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  • How heavy are your 140/150mm full sussers?
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    My SX was put in a diet big time last summer. At one point it was just over 37lbs. In terms of cost:

    I ditched the Z150’s for the 36’s (£200 from STW)
    Diabolus cranks swapped for Atlas AM cranks (£40 from STW)
    Blackspire DS1 swapped for E13 LG1 trail chain device (£100 from CRC)
    Azonic A Frames swapped for Superstar Nano’s (£43 from Superstar)
    NS Bikes hubs on EN321’s swapped for Easton Havoc wheels (£365 from CRC, half price a sale)
    Maxxis High Roller tyres swapped for Hans Dampfs (£60 from Bike Discount).

    The pedals, cranks and chain device shed a fair bit of lard as did the forks but the wheels and tyres have made the bike feel much more lively to ride.

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    I’m no weight weenie, but I have some spare time, and google 🙂

    Firstly, you’re on a 29er, so some components will be inherently heavier-you’re not comparing apples with apples

    Wheelset 2350 g, according to the manufacturer. That’s over a pound heavier than the pro2/flow 26 wheelset, and the alloy Havens in 29 are about 1750g -that’s 1.5 pounds.
    Ditch the Reverb, that’s 250g saved
    Higher spec brakes and lighter rotors, another 250g
    Cassette, 150g by going to xt
    29er forks, probably 150g heavier than the equivalent 26
    Saddle is 325g could easily lose 100g without going to a racing saddle
    Cranks, another 150g by going to xt
    Carbon bars save 100g
    Tyres, same in 26 will be 100g less.

    Now that’s a saving of around 4 pounds, some due to you riding a big wheeler, some due to lower spec components, but without spending anything too high end as a replacement. Probably a typical DIY build, with the exception of dropping the reverb. More to be lost too, go to 1×10, change the grips, stem, maybe headset and pedals.
    Trouble is when you buy a bike it’s expensive to lose weight by upgrading, it’s a lot cheaper to spec it at the build time.

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    Wobbli. I can’t see too many places to save weight there without spending crazy money.

    Your wheels will be the single biggest gain.

    What does the saddle weigh? That cassette will be quite portly too as will the cranks and stem. But it’s not going to be huge gains there.

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    Stock small Covert 26 (with Reverb) 31lbs (14.06kg). Not tried to lighten it up yet. Although Surf Sales are now speccing the lighter Revolution 25 wheels on the Smalls rather than the 28s. It’s probably end up with some Hope Pro2 Evos and 521s if they work out lighter because they’re in the garage.

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    Just to add on the modern build thing my heckler bits have an average date of 09ish…. newer is lighter & as strong.

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    If you are serious about saving weight you need to get analytical and start a spreadsheet. List EVERYTHING from frame to saddle, grips, seat clamp, the works.

    Component ¦ Weight ¦ Option ¦ Weight ¦ Cost ¦ Saving ¦ Cost/g

    It’ll make it easy to spot the worst offenders and the easy or cheap savings. Start with the lowest cost/g and obvious big chunks.

    Going 1×10 should save about 400g – shifter, cable, outer, mech, granny, bolts but add on weight of chain device.

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    Mindmap3 – to be honest i’m sot sure what the individual components weight – i’m not really looking to save any weight at all, i’m happy with it, but this thread prompted me to weigh the bike and it’s now got me interested. This could be a slippery slidey slope!! Now i’m going 1×10 I will change the crank at some point for a 1×10 specific crank, but in no rush, and a nicer wheelset is on the wishlist anyway, moreso for the feel and handling rather than dead weight loss. I’m just absolutely staggered at how light some of these bikes are coming in at given the differences in the frame weights reported on the manufacturers websites. It must be a case that some manufacturers grossly overestimate their frame weights on their websites and the real delta in weight is much higher.

    I rode my 25lb hardtail last night for the first time since getting my Covert. Didn’t notice the weight loss apart from on one long grinding climb. In fact I missed the longer suspension travel and rear suspension moreso which slowed me down alot.

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    My Remedy is bang on 30.5Lbs in its current guise 😀

    Its 3×10 XT 785
    XT Cassette
    XTR Shifters
    XTR Clutch Mech + front derailleur
    Heim 3 chain tensioner
    Haven Wheels (20mm & 142×12)
    Haven stem
    Haven carbon bars 715mm
    Elixir CR brakes 180 each end
    Fox Talas 36 RLC FIT 160-120 Kashima
    Spoon saddle
    Crank bros Candy 3 pedals
    High roller UST 60a 2.5 front
    High roller LUST 2.35 rear
    Prologo chameleon grips.

    i like it lots 😀

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    Yep, you also need to look at the small things like foam grips vs lock on’s for easy wins.

    My carbon zesty is around 26lbs with 1×10 and depending on pedals/tyres.

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    Yep, you also need to look at the small things like foam grips vs lock on’s for easy wins.

    Its a goof point lots of little wins. In the end also know where to draw the line. I prefer my lock ons (well 2/3 of them sawn down for grip shift) and a few other things like probably going 34s over 32s up front and sticking with mallets over candys day to day. Fitness and technique will make more difference but thats harder to buy.

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    My size large 2009 Wolf Ridge, complete with Wotans, Nukeproof bars and stem, SLX double and Stinger chainguide:

    About 33lbs all in. I don’t have a dropper post and I’ve an SDG I beam setup which has saved me a bit of weight. The bike feels front end heavy (with Wotans – go figure!). It’s pretty damn solid, there’s nothing really I’d add to give it any extra durability, except possibly to swap the 719 rims to 721s or similar but even then that’s belt and braces.

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    I’m just absolutely staggered at how light some of these bikes are coming in

    I think some sets of scales need calibrating too 😉

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    My Canyon Nerve AM 9 weighs about 27-28lbs. That’s with 2×10 X0 groupset, Reverb, Iodine 3 wheels ran tubeless. Could easily lose a bit of weight here and there if I wanted but I like the indestructible feel of it.

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    Seems clear why @Loddrik’s build is the lightest here… lots of carbon/XTR/X0 going on there, along with the light frame

    Conversely with Wobbli’s – the mix of X5/X7 components all adds up – it is all down to a couple hundred grams here and 50 grams there…

    Mine is around 31 lbs and at a build cost of around 3.5k (with year-old forks from ebay) – it’s as light as I’m prepared to go based on a strength vs. cost compromise. I’m best part of 16st, 6’3″ and want something that I can haul around a trail centre but also point straight down an Alp given the chance.

    If you have the resources and dedication to go light, then why not… but I think given the intended use of of most 140mm/150mm ‘all mountain’ bikes, quality of ride and durability will be of greater priority to most.

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    Digital Fox Fishing scales here- they always overestimate especially when I was fishing 😀

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    Wobbli your Covert weight sounds a little high but bathroom scales are probably not the best… I use 2 sets of ‘calibrated’ scales and take the average 😯 😀

    I think the frame weight on your Covert should be close to the frame weight on my ’12 29 Bandit which comes in at 29.4lbs with my trail tyres on it.

    Mine is a medium so even if we give the frame half a pound then we are looking at approx 2.5 – 3 lbs in the build.

    When I looked at your spec I added up the savings in my head as I know the weight of pretty much most parts… sad but true, i’m a lot of fun at parties… and I came to 2.5lbs of weight savings but that would come at a cost…. and a mortal dread of damaging any parts!!

    Seems like you are happy with the bike anyway so spending the cash on a trip to Les Arcs is defo the way to go.

    How are you finding the rear shock/suspension… soggy, poppy, controlled or no support in the mid stroke…. etc

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    I regularly check my scales as I use them to weigh stuff in the shop to be sold and would rather have accurate scales than a fine from the Govt.

    tom KP

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    wobbliscott, looking at the spec, it’s fairly apparent where the extra weight comes from.

    Just looking at the wheelset alone, as someone else stated yours come in at literally just under a kilo more than mine. Thats 2.2 pounds on one part. Everything else, few hundred grammes here, there & it all adds up.

    My cheapo scales have read within 0.1lb of every other set of scales i’ve used, including some very expensive self calibrating ones from a large post distributor.

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    Thanks minutes. I am happy with the bike and was a bit surprised at its weight as it doesn’t ride like a heavy bike so no plans to throw money at it in the near term, just to ride it.

    As to the shock, I am a bit disappointed with it. It does feel a bit soggy though I’ve not played with it much. It could do with more less rebound for more of a poppy feel, but I’m doing some jumping at the mo so don’t want to crank it up too much. The damping feels pretty linear along its stroke though so nice and predictable. Also I get virtually no bob when climbing, which I like. I don’t bother with the Climb mode.

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    Some of you guys are going to get hammered for excess baggage at airport check in if you weigh your luggage with the scales you weigh your bikes with 😉

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    Cove Hustler, Fox 36 Float R’s – 30lb

    Premier Icon juan
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    Why ever go over 30lb unless you want a mini-DHer?

    Not everyone rides in lordswood/Surrey. Plus a proper pari of tyres and a uppy down seat post adds 1.3kg to a bike.

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    2009 Heckler. Coil DHX4 shock, reverb, 140MM rev’s, xtr cranks, elixir r brakes, race race atlas bars, can’t remember the wheels, one is the original WTB, front is a heavier Mavic as I smashed the original WTB, weighs approx 31lbs. I would love a lighter bike but I ride heavy (OK badly) and break bits! But I love the bike.

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    **** 31.6LBS…….

    rocky mountain altitude 50
    ks 1900r dropper
    2.3 barrons front and back
    hope pro evo 2 with mavic en321 rims
    DH stem (that must be the .6of a lbs!!!!)
    superstar nanos
    everything else std

    might be time for some weight saving!

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    ’09 Heckler (now with ’12 rear end).
    33LB weighed with digital hanging scales that I got off ebay a few weeks ago.

    ’11 XFusion Vengeance HLR 36mm/160mm fork
    Sunline V1 bars (745) + stem (65mm)
    2×9 XT chainset
    Blackspire stinger
    Superstar nano flats
    Hope mini mono brakes+ 183/180 rotors
    Stans flow/switch evo/tubeless Fat Albert+Crossmark wheels
    Reverb+Ti Charge Spoon
    XTR shifters
    XT front/rear (med) derailleurs
    Hope ceramic BB
    Hope headset
    Superstar excel lockon grips

    Premier Icon jedi
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    my bottlerocket is 32.5lbs

    Premier Icon mattzzzzzz
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    Just weighed my mega out of curiosity and its bloody 33.6 lbs!!
    I must say it doesnt feel that heavy so then i weighed my missus bike
    Giant yukon fx FS which i built for under 300 and its 32lb Arghhhh
    I need to look at where the weight is as missus bike is built with 08/09 deore and cheapo alex rims on deore hubs with mostly Giant finishing kit.
    Mines1x9 and tubeless too

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    P1040761 by eastham_david, on Flickr

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    Orange Five 18″ 2012 27.5lbs checked with luggage scale, didn’t think it was that light ’til I read this thread

    Premier Icon b r
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    Orange Five 18″ 2012 27.5lbs with luggage scale, didn’t think it was that light’til I read this thread

    or how much your scales could be out?

    And that Turner just above, at 28lb:
    1 funny how heavy kids bikes are – what is it a 14″?
    2 its never exactly 28lbs, therefore its not been weighed

    Premier Icon beaker2135
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    or how much your scales could be out?

    fair point, unless we all get together to weigh them on the same scales at the same time, we’ll never know for sure. Life’s too short for that

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    Mine is around 26.5lbs, running 2.4 chunky monkey up front & 2.25 advantage rear. Less if I fit summer treads. Weighed on digital bathroom scale & digital hanging scale.
    Blur LT alu, Fox Talas 150’s, Syntace stem, Haven carbon bar, R1’s, alu & ti bolts, Deus crankset, Reverb post.
    Swapping out comfortable saddle for something racier, same with grips & ditching dropper, I could drop about 1.5lbs, but I like the set-up I have. If I was desperate to lose every gram, I’d swap XT rear mech & cassette for XTR too.

    Premier Icon FROGLEEK
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    V3 El Guapo 33lbs
    Fox 36’s
    CCDB air
    Hope on Flows
    Thomson X4
    1×10 zee and slx E13

    Still feels light to me

    Premier Icon Dales_rider
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    My 120 is 24, so maybe check when I get home from work

    Premier Icon Vortexracing
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    And that Turner just above, at 28lb:
    1 funny how heavy kids bikes are – what is it a 14″?
    2 its never exactly 28lbs, therefore its not been weighed

    its a small and it weighs 28.12lbs.

    Accurate enough for you?

    Premier Icon Yetiman
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    140mm Nicolai AC 29er – 32lbs.

    Fox 34 Float
    Fox Float R
    Easton Haven wheels
    2.4″ Ardents
    Saint mech
    35mm Easton Havoc stem and carbon bars.

    Premier Icon asherh
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    Realistically, does the odd 1/2 a pound or so weight loss on a 140mm+ bike make that much difference to handling? My Kona Dawg built reasonably tough with High Rollers, 1×9 + chain device, hope+ DT 500 etc, weighs in at roughly 33lbs and I have yet to finish a ride yet thinking, boll0x, I wish this weighed less.

    Fair enough if you are single with a lot of cash melting a hole in your red trousers/mind numbingly anal, counting the grams could help pass the time between getting in from work and your evening Jay Arthur, but surely most of us would be better off spending the time riding more, and replacing the parts as and when they break?

    The day I make a spread sheet with the aim of shaving 3g by changing my alloy spoke nipples to ti will be a sad one indeed

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    And that Turner just above, at 28lb:
    1 funny how heavy kids bikes are – what is it a 14″?
    2 its never exactly 28lbs, therefore its not been weighed

    Were you bullied by a short kid at school who accused you of being fatter than you actually were?

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    My Pitch is 32lb,

    Feels heavy, really heavy, kinda needs you to make movements to make it do things, like preload the suspension for jumps, and really countersteer it into corners rather than being able to just pick it up or throw it into corners. But that’s mostly the geometry, I’ve had 32lb ‘XC’ bikes that handled like lighter XC bikes, and ridden lighter 6″ bikes that felt like mine, but lighter.

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