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  • How old is the bike you ride?
  • Premier Icon epicyclo

    What I have ridden most these last few months – 1998 1×1

    Premier Icon SaxonRider

    2009 Gary Fisher Big Sur. Plenty of pics of it on here somewhere.

    Still love it, but wanting to replace now with a certain modern fat bike.


    My ‘main’ bike is a ?93/94 Bontrager Race.


    Mostly my road hack early 1980s or 2003 enduro sx
    But do have some other modern stuff for big days out

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Actually, when it comes to road, most of my mileage has been on 1930s bikes this year.


    2004 Orange P7
    2005 Keewee Cromo Eight
    Love them both to bits and can’t see a good reason to replace either frame, however I’m a serial component breaker so they get replaced fairly regularly.

    2004 spesh enduro.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    1999 Schwinn Homegrown USA although only used for the more sedate mile munching stuff.
    2004 road bike
    2009 steel 456

    My pub hack is around 1990.

    Really quite fancying one of those slack Stantons though…


    Some lovely bikes up there ^

    Mine are

    1996 Bontrager
    2007 De Rosa
    2011 Salsa

    nothing new here….

    This frame was built in 1990. Tange Prestige fillet brazed & brings a new meaning to ‘Triggers Brush’ as the only original tubes are the RH seat & chainstays. It’s the bike I use the most & would never ever get rid of…
    [url=]Mk 8[/url] by jimmyg352, on Flickr

    Also have a 2010 5 for Sunday best & a 2011 Spesh Allez road thing which gets little use.


    2011 Ghost SE5000 hardtail
    2011 Ghost AMR 5900 fully suspended (new Stan’s ZTR Flow on Hope Pro 2 EVO wheels last summer).
    2014 Genesis Equilibrium 10 steel road bike.
    Just sold an early 90s GT Karakoram because it was a twit (only got £16 for it).

    Current n+1 is a Cotic BFe or Soul build.


    Built a new On One Inbred this time last year.
    Would still have my 2008 Meta5 if it hadn’t been stolen.


    Klein Attitude from 2001, not a lot original left, but still using the original rear wheel,

    Giant Trance 2 from 2006, almost all original

    Sanderson Breath, frame from 2010, Component mix includes: Reba forks from 2005, XT crank from 2002, Square taper BB, XT 4 pot front brake from 2002 as well, This is my most ridden bike.


    Not doing it again on this if I can help it. I’m getting to the age where a FS 29r will save my lower spine from excess wear on rides over 50 miles

    Nice Zaskar! Had a few, including a ’97 in yellow and an ’09 Zaskar Team in blue – fantastic to ride, also had a ’98 LTS DS, and most recently a 2011 Trek X-cal 29er – now own:

    2015 Trek Fuel Ex 5 29er – not a light bike but feels so well planted and fun. I’d agree that FS 29er is the way forward 😉


    2 years old both my bottlerocket and bandit , both 26 🙂


    Yeti ASR 2004 Built up in 04 as parts wear out or break I replace it.
    Still ride great and I still love riding it.

    Rock lobster 2007 hard tail again still rides great.
    Wouldn’t buy another one unless I proper break it or something really nice turns up. NOT 29er,,

Viewing 16 posts - 81 through 96 (of 96 total)

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