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  • How many fillings do you have?
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    43 and no fillings

    Premier Icon Drac

    No idea but I have fillings.


    I’ve got 2 fillings which isn’t bad given I’m 43 and didn’t go to the dentist from 15 until I got tooth ache a couple of years ago and got the work done.


    40, no fillings.

    47 years of age and I’ve 5 fillings, all done in my mid teens. Like mud shark i didn’t go to the dentist for around 30 years. Even then I didn’t have any problems but just thought I better start making an effort. Had all the original silver ones replaced with (off) white fillings so it looks like I haven’t got any.

    33 and none, my missus is the same age and has 12 !


    About 9 fillings. My teeth are rubbish.
    Brush my teeth twice a day, floss etc. and have trouble with my teeth and gums.
    My wife brushes her teeth once a day only, never flosses etc. and is in and out of the dentist in 5 mins with no issuse!

    Pretty sure a mate of mine has no fillings and is 36. He’s always had very strong teeth – used to open beer bottles with them!


    50 0ne filling


    I think dentists of the 70’s were on piece-rate pay. They put us through like sheep as kids, no way was all this work necessary. Hardly ever had sweets and sugary drinks and still ended up with loads of fillings 🙁

    Edit: I reserve the right to be cynical. Harold Shipman was my Doctor too!


    Have had big phobias with dentist, had teeth removed using gas in my early teens due to overcrowding and fillings without pain relief using those drills driven by long cords around pulleys on articulated arms. Never went at all around my 20’s and 30’s. Only went for extreme pain to have rotten teeth removed. I suppose around my 40’s I found that dentists now had pain relief and proper drills.. Now don’t fear them at all. Our dentist is a lovely young lady very gentle manner, quite chatty always asking about my biking.
    No idea how many fillings but loads….

    I think dentists of the 70’s were on piece-rate pay. They put us through like sheep as kids, no way was all this work necessary.

    That’s pretty much what my current dentist said.

    Premier Icon ton

    2 middle front teeth missing…
    1 bottom middle tooth missing… incident
    1 bottom left tooth missing…
    1 top right tooth missing….dead root
    bottom wisdom teeth missing….extraction
    fillings x 10

    my teeth are pretty fubar. no fillings since my late teens tho.


    I have had to have some teeth removed

    Due to travelling i was unable to see/get a dentist for about 15 years and you could only get emergency treatment on NHS and they just removed them.

    Not sure but two teeth down 😳

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Lets find Mr Perfect Gnashers. The person with no fillings.
    Obviously the older you are ,you will win.
    I’m 49 and reckon all my big teeth have fillings. Went to the dentist today and she says that younger people have far better oral health than children of the 60s/70s.
    Edit, 11 fillings.

    What duntstick said. Everytime I went I ‘needed a filling’. I wish I had a bike shop, I’d tell all dentists they ‘needed’ new transmission components every time they came in!

    32, no fillings but I have receding gums on some of my teeth due, no doubt, to brushing too hard. Still, good news about the fillings.

    Premier Icon kcal

    51. innumerable fillings. combination of diet (mm, tablet), dentistry and probably not very good at dental hygiene did for me..


    61, loads of fillings.
    The big change came when much of the country had fluoride added to the water, and toothpaste was also fluoridated. The (statistical) effect was magical – there are far fewer fillings in the under 45s.

    I do like the new composite white filling materials, as they are much less obvious than the mercury amalgams used up to around 2000. Hooray for science !


    1 filling.


    Premier Icon seosamh77

    2.5 missing teeth in the back, 2 crowns, and 4 or 5 (large) fillings. I had a fear of dentists when I was younger (getting drilled when the jags hadn’t had time to take effect properly, plus a bad experience with gas when I was even yonnger). So my teeth are in poor repair.

    I’m only 36 too. I reckon I’m winning this so far! :mrgreen: 🙁 I need a good few grand to get them sorted properly I reckon, a couple of implants in the back would be nice..

    Ho hum

    43 with one extraction, 4 crowns, one RCT to be crowned soon and over 10 fillings.

    My dentist in the 80s was a horrible wee man that put me right off going to the dentist for a long time and I did not take very good care of my teeth as a teenager/early 20s 😳


    32 – 2 extractions not including wisdom teeth which are also extracted, maybe 10 or 12 fillings, 4 RCT – one of which shattered on an olive stone and then got promoted to extraction 🙁

    thing is a LOT of people always say i’ve got nice teeth as they only see the front ones which to be fair aren’t bad… luckily they can’t see the ones at the back!!!!


    43 no fillings, two wisdom teeth out, wife has no fillings and better teeth than me…

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    43 y.o, 2 fillings but only got 1 tooth.


    42, 2 extractions and 6 fillings including a freshly finished root canal and crown.

    I was pretty rubbish with dental stuff when I was younger but they seem to be holding up okay for now…


    Mouth full of fillings here. If you grew up through the 60s/70s, dentists drilled and filled for fun, or payment from the government! Most youngsters I know have no fillings despite eating sugary foods every day – must be the flouride.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Old boy, do you think we were victims and how much money can we claim?

    Late 50s and a mouthful of fillings. I don’t know if it was my diet as a kid, or the fact that I ended up terrified of dentists after the horrors visited upon me by my childhood one, and therefore was somewhat reluctant to go as an adult.


    I’m 27, before 2 weeks ago I had none. After this Friday I’ll have 5. Didn’t go to the dentist for about 8 years and didn’t take very care of my teeth, lesson learnt!


    43yrs .. full set of teeth with just the 1 filling. From my observation of friends/work colleagues … the smokers start losing their teeth around 50yrs old, and they lose the quickly there after!

    I am a non smoker I should add.


    27, no fillings.


    Oldboy, do you think we were victims and how much money can we claim?

    Maybe we could use the same lawyers currently acting for 60s/70s TV star sex abuse victims 🙂 Let’s start with £10,000 per tooth and see how it goes!

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    Two fillings, I think. Aged 37. Had them done c20 years ago, I think, after spending all my teenage years in the hands of an orthodontist.

    Went back to the dentist last year for the first time since I was 20. Result? Teeth in perfect health, no further fillings required!


    36 – no fillings and still a baby tooth. 😀


    Hey, zippykona, nice idea but are you serious? My dentists are long gone. Who would we be claiming against, the NHS?

    Shamefully I haven’t been to a dentist in 10 years. I have no fillings and seem to have good teeth but not being an expert It’s very possible they are actually about ready to all drop out.

    Premier Icon cardo

    40 and no fillings… I had a treatment done in my early teens where they seal some sort of paste in your molars with UV light, this stops stuff getting deep and trapped in your teeth. Seems to have worked … No wisdom teeth yet though!

    31, 2 fillings, not been to the dentist in 10 years, brush twice daily, chew sugarfree gum after my morning coffee and after lunch, rarely remember to floss though.

    My girlfriend is the same age and practically lives in the dentist, despite brushing and flossing etc.

    I still have a great deal of trouble trusting dentists to be impartial when they get paid per procedure? Easy for them to justify the work I guess so it’s like printing money.

    Tellingly, the only twinge I occasionally get is when biting down too hard on a tooth with a filling, I’m 99% sure I could have done without.


    47 no fillings.

    Had some gum disease but sorted out by amazing dentist lady with mostly just (quite expensive) common sense.

    Edit: I reserve the right to be cynical. Harold Shipman was my Doctor too!

    I think that means you win!

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