how many bikes?

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  • how many bikes?
  • aw

    It would be pleasing to me to run just one or maybe two bikes but I have 5 and I can only bear to sell maybe one or two.

    I have…

    SS cyclocross – Alan alu frame.
    SS Kona cindercone 18" 97
    SS kona unit 2-9er 16" 2005
    Klein Attitude V 2005
    Team Carbon Boardman road bike 2009

    I think the unit has to go but I cannot bear to lose the cone (had it over 10 years). The Klein I love and I really dig the versatility of the crosser. The carbon road bike is my new edition.

    If I had to have two it would be one geared MTB and a road/cyclocross bike (probably SS)


    Why do you actually want to cut down to 2?

    I kind of have the same as you – road, cx, ss mtb, geared mtb and an old kona for commuting/baby carrying duties. That covers all the bases I reckon.

    oF your list, the cindercone and the unit are the two that obviously aren't both needed but since when has need been any fun when determining what bikes you have? πŸ™‚

    i'm just building up a forth

    stuff all that minimalisation nonsense – overbiked and overbikenumbered is the only true way


    Sounds like you need a full susser.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Yeah, you need more bikes. Two or three full-sussers should do it.

    With as many gears as possible.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth


    Road (carbon)
    Road (alu – winter trainer/commuter/light tourer/going to the shops)
    MTB (HT – Cotic Soul/geared)
    MTB (HT – Kona 1992 Lavadome/SS)
    Track (er, for riding on the track)

    I get sick of having to maintain them – they cost a fortune. That said, I do now want a cross bike (to race).

    It's never ending. πŸ™„

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Six here:

    CX bike, also used for road rides and touring
    Big bike

    I think between them they pretty much have every base covered for every type of riding I want to do. The problem is that I don't really get the best out of some of them, particularly the DH bike and the BMX, as I haven't ridden them enough.


    Quite happy with just the one – full-susser (and the lil red 'bred s/s frame to build up for when I'm 'between bikes', as I am at the mo').

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    Where's Thurman Merman and his impressive collection? πŸ˜€

    Mister P

    The current fleet consists of-

    Genesis iO 520
    Genesis Flyer 520
    Genesis Altitude 853
    Genesis Equilibrium 853

    So I reckon some kind of CX bike is next, probably a Genesis something in steel LOL.


    Seven. Although one is, at least vaguely, for sale.

    Can't see why I'd want to cut down πŸ™‚


    Orange 5 2006
    Cotic Soul
    Rocky Mountain Blizzard
    Kona Paddywagon
    Holdsworth Touring bike
    OnOne Inbred
    and a few other frames kicking round.


    Mr Agreeable – Member

    Quite happy with just the one

    Are you sure about that?

    Yep, quite sure . . . but which 'one'?? . . . sometimes the indecision just gets too much πŸ˜‰ . Glad I didn't go for the Stinky though . . . I have something much nicer in the pipeline πŸ˜€


    Our household has 24 at last count…..

    Premier Icon earl_brutus

    A bullit for the alps
    A superlight for the UK
    A 1 gear kona Lavadome 94 vintage for the pub

    Probably 4 more than I really need πŸ™

    Cotic Soul
    Cotic RoadRat
    Blur LT
    Pace RC 2
    Dawes Audax

    A couple fewer than I'd really like
    after all I don't have a SS MTB or 29er …


    I have 3.5 (nearly 4) and that just doesn't seem enough to cover all whims of fancy, as for picking which one to keep, I would sell relatives first if it was for the money

    Current rides
    SS Kilauea 853
    Cove Stiffee
    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Marin hack thing if I ever get the BB out

    plus the GF's Trek in the shed too


    Only 3 at the moment:

    Stumpjumper FSR 120 (130mm forks), currently 2×9, usually 3×9
    Giant XTC Hardtail (120mm forks), currently 3×9, usually 1×9
    rek 4100 (rigid forks), 3x7spd, currently with slicks

    Would also like:

    140(-150mm) FS with 140ish forks, with some extra 160mm forks to put on now and then
    Possibly a 170-180mm full suss that (almost) goes uphill (ie probably 2×9)
    A Road bike
    A Kona Ute or similar
    A 'Hardcore' Hardtail as a 'play' bike
    A 29"er (or a few)

    Seven Sola MTB
    On-One Inbred SS
    S-Works Tarmac SL road bike
    CX bike made for me by a frame builder friend of mine.
    Butcher's dog thing for pub duties.
    On-One 456 hack bike that I leave in the UK for when I visit the family.
    Two frames -one a Kinesis alu thing and the other another Inbred lying around waiting to be built into something.
    How many is that?

    All that is missing is a 5-6 inch full suspension bike which I am thinking about at the moment.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Just the 3 for me.

    FSR XC Pro
    Geared Inbred
    Uncle John

    I need a single speed.

    …and a long travel hardtail.

    …and a road bike.

    …and some Ti.

    ive four a ti audax. Surly cross check geared but have a spare ss wheel. Inbred 456 geared but have ss kit too (i miss the ss since selling lol)and a turner five full sus. Wouldnt mind another 29er ss unit or rig size 16. You hear me aw lol


    Only the three, but only so I can leave room for a 4th.

    Santa Cruz Heckler '03
    Singular Swift
    Lemond Alpe d'Huez

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    The number of bikes that you need can be calculated using the following forumla.

    X = n + 1

    Where X is the number of bikes you need and n is the number of bikes that you have.

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    Only three at the moment.

    Gary Fisher Marlin-Well thats what it says on the tin. So heavily upgraded the only original bits are the frame and the front mech!

    Cannondale Scalpel-Another custom build.

    Cannondale Carbon Synapse.

    But as i type this in Slovenia, I have just found out that the local 'Dale dealer in Maribor is doing 25% off Prophets and Motos. Guess where I am going tomorrow!


    *counts fingers and toes*

    Planet X Superlight
    another Pompino
    Scandal (on the wall at the moment)
    1970s falcon, SSd as commuter
    Islabikes Rothan (frame's too small for me though)


    "too many" according to my wife, but also more worryingly; my kids.

    Premier Icon Andy

    Ah hmmmmmm, shuffles feet

    titus motolite
    santa cruz superlight
    853 Inbred ss
    airborne lancaster hardtail
    98 853 explosif ss
    93 orange P7 (not built up)
    Airborne carpe diem ti audax/crosser
    roadrat (not built up and probably wont so will get rid)


    One less than I need.


    Gary Fisher HKEK.
    Cove G-spot.
    Pipedream Sirius.
    Klein Adept.
    Merlin Malt 1.
    Corrado road bike

    3 = Radford Elite, Mongoose Tyax, Giant TranceX

    I want to swap the Mongoose for a Ragley


    I have 3:

    road bike for communting and road rides
    5" full suss for pretty much everything off road
    7" full suss for stuff that will snap the 5"er

    I'd like 5" hardtail for stuff that the 5"er is too heavy for – longer rides
    maybe this winter

    Premier Icon steveh

    I've got 6, all get used and I wouldn't want to ditch any. If I had to 1 and 3 probably get used least.

    1 Commencal geared road bike
    2 93 zasker hack/commuter
    3 Commencal jump bike
    4 Iron horse sunday dh race bike
    5 Dialled PA geared XC HT
    6 Marin Attack trail geared XC FS


    stoner – are you missing digits? that list should fit on your hands πŸ˜‰

    A poor showing at only three

    1. Alloy, winter hack road bike.
    2. Marin Point Reyes – commuter/rigid MTB
    3. Moots Ti Hardtail – From my racing days but plenty good enough for long days off road.

    As you will have all spotted I clearly need a carbon, blinged up, road machine


    1. Slotty S/S Inbred with RC31s
    2. 853 geared Inbred with Rebas
    3. 1998 Pine Mountain with flat bars,bar ends, Exotic carbon forks, 48/34 chain rings, 11-23 cassette – hack bike.
    4. Genesis Croix de Fer

    Recommend me a F/S………………………………and a good divorce lawyer. πŸ™‚


    1) Inbred 456
    2) Ribble 7005
    3) Orange Gringo
    4) Kona Dew Deluxe
    5) 1990 Diamondback Topanga – used by the old man now – long term loan!


    Almost dare not go here…
    Yeti ASR SL, fastest along
    Merlin FatTi, most history, fastest up
    One One SS, most ridden
    Orange 222, fastest down
    Stumpjumper, slow hack
    Brompton, fold in train city hack
    Brian Rouke Road, fastest road
    – need a SC Heckler!, for some up,along and down πŸ˜†
    – might need a Cotic Soul, most missed πŸ™
    Sprog James:
    DMR Sidekick, jumping
    Trek Lion, street/tricks, school run
    One one Summer Season, hitting hard trails hard
    Comencal DH, NPS series
    Specialized fast road thing, training, getting to mates
    ……. does not ride her two……..
    the list goes on prob, 3-4 (dusty) more and a few bits around to make a couple more………………


    I've currently got 6, but am in the process of (re)building another:

    NSbikes Society, XCish hardtail with Pikes

    Muddyfox jumpbike (old, singlespeed)

    Ribble 731 roadbike with 16speed campag

    '97 Condercone with drop bars, mudguards and slicks for crappy weather commuting

    KHE BMX for playing at skateparks and wallrides

    Kona Howler 4x bike, 4" travel, getting more like a DH bike as it's now got boxxer 151s, 8" rotor and big tyres

    As I'm currently turning the 4x bike into a DH bike, thought I'd better actually get one so I'm rebuilding my 1998 Schwinn Straight8… Got some saint hubbed wheels from here and with some careful machining they now work with the 20mm/15mm stepped rear axle.

    Only thing I'd like in addition would be a 4 or 5" travel XC ish boingy bike – would need to be laidback angles. Might turn the howler into this in the future.

    Oh, and possibly another singlespeed as I sold my last one to buy the NSbikes frame…

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Four here:
    96 Orange C16R
    04 Specialized Enduro Expert
    04 Turner 5 Spot
    08 Cove Hummer

    Would like to add a road bike and a short travel XC rig

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