how many bikes?

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  • how many bikes?
  • 2tyred

    7 and enough to put together a hack:

    steel bmx
    vintage steel hardtail (89 cindercone)
    ss alu hardtail (frame swap imminent)
    hooligan steel hardtail
    steel fixed gear
    ss alu flat bar commuter
    alu road bike

    vacancies for:

    steel 24-inch cruiser
    carbon road bike

    and following bikemonger's recent postings, one of those longtail things!


    I only have 3 at the moment
    Cotic Soul
    Ellsworth Specialist (jump 4x bike)
    Orange 223 (in bits prepairing for new paint)
    Just sold my Bullit and ss hack so raising funds for a Heckler or Orange Five.
    It never ends ๐Ÿ˜€


    Robidoo – great choices now and coming


    1993 M-Trax, one of the old Ti ones, 21 speed LX and cantis.
    1997 Claude Butler Psycho, converted to SS, comuting and going places.
    199? Coppi K14, road/road racing/crits/hill climbs/touring
    1999 Marin Attack Trail, 5" coil sprung and now with triple clamps and big brakes
    2004 Saracen Killi, surprisingly light magnesium hardtail
    2009 Yeti ASR-Carbon, just to make you all jealous. 19LB full suss! Racing only.

    Probably enough spares to build another, just 'need' some wheels.

    Collecting a time-trial bike on Friday, old and second-hand, blew all my funds on the Yeti. Just need a 'cross bike now…


    Hmm..7 1/2 I guess:
    circa '90 M500 Cannondale (in bits…components that is, not the frame!)
    '96 M2 Stumpie (slightly more assembled than the above)
    '02 P7 (vaguely more assembled than the M2 after a rear-wheel QR incident)
    '03 SWorks Enduro
    Trek Bruiser (which I really ought to flog on account of my age and jumping ability being diametrically opposed, and not in a good way)
    HPVelotechnik Speedmachine (recumbent)
    Challenge Hurricane (recumbent)
    And a Pashley Municyle ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Premier Icon wool

    orange road rat steel (proto)
    orange aluminum elite
    orange E8
    orange Clockwork ltd eddition in matt orange
    kona AA
    Kona Dawg Deluxe
    Joe Waugh Steel
    Planet X Uncle John
    Colnago Dream
    + 5 more in the house that are wifes and my son. Just need one more !


    And a unicyle. And no, I can't.


    I could…but haven't since snowboard lessons in hard boots took their toll on my knees ๐Ÿ™


    I knew I forgot one from my list – also got a unicycle 2 weeks back.

    kobe ti,
    dialled alpine *probably going to put up for sale this weekend*
    kona cinder cone
    planet x road bike

    Cove Hummer
    Mather SS
    Old Merlin XLM
    Kona Jake the Snake
    Seven Axiom
    and on order
    Singular Swift
    will then turn Mather into townbike maybe xtracycle

    well by the sounds of it i need to buy more bikes and pretty quick.
    Ive been mountail biking now for over 20 years and i only have two bikes,
    my 17 year old Zaskar L.E. and my 15 year old Panter A.L.
    well its of to the bike shop for me…. ๐Ÿ˜†


    Its posts like these that bring me out in a cold sweat!

    Turner 5spot DW
    Dialled Alpine
    OnOne Tinbred
    Voodoo DJab SS
    Kona Jake CX
    OnOne Pompino
    Woodrup Tourer
    Litespeed Tuscany Ti Roadbike
    1992 Orange Clockwork
    Hack Specialized Hardrock


    I have:

    Scott Scale 30 – Race Bike
    Scott Scale 40 – Training / winter bike
    Voodoo Wanaga – SS
    On One 456 – Fun Bike ๐Ÿ˜€
    SCott Speedster – Road Bike

    Could cut down but use each bike. Plus the more bikes you have, the more bits you can buy for them from here! ๐Ÿ˜†


    I have the following:

    Santa Cruz Nomad
    Dialled bike PA
    Planet X Uncle John

    The girlfriend also has:

    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Spech Stumpy FSR
    On One Inbred
    Planet X Kaffenback

    As we are both 5 11", thats 7 bikes to choose from ๐Ÿ™‚

    A heckler.
    A Scott full-sus.
    A 456SE
    A Gary Fisher – alu rigid with disks and slicks.
    A Marin – alu HT.
    A Trek – ladies HT (for my Mum).
    An unknown make steel HT to become a single ๐Ÿ™‚

    Here's my current eclectic selection

    SS Karate Monkey
    Fisher Rig
    Mk1 Dialled Price Albert
    Focus Cross Expert
    MTBTandems Fandango with 66s and a Rohloff
    1987 Cannondale sm1000 (still original spec)
    Scott Fastback cruiser thing with Nexus and drum brakes!
    CW Pistol Pete BMX race bike

    Plus the wife's bikes plus a couple of other frames and bikes in various states of repair.


    On One Tinbred 1×9
    05 Stumpjumper FSR
    Schwinn beach cruiser SS
    Raleigh Chopper MK1 sturmey 5 speed
    Raleigh Pursuit (given to nephew so doesnt count now)
    Some rockrider thing to build into winter hack.

    1972 Gilera 50 Trail
    1978 Bultaco 360 Pursang

    And the wife and kids:-

    Specialized Hotrock… soon be a Felt 24"
    Carrera Vulcan (but I made it from bits n bobs)
    Claud Butler MTB


    I feel justified with:

    Kona Coiler DeeL (most crashed, often broken, like now)
    DMR Sideick (5", 2×9, most ridden, most reliable)
    Inbred (SS, Rigid, most night rides)
    Diamondback cruiser (for sale)

    My wife's got:

    Kona Stinky DeeL (usually gathering dust)
    Kona Dawg Primo (usually filthy)

    And that is what is left after a cull. I'd dread to think how many we've been through over the years.

    Premier Icon mos

    Spec Allez – winter road
    Spec Roubaix – summer road
    5 Spot – mtb fave
    Orange Crush – for when i'm feeling unfit (most of the time)
    Litespeed Toccoa – built into ss rigid weight weenie un-ridden cos it rides like a stiff gearless pig
    96 Santa Cruz Tazmon frame – airshock stictionfest, should have bought a turner instead
    Kona Kula at parents place in spain

    Kwak kx250f mx bike (not endurofag green lane sh@gger migh i add!)

    29er Hardtail
    29er FS



    On-One Ti29er (SS or gears depending on mood, my main race bike)
    On-One Inbred SS (ye olde faithful)
    Yeti 575
    Cove Stiffee
    Condor Pista (SS commuter)
    Surly Steamroller (the old commuter – currently built as brakeless fixie but should just sell it)
    Lynskey Cooper road bike (with powertap – the road/training bike)
    Storck C1.1 (blinged up road bike – but rarely gets used because the powertap is on the Lynskey)
    and a couple of frames lying round.

    Just need a fast/light full susser for the 24 hour races, but the Storck and Surly will have to go… (that's downsizing, innit?)


    Orange 5 diva
    On-one SS
    Rock Lobster geared MTB
    Lemond Fillmore fixed

    Not been out on the 5 much recently, but planning a welsh trail centre trip soon!
    May swap the on-one for something else soon?


    3 is the magic number.
    but definatly need a commuter to stop nice bikes getting nicked, so is that counted in the three???

    Trance, Primary, loved(cleaned and polished) more than its ridden

    Single speed XtC, bridleway tyres at the moment for evening bashings, which make up most of the weight, swap them for conti mud tyres and it weighs next to NOTHING, so good to take along to races as a spare incase it turns filthy

    Burley hardtail (currently a street/dirt/park bike, looking to sell it and build up a raather nice chameleon with lyriks)


    Unicycles don't count. 2 of those.

    Sounds like some people have more bikes than me – I'll have to get some more!

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    I seem to ahve too many. Trouble is, the Brompton and the Big Dummy are pretty well non-negotiable, and I sold my last Kona A'ha then immediately regretted it once already, so I'm not doing that again.

    Only really got one mountain bike and one proper roadie. The "winter" road bike really needs changing for something else, but I'd struggle to do without it entirely. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    andylaightscat said:

    and on order
    Singular Swift
    will then turn Mather into townbike maybe xtracycle

    You're going to do what to a Mather? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Which Pegoretti frame do you have on order? Be prepared for a loooong wait – my friend waited over 12 months for his Luigino:

    You're going to do what to a Mather?

    I think Rob is pretty happy to see his bikes being used for stuff other than just pure recreation. He started offering discounts for people who specified rack mounts and mudguard eyelets etc, so that hopefully people would continue to use them when it isn't pristine number 1 bike.

    I have 6
    Rigid singlespeed MTB for local riding
    Short travel XC race/marathon hardtail MTB
    Full sus 5 spot
    Steel tourer/commuter/CX bike
    Roadie singlespeed hack bike
    Nice roadbike

    Though my 'nice' road bike is getting decidedly long in the tooth, so I'd like to get a carbon bling number next year.

    Premier Icon MrOvershoot

    This many ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


    Is there a prize for getting the right number ?
    (10 ?)

    >Unicycles don't count

    Well, they might if you commute on 'em ๐Ÿ˜› – I used to do about a mile at each end, to/from stations…

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Orange 5 (one of the first ones)
    Orange P7 (mud bike)
    Inbred s/s
    Ti 456 (lightish bike)
    Building Cotic Soul
    Dawes Tandem

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Current 3 and 1/2:

    Chumba VF2
    Giant TCR 2 (good road bike)
    Specialized Allez (with Record – hack bike!)
    Cotic Soul frame and some bits (robbed for the Chumba but looking to be built back up soonish…)

    Premier Icon DezB

    I've actually got enough. 3 that is.
    575 for most things
    Roadbike for commuting
    Handjob for most other things, like taking the dog out.

    Does me fine.

    I'm amazed how far this thread got without any pictures! (until that horrible white & blue thing)


    Lemond Filmore fixie
    Ti456 long travel hardtail for big climbing days and muddy winter XC
    Blur Lt 5" for fast summer XC and trail centres
    Boardman Team Carbon road bike, latest addition and whole new way to spend money.

    Wouldnt mind a SS rigid hardtail but do I really need one…..???


    how many inbreds?!


    06 Norco Six-One main bike.
    Recently built DMR Trailstar SS for local loops. Don't know what year it is.
    Old (maybe 60's or 70's?) LeJeune road bike. Converted to SS for commuting and training. Awesome bike that I paid a tenner for off Gumtree.


    Circa 95 Marin Indian Fire Trail. Awaiting a reincarnation.
    Team Saracen BMX Jump bike. Blookdy heavy.


    Four bikes here

    In France:
    Switch FS 5" of travel
    Handjob going from SS to geared
    Commuter might be build back into geared at some point.
    In UK


    But living in the family house kinda stop you from having too much bikes


    Four here. For now.

    On-one Inbred.'07
    Yeti 575.'07
    Carrera Fury converted to SS/rigid with slick for commuting
    Bianchi roadie

    Tried to whittle it down to a roadie and a long travel HT, but failed.
    Plus there is a Voodoo Wanga frame on its way.

    If you have the room, keep them. I always think about selling the Yeti, but then I ride it and I change my mind. Again I think about selling the Inbred, but then I ride it.
    The Wanga is going to be built as a comparison to the Inbred. Then whichever rides better will be kept.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Just realised I need another one.. andrewh's carbon ASR please. For racing (badly) on!



    Let's see some pics of the Pistol Pete please (if it's a chrome one ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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