Guess who’s taken off his moleskin trousers, lost his stylus & rejoined On-One.

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  • Guess who’s taken off his moleskin trousers, lost his stylus & rejoined On-One.
  • qwerty

    He’s back:

    I don’t imagine you google “brant on-one” very much. But if you do you’ll see an odd picture of me. With hair. Wearing a wedding ring, and using a mobile phone with a stylus.

    It’s an interesting shot, captured in bike tester Guy Kesteven’s “bat cave” and featured in an article published when I was (or wasn’t) leaving (or joining) on-one. Or something.

    It’s a step back in time. To a time when I had hair, and a time when the future was going to be phones with styluses. Or styli? Whatever it was, I certainly didn’t have style.

    It was also about that time that 27.5in wheels started to creep in to our radar. 29in was already around, and we had been somewhat at the forefront of that with our 29er Inbred. We even made some carbon forks with 47mm offset to “quicken up” the steering, which is what people kept telling me needed to be done.

    The thing was, at the point that some people were trying to get 29in bikes to handle like the fast twitchy 26in bikes of old, there was also a group of people who were trying to get 26in bikes to handle more calmly. All those long offset 29ers spent a couple of years in development, with different LONG offset forks and fast handling, whilst the other side of the coin were going longer travel and bigger tyres and just having fun.

    We probably trod both sides of the line with our slack Summer Season and fast handling Inbred, but there was definitely some confusion there.

    And all the time 27.5 (or is it 650B) was in there muddying things.

    I think it’s same to safe that I dragged my feet and was very rude about 650B for a long time. The 45650b was a good model, but lots of people said we should have done something sooner, meaning I should have designed something sooner. And they’re probably right.

    The thing is that still, when we launch a tyre sale the tyres that sell faster than anything else aren’t 650B. Or 27.5in. Or 29in.

    26in tyres sell more in our sales than anything else.

    And if you’ve got a 26in wheeled bike you know why. Not just the fact that it’s harder to get parts and tyres, but because actually, it’s just a tyre. When you’re sliding around in damp mud, the bit of the tyre that’s in contact with the ground doesn’t really know what size wheel it’s attached to. It’s just a bit of rubber, rolling along, trying to do it’s business. Sure there’s a small radius difference, but actually? It’s tyre tread and compound vs whatever is in the way. And actually, yeah, in a lot of situations there’s not much difference at all. With good geometry (and we know about that), there’s no issue with a 26in wheel with a good tyre.

    Different size wheels are just a bit different. It’s not a major step change. It’s not like a phone with a stylus. That’s really different. And actually, that turned out to be stupid. Nearly as stupid as growing my hair long and thinking nobody could see the bald bit.

    Are we making a new bike with 26in wheels? We might. We’d love to, but actually the problem is that the wheels and forks we’d need to make that bike how we want it are increasingly difficult, or even impossible to get, unless we commit to HUGE quantities.

    There’s certainly a strong movement for 26in to continue with many bike brands and suppliers continuing to support 26in as a “kids” size. So it’s not dead yet.

    Clearly as a manufacturer we’re meant to be giving you clear decisions and clarity about our future models, but at times, well, it’s just nice to be honest and explain that yeah, it’s a bit mad.

    I mean, rewind back up the page there a bit… See how in the early days 29er riders were wanting longer offset to quicken steering? The latest thing out there in bike geometry land is SHORT rake forks to slow down steering more. Which isn’t a new thing at all because it’s what Keith Bontrager was doing way way back when the Rock Shox Mag21 launched.

    So yeah -things come and go and move forward. Will 26in stay as a kids bike size? I’d not bet on that. 650B is now a road size, with Road Plus. 29in used to be 700c. And still is.

    We’re here for you whatever, even though I’ve a design which I say takes 30in wheels, because that’s what really big 29in ones measure up as.

    Oh, and tyres… Yeah. We’ve got them. Whatever happens.

    Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good one. Remember, drop me a line if you want to chat


    He’s been very creative in the past, I wonder what the mad professor will create next………

    Premier Icon simondbarnes

    I thought he’d been back there a while now?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Yup, he stealthed his way back in and started doing some “fix the brand’s ****ed reputation” stuff maybe a couple of months back? Hope it works tbh, it was a real shame when On One went to shit.


    Maybe. But he hath spoken (well, emailed) to the masses (me), and wants to “chat”.

    Oh, so what’s new then?

    More £10 steel hardtails with £1 powder coats to spaff over? 🤔

    Premier Icon brant

    >Oh, so what’s new then?

    No wedding ring, so I don’t mind you ringing my (ex)wife up anymore.

    Premier Icon brant

    >Not much new as far as the website clusterf

    Aye. It needs a tidy and new product.

    Stuff planned for here too:-


    So, I’m only on pint number two at present, but how about a 26″ rim, with a big fat tyre giving the outside diameter of a 29er, which you run at low pressure giving a 650b ride height???


    Stuff planned for here too:-

    So, the same rebadged stoves as Alpkit, only more expensive and with PX/OO customer service? That’s sure to win people back!



    I hope the customer service role and implementing the up to the minute stock level/shipping system goes well.

    good luck with that.

    Premier Icon nuke

    Certainly looks like Brant will have his work cut out winning back the disillusioned! 😂

    …me included 😐

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    You keep making good 26 inch tyres &  I’ll keep buying them.


    Hang on – the Sheffield store has closed? Balls. Postage prices are a bit steep. I’ve just checked and delivery for a chainring that would go with a large second class stamp is £3.95.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I wonder if the OP has heard about Joe Cocker.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I bought my first thing from OO in about four years this week.

    It arrived. Quickly. It wasn’t quite as described – it was better model of freebie bottle.

    I’m still not going for a big purchase until the Dilligaf warranty department is sorted.

    Nice one Brant, hope it works out for us all

    The closing of the showroom at Magna hasn’t stopped them still having a photo of it on the about us page.

    Strange why Reverb seatposts are available on the PX site but not on the OnOne site. Interesting to think that the future prosperity of PX is based on stoves and sledges, try finding an 11 speed chainring or cassette and heaven help you if you break a mech hanger on any bike over a year old.


    Has Brant really dropped his pants?


    Didn’t I start getting emails from Brant (he’s back) at on-one in about July?

    How about plugging the numbers into the calculator to make a kid’s codiene frame that:

    isn’t madly heavy,

    isn’t crazy money,

    and can take 24, 26 and even 27.5 wheels as the child grows?

    I reckon most people who would be in the market for one would already have decent kids bikes to swap parts from and a hefty stash of ‘obsolete’ 26” parts.

    The current bikes on offer are really expensive and not available as frame only.

    I’d buy two! 😃

    Premier Icon russyh

    I hope this thread doesn’t turn the way of the last one where Brant Personally gave money to someone displaying dickiah behaviour and a big grudge!


    Perhaps he’ll design my kids a bike AND drop me a few hundred quid!


    More £10 steel hardtails with £1 powder coats to spaff over?

    Well, if you do that, once it dries it makes the finish harder…

    Is there a prize for guessing the word on Brants jacket that ends in ADY, Pointless style. From the expression on his face, my guess is Shady.

    Thanks mods for the warning and thread removal for swear filter avoidance, it was actually a typo 😁 First time warning in nearly 15 years on the forum, guess it’s par for the course on a post critical of the Messiah’s new, old,new,old new employers.

    <h1 class=”post-title”>Guess who’s taken off his moleskin trousers, lost his stylus & rejoined On-One.</h1>

    So **** what?

    Looks like on one are promoting camp fires with the sale of the gas burners ,unless there’s a few very skilled people that need to braze there kit when out and about

    May be better if they were in the tool section instead of the “outdoor shop”

    Has anyone emailed for a chat?

    I’m not sure what OO is anymore, the product/brand range is huge and confusing (to me). Five bike brands on one bike brand’s page, and the website feel like lots of sell off items, without an anchor.

    I really like OO and PX. Had a few of the frames, and some of my best rides ever were on a Inbred29 with my kids in a bike seat or on a FollowMe. Still have it, and will never sell it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Vitus, Holdsworth or Viner. I wouldn’t have any of them on a down tube, but happily have OO and PX.

    I’d probably buy another Tinbred tomorrow if it was brought up to date but retained rack mounts, stays away from internal routing, swoopy tubes (apart from down tube I guess) and PF bottom brackets. All the kinds of no nonsense things that OO always meant.

    While I’m at it, a new XS/13 Inbred 27.5 frame with rigid forks (100 and 142) that I could stick 26 wheels in for my 9 year old and a new Jack Flash would be lovely, thank you. Post is turning into Dear Santa

    Alternatively, what do I know. Their accounts suggest it’s working really, really well already…


    I hope that OO get back to designing and selling interesting frames at really good prices. I have fond memories of some of their past products. A modern Inbred would be great for a start.

    I’ve bought loads from them over the years. Multiple Inbred’s, fatty’s, 456’s, forks etc etc. Some great bikes there. Yes the quality of the paint sometimes wasn’t great and the QC and CS can be patchy but I’ve personally never had a reason to return anything.

    One tip I’d give, sort the bloody websites out. MTB stuff only listed on PX site, stuff that’s listed on both sites multiple times and for multiple prices, prices fluctuating hourly (although this has calmed down a lot recently), technical information on products either wrong or missing entirely, I could go on.

    Premier Icon root-n-5th

    OO to me were always functional, solid frames that were great to ride at a great price. Had a couple of inbreds – the canti one lives on elsewhere. Also offered solid, functional components that were good to use. I still use seatposts, stems, etc that I’ve had for years. They had an strong identity. That has gone but would be good to see it back.

    Premier Icon bikebouy

    Stealth advertising, by any other name.

    Do we have updates if Geraint Thomas has had a shit yet?


    While I’m at it, a new XS/13 Inbred 27.5 frame with rigid forks (100 and 142) that I could stick 26 wheels

    This!!  A nice simple frame that will take 26 and 27.5 wheels / tyres would be a dream.  Use up old 26 stock, small enough to bridge the gap between 24 and 27 and fairly future proof!

    If they want to diversify go after the kids market and make ‘cheap’ light kids bikes, maybe more road / mtb orientated than the current hybrids or maybe try  ebike market *runs and hides*

    Premier Icon fatmax

    How long until we see Brant-designed bikes for sale? Good to have him back doing bikes, as well as his trousers.

    A titanium 29er Scandal (or modern equivalent) to fit someone 6’5″ please!

    When Alpkit are so established and good at what they offer, I can’t see OO pushing into that market?


    in my eyes, the on one 456 was possiby the best hardtail i have ever ridden and possibly the best do it all hardtail ever.

    i always longed for a 29” version.

    but good on you Brant.    a good bloke who was always willing to help.

    Premier Icon asbrooks

    As said above an updated inbred would be nice.!
    Longer in the top tube and shorter in the seat tube so I can add a descent dropper post. I thought I’d never get rid of my old inbred. These changes and I would.

    Oh yeah, the ability to take fatter rubber would be nice too.

    Come on OO give us what we want

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I don’t like the stylus, can I have some money please?

    I’ve been buying stuff from on-one since about 2000 I guess when I had one of the first Gimps with no tyre clearance (hence my user name!) and Ive never had any trouble with them. Had pedals, bars, tyres, multiple frames, saddles, grips and they’ve all been reasonably priced and provided the exact performance I expected.

    I wish them well if they’re trying to get back to what they once were, although other than an outlet for stacks of other frame suppliers I don’t really know what they are now.


    To all the people wanting a frame that’ll take 26 and 650B wheels, you can just use any 650B frame you know? You won’t get arrested or anything.


     Is there a prize for guessing the word on Brants jacket that ends in ADY

    Could be “I’M A L…”

    Premier Icon chakaping

    As others have suggested, the company desperately needs to focus and establish a credible range of modern-sized MTBs.

    They do OK with road bikes and probably with gravel bikes (I don’t pay them any attention), so it shouldn’t be beyond them.

    Not sure that rambling email bodes well.

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”>Are they still employing people on zero hours contracts, out of interest?</span>


    Brant coming back to px and oo can only be a good thing. I think they’ve lost their way since he left.

    My first memory of oo was that they were ahead of the game, sold niche bikes before they became cool, the frames were designed for UK riding conditions so threaded BB etc. They were incredibly good value and the people that rode oo where a bit cool and knew their stuff.

    Now, it all seems to be road and gravel bikes that are all very similar but have different brands on them. The mountain bikes seem to have been neglected. Instead of being a leader they are out of date. The people that ride them bought them because they were cheaper than most other brands. The cool factor has gone.

    The majority of us who bash px have probably owned and loved an inbred, a 456 or a Scandal to name a few and if they can just discover their roots and improve their customer service and warranty then we would probably buy from them again.

    Im looking forward to seeing some of brants ideas and I just hope he doesn’t get restricted by management with his ideas and disappoint me.

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