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  • How happy are you/how much do you earn?
  • Premier Icon grumm
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    OK then – lets try rating your general happiness with life/your job against your salary. Me:



    Premier Icon neverfastenuff
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    Job 😯

    Salary 😳

    Premier Icon CaptainFlashheart
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    Premier Icon mysterymurdoch
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    Job – 6
    Salary – enough to be paying back student loan on the old scottish system

    Premier Icon Bunnyhop
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    I love my work, 8/10 for happiness, would be a 10/10 if not for minor health problems.
    Self- employed, so lucky to earn anything much. Enough to contribute to household bills and the odd jolly.

    Premier Icon thisisnotaspoon
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    Living in Reading, its a shithole , no offence to anyone else unfortunate enough to be living here but you should move up north and see what your missing.

    Everything else is better than it was this time last year (ever seen a grown man cry?) so can’t complain.


    Premier Icon jam-bo
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    more than average.

    oh and reading is not exactly a shining beacon of the south….

    Premier Icon woody2000
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    There’s little correlation between money and happiness.

    Premier Icon 5thElefant
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    Enough that I should be.

    Premier Icon WorldClassAccident
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    but I have also earned less and been happy and been unhappy while still earning lots.

    I think if you are paid lots of money because the job is horrible you will be less happy than someone who loves their job and is paid less.

    Premier Icon finbar
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    not very/**** all

    Premier Icon Anna-B
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    In 2007 I was on £26k p/a, largest annual salary for me to date. It was also the most prolonged period of unhappiness in my life so far, didn’t think it was possible to be so miserable at work; 0/10.

    Now I’m self employed and have just about enough money to cover bills, but absolutely none spare. (Don’t know what that is out of 10…… it could be 0 or 10!) If it’s not vital I don’t buy it, but I’m really pretty happy at the moment 9/10

    Premier Icon stompy
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    Same as bunnyhop…. self employed/unemployed

    Love my job 10/10 😀
    but lucky to earn anything at the momment 🙁

    Premier Icon DezB
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    Job 🙁
    salary 🙂

    balanced by:

    Mountain biking – 😀

    Premier Icon ThurmanMerman
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    11 ‘O’ levels, 2 ‘A’ levels, Foundation Course in A&D and a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. 15 years ‘in the trade’ and I’m still below the current average salary (though I put that down to my lack of ambition).

    Happy, mind.

    Premier Icon smogmonster
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    Life is very good, well paid job which is rather boring, but very easy, great kids and a gorgeous missus who i love to bits. Only problem is im desparate to move abroad, either France/Spain or Oz, but the missus is having none of it. Having said that she is umming and ahhing about Oz at the moment, so i’ll see.

    Premier Icon matthewjb
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    I’m still below the current average salary

    So are the majority of people.

    Premier Icon mudshark
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    Do project work so happiness varies from time to time. Currently working from home on something interesting so happy though wouldn’t want to do it all the time as would get lonely. Salary is quite high and has allowed me to live in a village near the Surrey Hills so that’s nice! Willing to take a salary cut if I could find an interesting job close to home.

    Premier Icon thegreatape
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    I’d be much happier if I could spend more time with my wife and kids. Shifts, unavoidable overtime, and my wife’s job mean it’s a lot less that I would like. Ships in the night sort of thing.

    Work itself – loathe it sometimes, enjoy it sometimes, most days it doesn’t put me up or down. I’m very grateful for the job security though, especially having a family. I think the pay is fair.

    If I ever had enough money to give up work and be a home dad, then it might make a difference to my happiness. Until then, probably doesn’t affect it much. It gets spent however much it is!

    Premier Icon thepurist
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    FWIW the most screwed up person I know is (was?) in line for over 100M when their dad pops off. In some ways they’ve got everything on a plate, but in other ways they’ve got nothing. I wouldn’t swap, even now.

    Premier Icon singlespeedstu
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    Happy enough with my job.

    Earn enough to pay the bills and buy a few nice bikes, which is what makes me happy.

    Premier Icon Torminalis
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    Very happy.

    You can’t buy me love. But you can buy me a nice shiny bike, a bigger tent and a bottle of Old Thumper.

    Premier Icon druidh
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    I was reasonably happy in my job, and ha turned down the opportunity for seriously bigger bucks as it would have meant more time working and travelling and a lot more stress.

    Very happy now that I’ve retired (though the stress element has risen again….)

    Premier Icon Munqe-chick
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    Happiness 8/10 want to move back to Wales and hills … Bicester is rubbish!!

    Job great and earn enough

    Premier Icon NZCol
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    Work, hmm, some days 0/10, really good days its maybe a 7/10 but never higher. Although to be fair i’m lucky as nothing i do will ultimateyl kill someone, i dont; scrape dead people up off roads or wipe old peoples bottoms all of which would not be what i woudl consider a great job for me.
    Pay: good but theres a pretty distinct lack of correlation between money/being happy, having more can lead to less in many respects. The more you get the more greedy you get etc. Well, thats what i’ve found anyway ….

    Premier Icon takisawa2
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    Happiest times have honestly been when I’ve had the least.
    I remember splitting with a partner some years ago. Had to sell everything, & I mean everything, to pay off debts she had run up, & even then had to pay off a huge loan over 2 years. I remember walking in to town one sunny Friday lunchtime after the final payment. I had no car, & I only had a few ££’s to myself but the feeling of being out of debt & about to make a new start was incredible.
    I remind myself of that feeling whenever money worries come around.

    Premier Icon mentalalex
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    happy yes 14 i ride bikes couldn’t be better tbh I have the best biking mates ever just GCSE’s aren’t all fun.

    one of then i get to make a bike for a GCSE cool or what ?

    salary well i get pocket money does that count it would be £8 a week lol

    Premier Icon akira
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    Happiness 8/10, twins on the way so lots going on.
    Job 7/10, bike shop work is good but after promotion seem to end up dealing with all the problems.
    Money 3/10, bike shop and high salary seem to be incompatible.

    Premier Icon knott4me
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    job 6/10
    money 10/10

    a lot of doh equals lots of hassle pressure & dull management meetings.

    Premier Icon X111
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    Was ok till this morning. WAS getting paid £25k
    Told this morning that the place I work/ed at is closing as of…….NOW 👿

    Apart from that I’m good. I went to a funeral straight from being ‘redunantised’, then went home and built up a SingleSpeed, nearly 😀

    So work is 0/10
    Life 8/10

    Premier Icon johnhoo
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    life 🙂
    work 🙂 with a hint of :-0 looking over my shoulder
    salary can’t complain

    Premier Icon naokfreek
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    Work 8/9 /10
    life 10/10
    Cash 7/10

    soooo……not bad really, if i wake up in the morning, all is well, if i don’t wake up, i is dead i spose.

    Premier Icon chewkw
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    hhhhmmm … to be frank not that happy but then things can be worst so I am in the middle.

    Premier Icon Onzadog
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    In conclusion, money can’t buy happiness; but it does let you be miserable in style!

    Premier Icon grumm
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    Interesting – there does seem to be some kind of negative correlation between earning lots of money and being happy. Spose the problem is the higher up you get in your given field generally the more hours you work and the more stressful it is.

    I’m off to go and do Garburn Pass now – woooo! 😛

    Premier Icon willard
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    Job is about 5/10 at the moment, but home life is a rocking 10/10.
    Moneywise, I earn enough to keep me in food that’s not Morrison’s Economy range

    Premier Icon CaptainMainwaring
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    Life 🙂
    Work 🙂 (but highly stressed and temporary contract so not sure how much longer that will last)
    Pay 😀 (as above)

    Who was it who said “the best things in life are free, but it takes money to enjoy them in comfort”?

    Premier Icon hora
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    I test Condoms for a living. Currently developing an ultra thin version for larger males. We tend to use Polish girls (harder working) for both the oral and missionary work. Hours are long but it is rewarding work.

    Premier Icon mudshark
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    I test Condoms for a living. Currently developing an ultra thin version for larger males

    You have to do ‘it’ with larger males?

    Premier Icon PsiMonk
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    Very Happy
    Absolutely skinted
    Arrival of second child while both me and mrs are freelance may have something to do with both of those states.

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