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  • How heavy are your 140/150mm full sussers?
  • Bucko

    My medium 2011 Zesty 314 is bang on 30lbs.

    I’ve never even considered weight when I changed the bars and stem, converted it to 1×10 with a chainguide and put wire bead single ply minions on it.


    My (large) heckler tips the scales at a weighty 38lbs.

    Apart from the frame itself the main contributing factors are probably Rev Rls, AM4/721 wheelset, steel hilo dropper, 2.5-3.0 tubes.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Medium Heckler
    Goes between 31-35lb probably
    Standard Frame
    Tech M4’s 203/183
    SRAM X9/Grip Shift 2×9
    KS i950 post Charge Ti Saddle
    NP Warhead Bars & Easton Vice Stem
    Wheels EX721’s or XM719’s on Hope ProII Tyres range from DP minion 2.5’s to 2.25 Ardent EXO Tubeless
    Fork Rev Dual Air, Fox 36 150mm or Marz 55’s

    Next build will be a blur lt 28-30lb though.


    My Edison was bang on 29lbs when I sold it:

    Bionicon Edison (M)
    Bionicon DoubleAgent 160mm G2 fork
    Zee rear mech
    XT iSpec shifter
    KS i7 dropper
    Truvativ Descendant cranks (165mm)
    Superstar Switch hubs on Alex Supra 30 (tubeless)
    Maxxis Ikon 2.2 (R), Specialized Butcher Control (F)
    Zee brakes

    Damn that was a good bike – new owner is loving it too 🙂

    Will be finishing the new build (Alva 180 Air in small) this week so will weigh it up but calculations based on a medium we built last month with 2.5″ Minions (with X0 2×10 as opposed to my 1×10 and Ikon/Butcher tyre choice) which was dead on 32lbs, gives a 29lb weight again but on a much bigger bike.

    Orange Five Strange SL (Superlight)
    DT forks, wheels, shock.
    Thomson/Chromag/Easton seatpost,stem,bars.
    Sram Carbon cranks
    SLX clutch Mech, cassette and chain
    Deore brakes with HS1 rotors.
    Hope headset.
    DMR MAG pedals

    27lbs without dropper though 🙁


    Large 2010 Heckler with Fox Float 140s, King hubs on 819s, Maxxis Minions F&R (with tubes), SLX Chainset, front mech & brakes, SRAM X9 rear mech & shifters. Thomson stem, Raceface bars, a random Spesh seatpost and saddle. Bang on 30lb with pedals. Tis much fun!


    No more than my alloy Blur LT size L with Rockshox F&R and XT spec – 28lb. But ideally more like 26-27lb for carbon Genius 20 or Remedy 9.8.

    Why ever go over 30lb unless you want a mini-DHer?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Why ever go over 30lb unless you want a mini-DHer?

    Money, strength, durability?

    Light strong kit costs more money in reality. I chose tougher(heavier) wheels for durability in the Lakes.
    I got a heavier fork as I wanted stiffness, travel, plushness but couldn’t afford something new and light.
    List goes on..


    Previous bike
    SC Blur LT 2011 medium black ano
    140mm 32 Vanilla /RP23
    Xtr drivetrain and brakes 3×9
    Mavic Crossmax ST with tubeless Fat Alberts
    Reverb dropper and Vault pedals
    Ti railed/ carbon wtb seat
    Thompson stem
    RF Next SL bars/ ODI grips
    King headset
    27lbs without reverb over 28 with.

    Current bike
    NP mega large- monarch shock
    Lyric two step forks
    Pro 2s on flows
    Fat Albert F and R tubeless
    Reverb dropper with charge spoon standard
    Superstar headset
    SLX chainset with rental ring/ G2 chain device
    Saint rear derailleur /changer/ xt cassette
    Cheap bars and stem
    XT brakes
    Superstar grips
    Nano pedals

    Weight? Haven’t a clue but boy is it fun
    At a guess 32-33lb

    Premier Icon Paceman

    Previous bike:

    2008 Yeti 575
    140mm Fox Floats
    XT Groupset
    Hope Hoops Pro2
    Thomson stem/post
    RF carbon riser bars
    CB Candy pedals
    2.35 Single-Ply Maxxis High Rollers F&R

    27.5lbs with pedals but no dropper, occasionally lighter if I did an XC event on it and used racier tyres.

    ’twas a great bike 😀


    Till last week
    Enduro evo 2011
    Hope brakes
    Arch wheels
    1×10 xtr
    32.5 lb with the fox 36
    30.4 lb with fox 34

    New enduro
    Most of above but summer tyres
    And haven bar
    27,8 lb


    Stumpy Expert Evo: Large.
    Weight: Unknown

    I’ve changed bars and stem from stock and doubt that’ll have made little difference to the manus claimed weight of around 30lbs.


    Rocket – 30lb dead, inc 2×9, pedals, Reverb and Flows/2.3 USTs.

    This post has got me thinking. I’m looking at my bike weight at 33.4lb and one of the lighter ones at 27.1lb. The difference in frame weight between these two bikes is 1.7lb according to the respective websites, so that makes a build weight difference of 5.2lb. OK so my build is not particularly light, but even if I were to become the most anal of weight weenies, would it be possible to shave 5.2lb of weight from the wheels and other components? Feels like a big ask. Apart from the reverb (probably 0.5lb) and the wheelset (maybe a couple of hundred to 300 grams there) I really struggle to see how I could possibly make up the build weight difference even with carbon bars and other components even assuming a generous variability between different scales. I would have through the best weight saving you could make on build weights is somewhere in the region of 1.5lb to 2lb maximum.


    2005 SX Trail, DHX Air, Van RC2’s, Atlas AM cranks, 1×10 Sram X9, Easton Havoc wheels, Hams Dampfs run tubeless, Superstar Nano pedals, E13 LG1 trail chain device, Thomson stem, Answer 780 Pro DH bars, I-Fly saddle and SDG post comes in at 31lbs on the bathroom scales. It’s put some weight on now it’s got a reverb and a Charge Knife saddle.

    I can drag it up most things although without a doubt I’m a bit over biked and am thinking of cha ging to a Canyon Nerve AL+ at the end of the year.

    Biggest difference in my bike was the wheels and tyres. I thought my previous EN321’s on NS Bikes Hubs shod with single ply High Rollers were quite light but the Easton wheels and Hans Dampfs are too just under 600g off the bike which is quite a lot. I dididn’t believe it at first so weighed and reweighed both sets of wheels many times. Same result give or take a gram or two.


    I know what you mean Wobbily…

    To me a 5k build will get you a bling 28.5lbs trail bike, a 3k build will get you a 31lbs trail bike.

    The 27lbs builds are rare, wonderful but ultimately beyond most peoples pockets and the 33lbs builds are practical bikes that reflect the fact that the kids need shoes etc.

    It is the fella sat on the thing that determines what the bike can do and I have seen some guys on 5 year old bikes with ok builds fly at races… often pass me on my bling bike…(busted knee and food poisioning disclaimer).

    I just love riding my bike…. with that in mind i’m off out.

    A 29lbs dead Transition Bandit 29 from ’12 so 130mm plus 140mm… super bling but still only as good as I am…. doh

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    29.7 lbs on the fishing scales ( so probably a lie), large Mojo HD 160 with coil rc4 and steel spring, lyriks, 2×9 xt, saint brakes and 203 rotors, pro2/flows, minion dhf exos, reverb. Built like this for the Alps last year, and never bothered to lighten it up when I returned, still perfectly rideable though the tyres are overkill and I should change them for something less draggy.

    Built up as a 140 travel bike it’s been in the high 25’s on shop scales, with RP23, Revelations, Racing Ralph’s, XT brakes and small rotors, Easton carbon post and narrow bars, foam grips and a Toupe saddle.

    Edit: just weighed my rigid 29er single speed on the same scales – 28.5 lbs 😆

    Hob Nob

    Of course it’s possible to save the weight, it just depends whether you want to spend the money to do it.

    Thankfully I’m in a fortunate position that I don’t have to (for whatever reason) but my build, which I’m assuming you are referring to at the weight stated was well north of £8k retail.

    Just as an example, my main wheels & cassette (excluding tyres and anything else) would save ~650g over the STW default standard of a set of Hope Hoops/Flows/XT 10spd cassette, and that’s assuming the older, lighter Flows are used, rather than the newer ones.

    That’s nearly 1.5lbs alone. It soon adds up.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hob Nob – Member

    Just as an example, my main wheels & cassette (excluding tyres and anything else) would save ~650g over the STW default standard of a set of Hope Hoops/Flows/XT 10spd cassette, and that’s assuming the older, lighter Flows are used, rather than the newer ones.

    What wheels would that be? My Controls are about 500g lighter than my Flows but they wouldn’t last long on the big bike…

    Hob Nob

    Haven Carbons, albeit with some custom internals & a Hope freehub. 1400g with my bits in. The Hope freehub is a fair bit lighter than the crappy Easton one & needed some machining to make it fit anyway, so lost a bit more weight in material.

    No qualms in using them hard, I’m not a hack & don’t tend to smash wheels anyway. I’ve used them for everything, including racing DH. I’ll use them for 2 weeks this summer racing the Mega & Mountain of Hell too.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Aye, that’ll do it! Nice.


    Large mojo Hd, with fox 36 talas, ccdb air, rockshox reverb, carbon bars, slx/xt drivetrain, xt brakes, dt ex 5.1 wheel on hope pro II hubs with hans dampf tubeless tyres.

    Somewhere between 30-31 lbs


    My BMC Trailfox was 27lbs but iv just added a command dropper post so that will of added a wee bit

    Large 2013 Stumpy Evo, standard spec with Superstar 780 bars, 45mm stem and pedals, charge spoon seat.



    Medium Zesty with Van R shock
    Flows with Minions
    Gravity dropper
    Zee 1*10

    Not sure on weight but she’s a tad lardy – I’m guessing 33-34lbs

    I could lose a couple of pounds by getting some Revs and putting an air shock back on but tbh, it rides so well I’d rather lug the extra weight.


    Getting nr 27lb is just a question of money mostly and carefull component choice

    For me I weight about 135 lb so can get away with lighter stuff on my big bike without any issues
    But Normaly wheels and tyres will be the big items in terms of weight
    After that its ti bolts and lots of xc stuff and see how long its lasts


    Orange Five – 150 forks.
    29 lbs.
    27 lbs with lighter tires.

    Premier Icon sprocker

    I know its not a 140 mm bike but since it my bike that rob now rides I qualify :-). Whyte t120 with slants set to 130 mm and Tricon wheels 25 lb, 67 deg head angle. I ride all the same as I did on the pitch just takes less time.


    In case anyone’s interested – average of all those weights posted (ignoring finger in air measurements and discounting the highest and lowest – 38lbs and 24lbs) is…

    30.14 lbs

    I’d like to know the price of some of the lighter builds, imagine it would be an interesting curve against weight with the law of diminishing returns.

    Ultimately, handling-wise, the best place to lose weight is from wheels/tyres and other ‘unsprung mass’.

    Personally I like to remind myself that I start long rides with 5.5lbs of water in my camelback, and that the bike is only about 15% of the entire weight including myself…


    Price? Blur LT was around £5500 at retail
    Mega was around £1200 to build all in but mostly 2nd hand
    I couldn’t justify the Blur for my riding and was scared of breaking it too

    Premier Icon Northwind

    nickhead – Member

    I’d like to know the price of some of the lighter builds

    However much the inaccurate scales/cost of lying to your mortal soul, is in some cases 😉

    I like the scientific approach of the average, funny that it comes up so close to the magic 30.


    Hah – I think Pseudo-Scientific at best (in true STW tradition)!

    There was quite an even spread too: 26,27,27,27.1,27.3,27.5,27.8,28,28.3,28.5,28.5,28.6,29,29,29,29,29,29.7,

    I think mattzzzzzz has just illustrated the diminishing returns in one… but also that it’s quite hard to build a bike over say 34lbs with modern components.

    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    I will let you know,i think theres a weigh bridge around here somewhere 😐

    Hob Nob

    I’m not so sure, coil shock & a set of Marzocchi forks could easily see it heading north of that.

    When I weighed mine it was with a Minion/Ardent EXO tyre combo, now I’m back on a set of Butcher Control/Purgatory Control’s it’s dropped under 27.

    i’d like to understand the scatter of the scales. As i said before, the difference between my 33lber and the lightest 26lb bike is 5.5lb when you net off the 1.5lb frame weight difference. I really am struggling to see how I could shave off 5.5lb from my build weight at any price.


    XL SC blur lt 08
    fox float 32
    slx crankset/shifters/brakes 1×10
    zee mech
    reverb post /w nukeproof saddle
    HD trailstar front/maxxis ignitor rear on Nukeproof generator rims/hubs
    hope chain guide
    nano tech pedals

    last weigh in was 27.5 lbs although was some household scales at the bike shop
    cost – everything new other than forks/frame £1250

    Hob Nob

    i’d like to understand the scatter of the scales. As i said before, the difference between my 33lber and the lightest 26lb bike is 5.5lb when you net off the 1.5lb frame weight difference. I really am struggling to see how I could shave off 5.5lb from my build weight at any price.

    Put your spec up & let us pick holes in it then!


    Just weighed my pitch

    I’ve never done this BUT working back from the ‘as new’ weight to it’s current state, it weighs about 28lbs and it feels fantastic to ride at speed.


    Seems to be some synicism with regards light bikes. It seems my Epiphany is listed as being the lightest here. However it is a light a 140mm frame as you’ll find, don’t think I’ve seen one much over 26lbs

    The build is

    Middleburn RS8
    XO gripshift
    XO rear mech
    Hope minis with floating rotors
    Stans Arch on DT 240s hubs
    XTR cassette
    DT XMC forks
    XTR pedals
    Easton carbon bars
    WCS post

    OK, here’s my build. Like I said before, its not a lightweight build but 5.5lb seems tough to take out of it. Wheels are probably the biggest single item bang for my buck, but that’s only worth maybe 400g without going silly flimsy?

    Rear Shock: Fox Float CTD Adjust BV Kashima
    Fork; RockShox Revelation RL 140mm Solo Air
    Stem: Truvativ AKA Stem (60mm, 1.125, Black)
    Handlebars: Kore Durox Handlebar (740x35mm, 31.8mm)
    HeadsetFSA NO.57E Headset Black
    Crank: X5 Crankset w/ Bashguard (175mm, 38/24t)
    Brakes: Elixir 3 Brakeset 180mm
    Tyres: Schwalbe Nobby Nic 29 x 2.25 (Performance) with tubes
    Seatpost: RockShox Reverb
    Saddle: Transition Park n Ride AM
    Grips: Transition Logo Lock On
    Cassette: SRAM PG 1030 Cassette (10sp, 11-36)
    Wheelset: Revolution 28 – Black/Black (15mm Front, 142mm Rear)
    X5 Rear Shifter (10sp, BLK, w/ Clamp)
    X5 Front Shifter (2sp, Black, w/ Clamp) (taking this off at the weekend to go 1×10)
    X9 Type 2 Rear Derailleur (Medium Cage, Aluminum, 10sp)
    X7 High Direct Mount Front Derailleur (2×10, 38/36t)
    Chain: SRAM 10spd
    Pedals: Time Z-Control Platform

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