reasonably healthy foods. I also drink lots of water.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Yeah, supplements… Never sure if they’re a waste of money or not.

    I had been tested with low vit D before so might be worth a look. These supplements though, don’t you just wazz them right out?.💧

    Premier Icon rone

    47, fixed lots of my post 40 blues… (Bad back and feeling rough).

    Sleep, limited or no booze, sit stand desk, virtually no sugar, hard riding regularly – doesn’t need to be a long one. Just hard as you can.

    Good food. Limited pasta.

    Stretches – have minimal success with. But new physio has given me a nicely mixed routine.

    Get up early and caffeine.

    Not a saint, too many chips!

    It’s all about figuring out what works but if I had to come down on one thing I would say a consistent sleep pattern.

    49 been active all my life trained reasonably hard for various sports for a majority. Rugby and sprinting have had an effect as has climbing and MTB.
    Some mornings my legs are sore most mornings my feet and ankles make lots of clicking sounds.
    Pilates has really helped. Recently started 5km runs before work(on a treadmill) and I feel best on Thursday after Pilates.

    44 here, running has been best thing I’ve done, 2 years now, started doing couch to 5k, done a couple of ultras now, have a 40 miler on Saturday.

    3 stone down, knee that used to be stiffer than coal is now brilliant, and I don’t get up in the morning like a wooden man any more.

    As scotroutes above, I could do with doing some upper body stuff too, starting a bootcamp next week if I don’t die in Saturday. 😊

    Premier Icon db

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

    Hunter S. Thompson


    49. Done lots of hard physical jobs, hard partying and hard travelling. Painter and decorator now so still an active job. 5 minute stretching routine morning and evening has made big difference. Treadmill in gym over winter when it’s dark and rubbish weather midweek helped a lot this year. Definitely takes longer to recover these days but that’s life. Elbows bit knackered and dodgy knee but still head back to Himalaya to ride next year. Keep on keeping on.


    Lol if this post proves anything… it’s that we love to talk about our health! My turn…62 and riding harder than ever, plus kitesurfing, racketball, weights and snowboarding when I can. I have more aches and pains than I care to think about (see my stw handle), BUT see those as a challenge to overcome rather than a reason to stop. It’s amazing what you can do if you stay positive (and yes to the younger woman 62/32…or did that happen because of the positivity?)


    Timely thread – I am definately aching more (46) than 2 years ago, and more tired. Life of sport with various injuries niggling still but have really only done cycling regularly now for 10 years and since finishing house renovations 4 years ago my core strength is dissipating. Going to put that right and the quick regular twice a day stretching/yoga thing seems to be the way to go as I can’t stand gyms.

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    When I was 38, I was taken to hospital by ambulance because I had lost all feeling in both of my legs. It turns out I had a double prolapse that was impinging on the nerves on both sides of my lumbar spine.

    Since then, I have managed to keep things under control with a combination of NSAIDs, a heating pad, stretching, losing two stone, and regular cycling. (Believe it or not, cycling has actually improved my back pain!)

    I am now 47, and my accident has set me back somewhat. I haven’t had a completely pain-free day since last October, but I stubbornly refuse to give up. I get sad and frustrated all the time, especially when I see that my jeans and t-shirts are too tight with all the weight I have put on; but I absolutely refuse to give in. Too much to live for.


    I’ve noticed a few folk in this thread have mentioned sore necks and I also get this. I regularly go to the physio for him to mobilise it, but does anyone have any good neck stretches they can recommend?? Apart from a noose (bad joke)

    Premier Icon xora

    almost 44 and a lot of the time my body feels like a skin sack full of broken glass.

    Still have a good quality of life though and mostly doesn’t keep me off the bike!

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Another one feeling lucky here, 46 and largely trouble-free. Feeling stronger and fewer niggly little pains since starting gym this year too.

    Recovery time is the main thing I’ve noticed slipping, be it from over-exertion or over-indulgence.


    47, arthritic finger from crash, slightly unreliable knees, but otherwise in pretty decent shape. No real aches and pains, happy riding as much as I can fit in. May race BMX next year. I could do with getting some upper body strength back, but otherwise feeling pretty lucky compared to some on here.

    Although I did have cancer when I was 43 and will be pissing in a bag for the rest of my life, so swings and roundabouts!

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