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  • How much technology do you ride with?
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    A watch – for timing myself on segments (sod strava / KoM nonsense)

    A Garmin – with local map usually, logging to GPX, and to waymark anything of interest that I may wish to look up on a map later

    A phone – with app for the local transport company, which lets me find nearest tram stop / bus stop / station in case of emergency, look up timetables, and even buy ticket (if I spent the emergency fare on ice-cream)

    Garmin edge 800 (and a very old phone).

    Having said that it’s used as a glorified watch 90% of the time and used just for recording tracks. I do like the sat-nav function on the road bike though, just pick a destination 15-20miles away, let it do the navigating and then ride back occasionaly throwing in a wrong turn to make sure it’s not a repeat of the ride out. Definately makes riding a bit more fun than just a basic computer.

    I want a go-pro, but I’m not sure what I’d do with it. Bit like GPS logs, they’re cool to look at once, then it just sits in a database. Not sure I’d have the paitience to make a film from the footage. At least with still images it’s a very quick process to flick through and save a few good ones.


    Cateye omputer on my road bike and endomondo for mtb if I can be arsed to wait for my phone to locate a gps signal.


    dispensed with all unnecessary distractions– so,spare tube, repair kit, pump,levers, — and just go….and not fret…

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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