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  • How heavy are your 140/150mm full sussers?
  • grum

    What specs on your pitch?

    Mine has coil 36s and coil shock so I suspect it must be at least 33lbs.

    rob jackson

    Coil Lyriks
    Size large frame
    pro 2 evo/flows
    chunky monkey tyres tubeless
    1×10 (zee mech/xt chainset/e13 xcx/xt shifter/cheap chain/slx 11-36 cassette)
    Renthal fatbar lite
    Xt brakes
    Superstar superlight stem
    Fizik tundra 2 saddle
    Superstar nanos
    Odi cross trainer grips


    NP Mega Medium, all in – Lyrik Air DH’s,Monarch Plus, Reverb, Mallets, Evo/Flows, Purgatory/The Captain tubeless, Hope race X2s, 1×10, 11-36 xt cass, Zee mech, Hope ring, e-13 c.device, RF Deus cranks, SixC carbon bars, SLR saddle. 30.5 lb

    Hob Nob

    Large SB66C, 36’s, Reverb & lots of carbon. 27.1lbs

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Mine is on average 140mm (160 front, 120 rear) and currently 31lbs with its lighter wheels and tyres in. Usually 33lbs. Wouldn’t have it any other way tbh, I’m a weightweenie but I can’t lose anything more off it without either making it less good or selling my arris down the docks.

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Medium 5 spot with:-
    Magura Thor forks.
    XT Brakes
    2×9 and bash xt groupset.
    XT Trail pedals
    Hans Dampf front and rear.

    30 Lbs dead.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Large alu 575, Roval wheels, 2×10 xt mostly, tech m4s, long reverb.
    28.3 Ibs. Quite happy with that!

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    Liteville 301 with 160mm forks, reverb and big tyres – 31.5 lbs


    Large Mondraker Foxy XR: 36 Talas, RP23 CTD, 2×10 XT Groupset, Hope X2 Evo Race / floating rotors, Hope Pro II hubs / Stans Flow EX rims, Reverb, Hope H20 pedals, Hans Dampfs…

    … 31.5lbs (hopefully a little less by the end of the week with tubeless). Heavier than standard build, but also a bit burlier/cheaper.

    Premier Icon Simon

    Medium Prophet, Revelations, Gravity Dropper, EX500/Hope wheels, Butcher/Purgatory tubeless tyres, slx brakes, 2×9 X7 + stinger, Time Z pedals plus a bit of mud.
    30lbs on the bathroom scales.


    Fsr evo comp in large.
    28.5 to 29.5, depending on tyres.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Med Giant Reign, specced for the downs, about 34 lb


    Stumpjumper Carbon
    About 26 lbs

    Premier Icon porter_jamie

    Large heckler rev teams, hoop xc717, xt triple ten speed, avid brakes 200/180, carbon havocs, reverb + ti sdg, hi roller 2 with tubes 29. Something lbs

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Marin Wolf Ridge 2009
    dual-air pikes
    specialized Command Post dropper post

    at least 33lb, published weight for the medium was 15kg, mines a small but with a dropper post it must be easily that.

    Love it though, did 36 miles/4000ft ascent on it yesterday and a 20 mile round trip to Lee Quarry today on it.
    Its just too much fun to leave at home!

    PS I’m 5’2″ and weigh 9 stone so comparatively its a big lump.

    Premier Icon ddmonkey

    2011 Specialized Enduro Evo (Alu) XL, with Marzocchi 55 Ti’s, Hope Pro 2’s with Stans Flow rims, SLX cranks, XT shifter and XTR rear mech, Renthal Fat Bars and a Reverb dropper, weights 32 lbs with Maxxis Ardent tyres and DMR Vault pedals.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    08 Pitch Pro 31lb medium.

    Fairly stock except for
    2×9 with bash
    Fatbar lite
    Thomson post
    Nukeproof stem


    My Covert 29 has come in at 33.4lb on the bathroom scales. I’m actually surprised at that. Not because I was expecting anything different – its pretty much bob on to the spec weight, but because it feels lighter to ride than I would have imagined a heavyweight bike to ride and had assumed the on-paper spec over-egged the weight. Having said that the build is not particularly light – pretty much bog std parts, reverb, burley wheel set. Great bike though. 3 months in and loving it – though managed to damage my cassette last ride out (no idea how I did that) so on my 25lb hardtail tomorrow, so that’ll feel different i’m sure.

    rob jackson

    Just weighed my pitch – i knew it was lardy but fookin ell 33lb!! fat bastard!

    What does yours 140/150mm full sus weigh?


    My ibis mojo was 24lbs when I got it first, 140mm rear, 150mm talas front, it’s now got middle aged and spread to a more portly 27lbs with heavier wheels, bigger tyres and a dropper. I really still do not like pushing too much weight up a hill 🙂


    around 14.5 kg with real tyres and seat post

    Premier Icon honeybadgerx

    Mojo SL-R with DT Swiss 150mm XMM’s, not weighed it yet, but in the ‘mate picking it up in the car park’ test it scored ‘b*gger me that’s light!’


    2013 spicy 516 (160mm): 30.8 (bathroom scales) lbs


    aye, i had the same experience with my pitch.
    32lb for a small 2008.
    i wasn’t expecting it to be light but still.
    some heavy bits on it which don’t really need to be so beefy.
    makes me ask myself everytime why i need such a heavy bike.

    Premier Icon nuke

    My Hemlock in it’s current AM-guise (Lyrik Coil 160, 150mm rocker, Hope/Flow/Minions) is definitely 33lb, maybe a bit more


    Bathroom scales test, on a concrete base and weighed 3 times on it’s own and then 3 times with me, and then me weighed 3 times to get the averages of each.

    Had 2 at 27lbs and 1 at almost 27.5lb…happy with that, it feels light and rides light so I’m not overly fussed…


    hey northwind, what do ride that’s 120 back and 160 front?
    is it ‘meant’ to be?


    No accurate weights but I’ll cheerfully carry my Zesty 314 for 2 hours to reach a good descent.

    Does that help?


    Large Zesty with a lardy Recon fork and Hope/Stans Flow wheels = 31lbs

    Premier Icon nuke

    what do ride that’s 120 back and 160 front?
    is it ‘meant’ to be?

    I can field that one as I have the same iirc…Hemlock. Swappable rocker: 120 or 150


    My heavily upgraded 09 zesty is 28.5 lbs and as it happens for sale !


    Nicolai AC pinion 650b,150mm travel,2.35 tyres and flow ex rims.

    32lbs and loadsa fun


    chrs nuke. thought as much. do you ride yours liek that? does it work?


    Why do we need such heavy bikes? For me its about fun and the things I am prepared to tackle on it that I wouldn’t want to on my lightweight hard tail for fear of it snapping. Yes, its more of an effort to pedal up hill, but no so much that I wouldn’t contemplate a whole day’s cross country trek on it. And at the end of the day i’ve no interest in racing up hills anymore. I’m quite happy to stick it in granny gear and saunter up to the top taking as long as I like and enjoying being out and about and saving my legs for the downhill. I enjoy my lightweight hard tail, its super efficient and covers ground quickly, but on a technical rocky section i’ll slow down and pick my way through it, on this i’ll point it straight downhill and go for it. Its great fun. It’s like having a Range Rover for general go anywhere ability, and a Lotus Elise in the garage for the occasion you fancy a quick blast.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    06 enduro with dhx 4, 36 van rc2s, hope m4s, 2×9 deore drivetrain w/ bash, burgtecs and heavy wheels – 35lb

    I’ve no problem getting it uphill and it goes down like a Dutch hooker (ahem)

    Premier Icon Scapegoat

    Canyon Nerve AM frame with RP2 HV, 150 Revs, 2×10 XT M785, XT brakes, Superleggera hubs on Flow rims, Snakeskin Nic 2.4 tubeless, reverb, WTB Race V, 13kg (or 28.6lb ) baht pedals.


    Sub 24 lbs, poss even close to 23 now.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    I like that Ellsworth…very nice

    Premier Icon kimbers

    32lb ish 08 kona dawg,
    slx double n bash drivetrain and gears,
    hope race m4s,
    marzocchi 44 rc3ti,
    hope/717s ,
    gravity dropper,
    easton carbon dh bars,
    chunky monkey/nobby nic

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