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  • How many fillings do you have?
  • Premier Icon maccruiskeen

    43. two shallow fillings (shallow enough no have needed anaesthetic)

    Haven’t been to a dentist since 1990.

    I had a treatment done in my early teens where they seal some sort of paste in your molars with UV light,

    So did I (I’d forgotten all about that, although I can immediately recall the taste) Do they still do that now? or is it something that doesn’t happen any more because of Health and Safety Gone Mad / The EU / The Cuts / Science?


    45, no fillings, no extractions, all my original teeth though 2 wisdom teeth still to appear (so 30 proper unaltered gnashers in use). I struggle with long sentences but did I win, and if so, what was the prize? Actually I’m surprised at the number of no/low fillings reported, I thought it was really rare, but apparently not.

    By the time my grandmonther was about 30 she didn’t have a single tooth left (partly through choice I think, full dentures to rule out future problems).

    35 no fillings and got all my adult and wisdom teeth!I wish the rest of me was as good.


    34, 1 filling, 1 baby tooth still in!

    Premier Icon footflaps

    Actually I’m surprised at the number of no/low fillings reported, I thought it was really rare, but apparently not.

    I think it is, my dentist always remarks that I must have really tough teeth to still have them all intact. He says one shows signs of decay that has then resealed and healed, probably from fluoride in the toothpaste etc.

    Premier Icon seadog101

    45, and 8 fillings. Most of these are now onto their second run, and it would probably be more but 4 were pulled out years ago.


    suffering with excruciating periodontitis the last few days.. right now I would like nothing more than to have the whole lot pulled out 😥


    47 and no fillings, haven’t been to a dentist since 1984 though


    40, no fillings and not been to a dentist in 19 years – although I am kinda worried when I do get around to it I’ll need lots done (although I don’t have tooth ache)


    No wisdom teeth, two other teeth missing, all teeth behind the incisors have been filled at least once, one front tooth filled, at least three root canal filled teeth are still in there, one of which is now marginal.

    My teeth really depress me. It’s only going to get worse from here on in.

    Edit: I’m 39.

    Premier Icon totalshell

    51.. half a dozen extractions a couple of false teeth and virtually everthing left has fillings 9 (some gold)

    from an age where we had drills with no pain relief and everyone wore big braces was at dentist all through my teenage years had another splurge in my mid twenties and now only hago to have teeth out when necessary.

    dentists are the 20/21st centurys quacks complete and utter rip off merchants. what other part of your body needs checking every six months..

    58 here… teeth left but gums are still good. 🙄

    Premier Icon mintimperial

    36 and flipping loads of fillings – around ten or fifteen, and two of them large root ones. Clean your teeth, kids.


    33 and none.

    Mind you I’ve not been to a dentist in about 8 years. 😳

Viewing 14 posts - 41 through 54 (of 54 total)

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